Nokia World: Kinectimals demonstration video

One of the nice things about attending industry events is that we get to meet Microsoft representatives and have them demo Xbox Live games for us. Case in point: at Nokia World today, this nice lady was kind enough to show us the mobile version of Kinectimals. Watch the video to see her selecting a kitten, exporting the little fellow to the Xbox 360 game, and playing a jump rope minigame with it.

Speaking of which, the advanced jump rope Challenges get annoyingly tough, don’t they? The rope speeds up and slows down erratically, which often leads to my cat tripping over the rope when my concentration lapses. He sort of deserves it because he is a bad kitty, but that’s beside the point. Thankfully, you don’t have to beat every challenge to advance in Kinectimals – even the Achievements only require 25 gold medals, which isn’t that many.

Kinectimals will cost $2.99 when it officially launches on November 2. At that time you'll be able to pick up the kitty simulator here on the Marketplace. 


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Nokia World: Kinectimals demonstration video


Yeah Paul. I got mine from that link. Love the game. Installs no problem. All I can day is, take that Nintendogs.

Seems we are lucky, after searching for the game on the web marketplace as soon as I saw the notice about Microsoft sneaking it in I was able to purchase it(£) and install it.Shortly after I checked the Marketplace on Zune and it wasnt there, I also checked the marketplace on my phone and it wasn't there. After seeing this story I checked and its not even searchable on the web marketplace now. Although it can be purchased on:http://www.windowsphone.com/en-US/apps/5a3f9c59-1d30-4895-bb76-641bdd959a8chttp://www.windowsphone.com/en-GB/apps/5a3f9c59-1d30-4895-bb76-641bdd959a8cI guess someone goofed up and released it early? :D. Maybe it'll be pulled from the marketplace altogether?

This is more interesting than the phones we already knew about but were announced today.......Bored with Nokia news already.....

What if you download the trial? Can It still be purchased? I have it downloaded and installed, just haven't gotten the chance to try it yet. If I like it, can I still buy it? Hmmmmm.

It's still there if you to the 'new' section in games and scroll a page or two down. Its not under Xbox live though. I got it yesterday.

Another super easy way to get it, is to go to the games section of the wpcentral app, click the article about this and orbital, go to the side under more, and click download game. links right to it! just did it a few minutes ago. flawless.

Dowloaded the demo of kinectimals last night (not a game I think I would own) just to check it out. It's still on my phone

Sigh, I reset my phone to install my 32gb sd card and now kinectimals doesn't even exist on my purchase history. Need a number so I can threaten them :3

If you bought it and you have it installed and you want a chance to(maybe) get it FREE, uninstall it and call Zune support stating that you paid for the App and cannot receive it. State your Order ID from http://billing.microsoft.com and they will issue you with a refund.Depending on how the Marketplace system logs your purchases you MAY be able to reinstall it once its officially available. If not you can just purchase it again.