Nokia won't offer updates for Glance Background beta app

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Nokia has officially announced it will no longer provide any further updates for its Glance Background beta app for Windows Phone, although it will still remain available for download in the Windows Phone Store.

Nokia first released the app in October 2013 but has not updated it since its launch. Today, the company confirmed it won't be offering any new versions of Glance Background, which allows Lumia smartphone owners to select images that can be seen when the Glance Screen is active.

Nokia thanked the people who offered feedback on the app during the beta period and noted that it was a "popular feature". It added, "Although we aren't expecting to update this specific beta app any further, we continue to explore ways to improve glance screen capabilities in general."

Hopefully now that Nokia's smartphone division is part of Microsoft, we will see updates to Glance that will include features like a custom background out of the box. What do you think of this decision not to update the app?

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Nokia won't offer updates for Glance Background beta app


Expect this to in some way be built into the glance settings in .. well, settings. In 8.1 they have already started expanding the settings.

Not much a problem for me... Only happens once in a blue moon, and simply turning the screen off and back on always fixes it, guaranteed.

(AT&T Lumia 1020)

That happened to me once and I never installed Glance Background. I do have just the regular Glance, though.

Well, when showing my Windows Phone to iPhone and Android users. The Glance feature is the one they like best, and asks questions about.

+620 Its something they should ADVERTISE, because of how much of a big deal it is, if you ask me, its one of the MAJOR features that other platform so annoyingly lacked.

Glance IS awesome. Glance backgrounds is something I have never understood why you would want. The whole point should be lighting up as little screen real estate as possible... It just doesn't make sense to add a background.

Agreed. Seems totally short sighted to nix it. Nokia & MS have barely kept any parity at all with the other OSes and the one feature that is unique, useful, and awesome they nix. I'm really worried about the thinking and our future

I will theorize that they are. I know my, always on glance, gets alot of attention and inquiries. Most of the time I'm asked, 'can my phone do that'

Glance screen notifications and text is yet to reappear in cyan..
Missing that ever since I updated to wp 8.1 dp

I've hard reset twice after 8.1, and it's still there. I'd remove the Glance app then redownload it, see if that fixes it.

Once you click Glance in settings for the first time after upgrading or romatting 8.1, it shoud say that a restart is required. After it reboots, enable notifications in lockscreen settings through glance.

No! This thing allows you to put picture on Glance screen. It's NOT the same as that show time and lock screen notifications

MS is finally getting the opportunity they must have been chomping at the bit for to lay the flying smack down on Nokia. Wonder how much internal strife went on over the years?

MS getting rid of Nokia so fast is what I mean. You have to agree MS is moving fast, why? Just a query.

Maybe because they falling fast behind the comp?

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920 got both glance and double tap to wake 8)
Imma tell you double tapping to wake up drains your battery a lot

Well, it's a shame that one of the most populer apps is orphan now. Wish it, atleast, remains in the store forever to download. Don't understand why the best things are always dumped.

I think it was, and they released it bring perfect. It's a simple app that does exactly what it needs to do. I don't see a point for it took be updated, other than remove the beta tag.

Our perhaps they are working on an android version and moving forward on that platform.

Well, at least it's still being made available.  I really do love that add-on and would hate to see it go away.  Personally, I don't see any need for updates to it since it works so well right now.  So, if it continues to sit out there as a mature product (despite it being called "beta") I'm okay with that.

Not really. The app is pretty perfect, so I don't see a need for anymore updates. No idea what all this commotion is about. If any developer can release a simple app that doesn't have any issues doing what it needs to do, awesome.

I love Nokia but I gotta say it was THIS attitude that got them in financial drama to start with. I mean who the f#ck admits a feature is hugely popular n then axes it..... D'OH!!!

Assuming we're talking the actual Nokia company, what interest do they have in developing a feature that is free and won't mean more Nokia-phones sold, since MS has acquired the mobile division...?

I believe GLANCE is popular, but not GLANCE BACKGROUND. You didn't know the difference, did you? At least, I don't like the glance background at all...

One think thay i always wanted in glance is to display the current track playing on the phone, its pretty cool if youre running or something like that. 

They only released this app so people can further customize their phones. It's doing exactly that, so what's the issue? They never said their going to do improving Glance, just Glance Background,a separate app with a separate intention.

