Nokia's "Zeal" and "Flame" Windows Phone 8 devices coming in early 2013?


The Lumia 610 to get a successor?

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According to The Verge, Nokia plans to release two more Windows Phone 8 devices, code names "Zeal" and "Flame" in early 2013. The "Zeal" is rumored to be a mid-range offering and will sport a unibody design and will be "Zune-like" in its appearance. We're not exactly sure what that means, but it consider our interest officially piqued. The Zeal will have a 4.3-inch display and will feature a 1.0GHz dual-core processor, 512MB of RAM, 8GB of storage, and a microSD slot.

As for the "Flame," it forecasts to be a low-end offering, with a 4-inch screen, 512MB RAM, a 1.0GHz dual-core processor, 5-megapixel camera, and a measly 4GB of storage. It sounds a bit like the "Glory," which we reported on about a week ago, but suped-up a little more for WP8, instead of WP7.8.

Neither of these phones will come close to competing with the Lumia 920 and Lumia 820, that we saw back on September 5, but at least Nokia seems to be covering all price ranges like they did with the first generation of Lumias. It is likely that Nokia left these lower-end devices out of last week's event so they could concentrate on wowing us with the big guns. We expect both phones to get designated with the Lumia tag and corresponding numbers closer to their early 2013 release.

Of course rumors can be wrong and plans often change e.g. the Verizon 'Om' from Nokia never came to be, so don't write any of this in stone just yet.

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Nokia's "Zeal" and "Flame" Windows Phone 8 devices coming in early 2013?


So, the "zeal" will probably be the 720 and the "flame" the 620. I hope then that the "glory" will be a 520 meaning Nokia are able to hit a lower price point than even the 610. This will help them spread WP, throughout the developing world especially, more easily and fight off the low end Android challenge. 7.8 won't really matter in such a low end phone.

Nah.  More like the Flame will be the 720, and the Glory will be the 620.  And the Zeal will be a new line of Windows phones, ones that are not as colorful or plastic-y as the Lumia lineup.  

I honestly hate when this happens. I know many that bought low end android devices and were so disappointed that they went to iPhone. One would think the 820 is low end enough.

But the 820 isn't low end at all it's high end just not as high end as the 920. Nokia has to sell a shitload of phones all over the world not just in America they need options and definitely cheap options.

The camera in 820 is light years way better than the junk in 900.
And the lack Gorilla Glass is completely irrelevant.
What really is missing from the 820 is curved glass.

The low-end Android phones put out by Samsung are slow, laggy, and freezes up. In comparison, the lowly Lumia 610 feels like a premium phone. I'm 110% sure the low-end WP8 will feel nothing like the crappy low-end Android!

There has to be low-end options. There are so many people who won't even be able to afford the 820. I will be thrilled to even see a WP pay as you go line running WP 7.8 to compete with the android ones I see sold in the store.

Very true,the user experience on lower end android phones is terrible to say the least. I just read yesterday that the 820 is not comming with Gorilla Glass,,,in my mind that drops it from a mid-range phone to a low-end model and find it very dissapointing because that's the phone I was most likey to get from T-Mobile. So that only leaves Samsung and HTC and at the moment I'm leaning more towards HTC.

+1000 How can a supposedly higher-end mid-range phone have such a low resolution in 2013? You're competing with 720p Android phones that are $100 with a contract, that's not the way to grow WP8.

The image quality on the 820 is better than on all those overrated 720p phones. The use of some other brand glass than Corning's is not a real issue.

I'm fine with having these lower end phones, but there should be at least one other Nokia phone that is HD other than the 920.  The 820 should have had a 1280 x 768 resolution.

I absolutely agree! The low res screen of the 820 is disappointing! There should be some model from Nokia that fills the gap between the 920 & 820. The 8X/Accord fills that gap but it's from HTC not Nokia!

No, the screen in 820 is not disappointing. The image is sharp, vivid, and nicer to look at than the one in 920.

OK, now we understand each other and we can forget that Glory 610 remake. Even though this Flame doesn't vow anyone with those hardware specs it's a solid low end phone. My only problem is that it won't be available next month, in 2013 it'll look a bit like a joke with 4GB storage and 5mp camera and when you consider that 710 already had 8GB it'll really going to be low low low end. But it looks like I don't have a choice since I really want a 4" inch wp8 device.

I think it's the Zeal that will inherit the 710 mantle while the Flame will be the WP8 counterpart of the 610. The Glory is reported to be WP7.8 and not WP8.

None of these Nokia phones make my want to jump up and replace my Lumia 710.  The 920 is beautiful, but will probably cost $500 off-contract and will only be offered through AT&T.  The 820 is really nice, but doesn't have the Pureview features I want, and will still probably cost a lot more than the 710 did.  The Flame (possible 720) is not that much of an update to the Lumia 710 (other than it runs 8), so I'll hold off until Win8 is much more established.  And the Glory (620?) should not have been made, Nokia should have saved the R&D money and just kept selling the tried and true 710 - I can't see the 710 costing Nokia that much more (especially if you don't have to support an additional phone, etc), and it will probably sell a lot more due to its higher specs.
And since I'm definitely not getting an HTC, and probably not a Samsung, I'll just continue enjoying my 710 until the Spring at least.  I'll probably switch when Nokia comes out with a mid-range phone with the 920 camera (here's hoping it's in a year).

You are forgetting the Zeal. I believe that phone will be the WP8 version of the 710. The Flame will be the WP8 version of the 610. The Glory will NOT be WP8 but WP7.8.

