Nokia Windows Phone 8 - Images of another new screen bezel leak out

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Image removed by request from ALPS

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The other day we brought you news of a display-digitizer unit coming from ALPS, a sub-contractor for Nokia who handles parts for their phone development. At the time there was one single image that measured at 4.3” across and showed what looked to be a front, plastic bezel for a new Windows Phone 8 device.

Fast forward today and we have a few more images but of a different looking phone, putting to rest any doubt that the previous image may be faked.

We can now clearly see the proto.nokia.com website and “not for sale” emblazoned on the side as is common with Nokia development devices. The bezel also appears to be a slightly different design with a large capacitive button area near the bottom.


We say these images are of a different device because the edges are not as rounded as the previous one and the Nokia logo is now to the right instead of centered. Clearly one device is a 4.3” screen while this one appears to be closer to 4.”. Neither display looks to be a part of the alleged 'Phi' device leaked last week which shows an updated Lumia 800/900 design. Upon closer inspection, this does appear to be an updated design for the 'Phi' leaked last week. (See updated image below).

It will be curious to see what happens on September 5th in New York City when Nokia is expected to finally reveal what their Windows Phone 8 plans are. We have heard that up to three new device will be revealed, which matches what we have seen so far. Unfortunately none of those are expected to be a PureView Windows Phone.

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Image removed by request from ALPS




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Nokia Windows Phone 8 - Images of another new screen bezel leak out


I'm not sure if it has any more wasted space than example HTC one X. The space is just at the bottom, like it should be imo. 

I hate the elongated bottom... I have already expected that Nokia is coming up with a bunch of mediocre/bad ones. Nokia won't prove me wrong!

no ish...that's a ridiculous amount of bezel.  Once again we are suffering due to piss poor battery technology.  I'm sure they have to make the phone that large so a crappy battery can go in there.

I expect Nokia to do much better than this if they want to be a contender.  The L800/900 lineup is nice, but I'm expecting to be blown away by their WP8 devices.  So far, I'm not feeling it.

I think these are both fake. Neither has a front facing camera, which is surprising to me. I don't think Nokia's going to put out a phone missing such a marketable feature, so either these are fake or they're from a stage before the camera hole gets added. (For those wondering, I think those two holes are for ambient ligyht sensors).

Looking at my L900, the only transparent cutout in the screen aside from the earpiece is the camera. Why do you assume that you would be able to spot the proximity sensor if it wasn't clear? It could very well be darkend, as it doesn't work off visible light. I think the circle is the FFC, and the proc sensor is not easily visible.

Those look like the camer hole to me (e.g. on the L900 the holes for the sensors are more square and much smaller). Obviously, it is curious there is no apparent holes for the proximity and ambient light sensors.

two light sensors? I think not. The smaller hole is for the light sensor and the large one for the ff camera


Take a look at HTC devices e.g. the Titan II I'm peeping. No cutouts for sensors. Just a hole for FF camera. You can put sensors behind the earpiece ;-)

hi from Greece. I've tried telling anyone that the previous leak was fake. If u compare the ruler seen in that photo and the ruler in the galaxynote2 leak they are the same (notice the white mark at around 5cm). This one looks real imho

Galaxy Note 2? You mean this image? That's not even ballpark close to looking the same as this bezel. Sammy devices have the camera in a different spot and dual holes for sensors. 

Daniel, he's refering to the mark at the 5 on the ruler.  He's stating that the ruler was superimposed, or somehow, someone has the exact same mark on 2 rulers.

I think that just "proves" the leaks are coming from the same sub-contractor which makes total sense. If a sub-contractor is leaking one phone, there is a good chance they'll leak another, which is every OEM's fear.

The bezel itself though is night/day from the Galaxy Note 2, so I think he has his conspiracy backwards.

All I want is a 4" screen with 720p or at least WXGA resolution. That's perfect. 4.3" is too big, and 4.65" is ridiculous.

I think you are confusing screen size with phone size...  There are 4.3" phones that are smaller in physical size than 4.0" phones because they make better use of newer tech.

Well, it's relative though. If the device is 4.3" or bigger they can do that as they can spread the battery through the larger chassis.

If the device is 4" or smaller, no, they need to create "dead space" to give the chassis more legroom for the battery. Either that or make the device real thick, which no one wants.