Exactly , waste time creating a port of Android instead of writing software to improve WP functionality

Who cares?

It was a useless feature anyway. It caused problems when I installed it. Although i knew it was beta.

Because of the fact that it hasn't been updated means that it remains a Beta application. Furthermore, now that Nokia have officially started there won't be anymore updates it will stay as a beta app. End of.

Another nail in the coffin.......

Heck...if they keep gutting everything that drew folks to the os... they might as well just scrap WP altogether and build Androids...

I doubt the background part of Glance drew many people in. It's the actual Glance feature that did that, and it's still getting updates.

They're not getting rid of glance. Just the support for background beta app, which allowed you to put a background behind the time when glance was active

This article has so many people confused. I wish WPcentral would clarify this for those folks that don't know the difference.

Perhaps its finished because it will be integrated into the firmware in the future, no point in a beta if the concept is final.

We still have it, and it does what it says it does with no issues. I'm alright with that, thank you Nokia. :)

Glance is a unique selling point in a marketplace full of phones that all do very similar things.  Nokia/Microsoft should be expanding the feature instead of killing it off

They're not getting rid of glance. Just the support for the background beta app, which allowed you to put a background behind the time when glance was active

I had only one more thing I wanted them to implement: timed backgrounds. So I can have some only during the day and some during the evening.

I never realized reading comprehension was so difficult. They are getting rid of the glance BACKGROUND app. They are NOT getting rid of Glance.

Is Microsoft providing APIs for it? Allow third parties to provide apps for this functionality?

WPCENTRAL needs to put a big title all in caps on this article. they are not getting rid of glance. JUST the app that allows pictures to be added to glance.

They probably had no more ideas to improve it, or they're merging it with the actual Glance app soon.

Glance Background or just Glance? Glance itself is still getting updates, Glance Background isn't. They're separate apps with the formal having a pacific role to play, and it does it perfectly.

I have a feeling this is because, like the Icon and Lumia 930, future phones won't have Glance support. It would make sense for them not to update it if only older phones actually support it. :-/

Now this suks...... I hate the lock screen in my 520!! 1st there is no glance, 2nd there is no swipe dot lock to open, 3rd they are telling that the app by Rudy Huyn will be coming late to low RAM devices... So L520 lock screen is simple, just a setting to change picture.

Only if they stick to the decision of keeping the app in store as promised.. I love my glance background btw. Having a dark themed Popeye beautifully sits on my screen and people just find that amazing!!

Dear writer:

- NOKIA didn't announce anything. Microsoft Mobile did. Learn the difference.

- The only think NOKIA will announce or release updates for is HERE apps and the Z launcher on Android.

As for MICROSOFT MOBILE's decision to not update...well I don't use nor care for Glance. At any rate, because of the new hardware limitations of the 930, they're probably looking at another way to deliver that feature, hence not doing further into the Beta of this app.

Glance Background is 33% of my Windows Phone overall look.

Sad there is nothing further and as mentioned earlier no step up from beta.

Hopeful its incorporated into WP 8.1

It didn't need updates. I found no issues with it. So long as I can keep using it then this is fine by me.

It is a nice feature that made me decide to buy L925. It seems that new displays used don't have the vram necessary to use it. Cost cutting measure seems to have trumped the feature.

I use both Glance and Glance Background.  I'd prefer that both continue to be developed as necessary by MS.

Yes Microsoft... Kill the 'differentiators' one at a time... Why should WP user have something to boast while we wait for many features that others have.... way to go.... Unless it will come into settings and be a part of the OS.... Oh I forgot.... you (MS + Nokia) are in the process of killing Glance altogether.... your CURRENT FLAGSHIP DOES NOT EVEN HAVE IT !!!!!!!


Bummer, I really liked that app. I sincerely hope Microsoft add that feature to 8.1 our the next minor update.

I don't think I'm really bothered about having a picture on my glance screen. What I'd like to see thought is ability to add more notifications or maybe a better view of my calendar notifications. Glance screen has always been my favorite feature on windows phone. Lots of potential and lots of uses.

"Nokia first released the app in October 2013 but has not updated it since its launch. "

That is not true. The app has been updated at least once. I only remember that time because they changed the way the pictures are displayed on my phone; it was a big change. But I think there were other updates as well.