Nokia's ESPN app updated, adds Olympic goodness to the mix

Nokia ESPN App adds Olympic Coverage

An update was pushed out to Nokia Lumia Windows Phone for the ESPN app this morning that adds a listing for the 2012 Olympic Games on the Sports Page. London 2012 will pull up all the news, social feeds from @ESPN_OlySports, and medal counts for the Summer Olympics.

While there are a handful of Windows Phone apps dedicated to the Summer Olympics, having coverage rolled into a sports app that many already visit makes keeping up with the games rather convenient.

You can find the ESPN app here in the Marketplace or under the Nokia Collection that is in your Marketplace app on your Nokia Lumia Windows Phone. ESPN is a free app and for the time being, an exclusive for the Nokia Windows Phone.

Thanks Cory, Mark and everyone else for the tip!

QR: Nokia ESPN App


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Nokia's ESPN app updated, adds Olympic goodness to the mix


Except that it gets updated frequently. Scorecenter, on the other hand, seems to have nonexistent support in terms of updates and new feature releases.

just tried to dl in the marketplace but still indicates not available. I'm using the HTC Trophy.  I figured it should be since CNN is already public.

The Nokia app looks like a full app. Whereas the regular ESPN app is half app, half mobile website. It is slow and pretty much sucks.

It's never been available in the Canadian Nokia Marketplace - at least, I've never seen it on my Lumia 710. :/
I've just asked @NokiaCanada and @Nokia to ask why...