You have to think like an engineer here and not a consumer who 'wants it all"

there is no point in putting a 4 screen into a 4.3 or 4.5 chassis, you will just have a brick with a small screen. the screen should depend on the chassis and the bezel should always be minimal.

If it's not a Pureview Windows Phone then I'm not really interested. Nokia needs to show one in September, or its gonna be a let down.

+1. I'm holding out for the Pureview handset, which I know, may not appear until 1st qtr 2013. I can live with my L900 until then, unless they show off some other beauty I have to get my hands on!

@NIST...I disagree.  Yes, I would like a Nokia Pureview in 2012 as well, but if Nokia can't bring a well done Pureview WP8 device in September, then they shouldn't attempt to.  If it takes them until Q1 2013 in order to perfect Pureview for WP, then they should wait.   Some are already complaining about the camera in the L800/L900, so if they don't get Pureview right on the first attempt, I think it will be a PR nightmare! 
Nokia WP8 devices will still be good even if they don't have Pureview ready in September, so they really shouldn't rush the technology.

I just think the Pureview tech needs to show itself in some form. Not necessarily the full blown 42mp but as an upgrade to what is out now. You can bet that HTC is coming out with a better camera than what they have out now

so it look as if nokia has begun production of the new windows phone 8 devices, so we might actually be able to get a press conference announcement and then have device in hand VERY soon, al La Apple style) i'm not holding my breath thou :-x

Scratch that. Didn't notice the previously leaked photo of Phi. Looks slightly better now. Bezel on the bottom still too big

Not for me. Liked the first (4.3") better. Like mine to have as much screen as humanely and technologically possible.

I like both of them ! Foreal . I want the Lumia 900 design, but I also like this designs. Let's wait for the Nokia announcement before talking crap about it.

I love it much better then proto A, but proto B has too much space at the bottom. Give it more touch screen.

Having a little extra space at the bottom makes one-handed typing easier. From the ruler, the phone will be about the same size as an HD7. Perfect for me.

I don't like those bezels... Not only they look plasticy and cheap, but they look like the bezels Samsung or HTC would make

If the new Proto B picture is really an updated front for the "Phi" (Proto B old picture), then that means Nokia dropped the curved screen? The new picture looks flat, not curved like the L800 & "Phi" pictures

Really? Don't recall them saying that but if they can manage it, that would be great! Even just a demo model to whet our appetite please?

Four OEMs are expected to release WP8 devices this fall. Out of the four, we've had leaks already from Samsung, HTC, and now Nokia. All pretty exciting phones! But we still have to hear a leak from Huawei... unless they're very good at keeping their plans under wraps, not a single peep from them yet!

I'm sure Nokia will unveil some nice looking phones for the conference. Can't wait to see what they got.

If Nokia is going to talk trash to people like Samsung .... they need to bring their "A" game... and  that means ALL their best tech into their new set of WP8 phones. That means.... ALL the good stuff, including Pureview, new CBD display tech etc etc etc. This is Nokia's chance to shine....remember this is the world's 1st impression of Nokia WP8 phones...... and it had better be a damn good one if they want to stand a chance against the iPhone/Galaxy juggernauts.

Well because it's gonna be the first impression of Windows Phones for like 95% of humanity, they really don't need to come up with completely new designs. People didn't take a pass on WP7 because the phones weren't pretty enough.They did it because android nerds told them that Windows Phone sucks. The Lumia series phones are gorgeous and don't need a complete overhaul but ony a little trimming.

Oh, and do you know why the N9 sold better that the Lumia 800, even though the former had little apps and no future? Becase it's OS fully supports multitasking, bluetooth and NFC. Those lacks of features caused Windows Phones to get trashtalked by nerds, which drove people away. Even though most people don't really need all that functionality, but they were told to need it by their friends.The fate of Windows Phones is all in the hands of Microsoft and there's nothing Nokia or Samsung can do about it.

man these pictures and pictures ive seen on other sites are horribly unoriginal. so I'm hoping they are just early prototypes and not in actual production.

The 710-type design can be called unoriginal since it has been mimicked by Samsung in Focus 2, but the N9 form is less than one year old and so far has only been done by Nokia. I don't think we are there yet to call the Lumia 800/900 unoriginal. And definitively not "horribly unoriginal" cause that leaves no space on the originality scale for the iPhone 4S.