The 820 would be a no brainer if it had atleat a 720 screen and gorilla glass. I'm not sure about everybody else but I hate putting screen protectors and proctective cases on my phone, so no gorilla glass is a deal breaker for me. =(

The Zeal sounds cool. Probably it will have more of a "business" look compared to new Lumias, making it a valuable upgrade over my 800. I don't care too much about HD screens and powerful cams. I want a serious and classy device with all the basics, nothing more. Nothing of what I've seen beats the style of my good old 800 so far. Pretty much like the Bold 9000, can't beat a classic, never gets old.

Although I personally believe the Zeal is being positioned as WP8 replacement for the 710, I think you have a point! With dual-core and WP8 under the hood, it'll still be a nice upgrade to the 800!

i would get Zeal if it has Gorilla Glass i don't mind having mid range phone because i know the OS is perfect even on low end phones :)

Of course the only WP8 phone so far with a 4.0" screen is the lowest of the low end. Give me a break. I just want a god dang high end 4 inch phone.

don't you know big screen is a fashion these days
i don't see a big difference between 4.0 to 4.3 screen if you want 4 you can pick 4.3

Gotta draw the line somewhere. I want the 920 and it's 4.5" and Nokia doesn't seem to do the best job with having small bezels.

The HTC Rio is reported to have a 4.0" screen. Maybe that would suit your needs but I agree with torchxit, there's very little difference between 4.0" and 4.3".

I'm absolutely confident that the user experience on these WP8 "lowish" spec phones will be very satisfactory compared to the "lowish" spec Android phones!

The "Zune" like bit caught my eye.  I love the form factor on my Zune HD and would love to see a slightly larger version hit the streets in the form of a Windows Phone. 
As for speed, I'm not concerned.  The reports are the WP8 runs faster on WP7 hardware than the WinCE sourced WP7.5 does.  It appears that they don't want to put WP8 on old devices largely due to the encryption and SecureBoot issues. 
My single core 1 GHZ HTC Trophy is much smoother and much faster than my brother's Droid Razr Maxx is running Ice Cream Sandwich.  WP8 would probably be even smoother on this hardware.  A dual core 1 GHZ would probably knock the pants off any dual core 1.5 GHZ Android device - or even an iPhone device with that spec.
Windows Phone 8 is going to be the most secure and snappiest MobileOS out there.  I think when people see the "low end" Lumias, Samsungs, HTCs, etc all beating out the high end Android and the iPhone for smoothness, speed, etc at much lower cost, we'll see some egg landing on a few faces.
I'm aiming for the 920, but I have no doubt that the 720, if that's its number, will be a great, inexpensive phone.  I'd love to see the carriers deliver it for $50 with a contract.

If these phones can run WP8, then I can't see why L800/900 couldn't, as they have same or better specs (sans one additional cpu core)

My priorities for my next phone, in this order:
1) Windows Phone 8
2) Nokia
3) Curved gorilla glass
4) 800x480 (1280x768 would suck more juice)
5) No more than 4.3" (smaller screen = more ppi)
6) No more than 5MP camera (I already have a good compact that I bring around, that no camera phones can compete with, not even the 808, and lower megapixel = smaller size = faster uploads)
7) MicroSD + exchangable battery & shell (like the 820) preferable
So basically a 820 with a worse camera, and maybe a smaller, curved screen for a higher ppi and comfort.
Hopefully the Zeal/Flame fits my bill!

If you want faster uploads to skydrive, you can achieve that in two ways on the Lumia 820:
- change camera settings to low
- change upload settings to low
Makes much more sense than purchasing a phone with a bad camera. Undersampling a high-res photo gives a better result than taking a low-res photo, doesn't it?

Hence, the only thing lacking in the 820 for you is the curved screen. And I know how you feel, I still keep my old cyan 800 around in a drawer to take it out and admire its beauty.

Lower price and a microSD slot?  Hell yes, count me in.  Lumia 920 is going to be WAY too expensive for me (anything more than $100 for a phone is outrageous), so these will be a nice alternative, especially if I can get my standard discount.

Is it just me? But I am Sick & Tired of these low end Phones from Nokia, HTC, Huawei & Samsung. When will one of Microsoft Windows Partner release a 4.8inch or higher device. Because there is just no way in hell I'm giving up my Samsung Galaxy S III for none of these 4inch weak-ass phones.
I've heard of the 4.8inch Samsung ATIV S since September 2012 but no US release.
My wife got me a Nokia Lumia 920 (birthday gift) from AT&T in January but even though I loved the phone itself and the amazing screen quality, I returned it within a week. Why should I downgrade from 4.8in to 4.5in (yes it's a huge diff).
At this point Im thinking of upgrading to a Galaxy Note II (been off contract since December on Sprint).
If there is no new 4.8in or higher Windows Phone 8 announcements at MWC that's it for me, I'm done waiting.....

While it is obviously a market that is being neglected, not everyone wants a monster phablet in their pocket.  I use my phone for talking, not just texting.  We moved away from phones that required a backpack in the 90's, all these new 4.8", 5", 7", ect. devices are bringing us back to that state.  I am finally willing, after 5+ years with an iPhone and a 3.5" screen to even look at devices over 4", and those are really being limited to 4.3" and below and only because no one has a high resolution 4" screen with decent hardware, other than Apple.  
I love iOS for its simplicity, but I think I want to move to Windows Phone.  Two things are keeping me on iOS no Google Chrome, and that is the big one, and I have money in the iOS ecosystem.  I also know that if my main issue is solved, getting an iPhone 5 will still have almost all of its value so I could sell it to change devices.  Android is a no go as it is so slow and finicky.  Yes I have used it on multiple devices, yes I have played with ROMs and settings and the like, it is still not a nice os to use.