Nokia's HERE Transit gets updated with fixes and new features

Nokia HERE Transit update Windows Phone

HERE Transit (formerly Nokia Transit), which helps you get from point A to point B using public transportation, got a nice little update today. In addition to the usual bug fixes, it also adds some handy new features.

This latest version now lets you view a list of local stations on a map. It also works nicely with HERE Maps, letting you switch between it and HERE Transit in the Journey Planner section. Got some favorite locations in HERE Maps or HERE Drive? Now you can access them through Transit too. It's great to see Nokia tying their suite of HERE applications closer together like a pretty pink bow.

If you plan on traveling through any of the 670 cities that Transit covers, you would do yourself well to download it for free. Get it here from the Windows Phone Store.

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Nokia's HERE Transit gets updated with fixes and new features


The only thing I wish they'd add is the ability to choose your travel. In New York, I don't generally travel by bus because the time it saves isn't worth spending the money over walking. But for certain routes, Here doesn't generate anything bus subway/bus combos.

It once told me to take a bus from one end of the court square station to the other to transfer from the e to the g train instead of just walking underground. I stopped using it after that.

Yeah, an ex girlfriend and I used her Lumia for a trp from the suburbs of Long Island into Manhattan, and the LIRR train stops, or directions to them, weren't very accurate.   On my own SGS3 Google Maps, they're pretty spot on, even with local MTA LIRR train times/schedules.

the issue is that it doesn't support real-time ETA. It's all schedule based, so if your transit system isn't running by the schedule, it's directions can be off.
Around here in the SF Bay, the major transit services run reletively on-time so it works fairly well for me. But definitely getting the real-time ETA support will make a world of difference.

This is huge.  Even if the trip planning is schedule based, just being able to actually see the estimated arrival times of *actual* buses/trains (where available) would make this soooooo much better.
As long as Nextbus.com is totally broken on Windows Phone, there is simply no good way to get this information (there are apps in the store, but no good ones).

Go into your browser settings and change the website preference to desktop version, then go to NextBus.com. You should see a different site, but it is mobile. Find the route you're looking for, then save it to your favorites. Then go change your setting back to mobile version and you'll be able to access the appropriate site via the favorites list and of course change the route, location, etc going forward. I just save each of my frequent routes to my favorites.

I know its not NYC, but there is a great app for Chicago called transit Chicago. Best app ever for cta. Has real time eta for all cta that has it enabled, and has metra.

I feel the same about Mississauga, but I wonder how much of it is an issue with the transit system. I know in my case, there are no official or third party apps that handle this...usually gaps like that are filled if they can be. There are enough Toronto transit apps to choke a horse.

I don't know why they are taking so long to add Vancouver, they have Calgary, Montreal, toronto etc all the major cities but not Vancouver, its hard to understand why they would leave Vancouver behind.

When are they going to combine all the HERE apps to one cohesive experience?  I remember rumors of it last year but still haven't seen anything.  I get tired of switching back and forth from maps to drive. 

It already works like that?

And they also work seamlessly together. You can start HERE Drive or HERE Transit from within HERE Maps to plan a route to your destination. All your places are also saved in the HERE cloud so that you can access them from here.com, HERE Drive, HERE Maps and HERE Transit.
More from Nokia Conversations, for some reason this genius discussionboard thinks that site is spam...so I can't link it.

"Seamlessly" is an exaggeration.  You still have to switch between apps and it can actually be quite dangerous while driving. What if I want to see a list of directions after it has already queued up the Drive app.  I have to go back to Maps and re-enter the destination.  Look at Google Maps on Android.  It should all be in one app called Nokia HERE and that's that.  I know they are gradually moving in that direction but it would be tight if they could accomplish that by the time Windows Phone Blue rolls out.

You're right, while you're driving you shouldn't be switching apps.
In fact we designed HERE Drive with only those features needed by drivers: walk navigation and places discovery are in HERE Maps, transit routes in HERE Transit, etc.
In our opinion, you shouldn't be reading a list of directions, while driving. Reason why we are investing in very clear voice navigation, recorded in studio by actors (as opposed to computer voices by competitive solutions).
Nevertheless, we might consider including the direction list in HERE Drive if we can make sure it's not distracting you.

The only time im tempted to look for a route list is before i start the drive, i want to just sanity check the directions but more so, make sure its not taking me somewhere i know is locked up for traffic.  also i have been in the passenger seat giving directions from it, it would be nice to know the route a few steps ahead. thanks and just something to think about.

Nothing, just letting people know that's all.. Just be happy that we're getting all of these official apps catching up with other OS instead of being a @#$%.

Does anyone else have issues with the Here apps bleeding the battery?  On my 920, the only time I have battery issues is after using a Here app. Then, after exiting the app, the battery just bleeds until I restart the phone.

Sometimes I have to go into the Drive app and hit back to manually stop the navigation. If you haven't done that, it will help. Otherwise, I feel ya.

I wish they add a way to increase search area. When I look for a route it always tells me to get to the closest metro station, while another station (on a different line) which might be more "useful" is not taken in consideration just because slightly outside of the search area.

Just useless here in Dresden (Germany) of cause I have a perfect alternative (Bahn Connector), but don't supporting the capital city of saxonya is a shame.

We want to support as many cities as possible (including beautiful Dresden), but it takes time to cooperate with all the different local transport agencies. Please bear it with us, while we are updating our coverage.

Nice update, however, I personally don't get whats the point of having three or more separate Mapping Application like Here Maps, Transit and Drive or anything else, even no-techology advanced people I know using Lumia phones are asking me to clarify this confusion to them.
Here Maps with Transit and Navigation support built in will be much much better, all under one App, under one umbrella.
In other words what is the point of creating a Mapping Application Suite and then focus of making these different apps working together and interacting with each other?

Hi, this is Pino from the HERE team at Nokia.
We didn’t want to build a single app that’s all things to all people. Instead, each HERE experience is optimized for specific uses, so you get exactly the information you need whether you’re walking, driving or catching the train,
This becomes very handy especially on Windows Phone 8, where you can build your own location dashboard.
Last but not least, you get faster updates if we build all HERE experiences separately.
You can find more info on Nokia Conversations, the official Nokia blog.

Well it'd be nice if Drive had everything I need from Maps like listed directions, points of interest, and a 2D aerial view that is easily pan-able while a destination is already set. It's almost like Maps should be incorporated into Drive and Transport .  I don't understand the need to have a separate Maps app where I tell my phone to navigate, it opens Drive, then I tell it to navigate again.  Lots of clicking and tranferring there...
Btw, this is not to say I don't like everything else about the HERE suite.

+1, they def need to combine them all into one app called HERE and also add some traffic analysis (something like Inrix but more intuitive).  I think they are gradually heading in that direction, though.  They may not want to move too fast with that cuz then you will have people yelling "WHAT HAPPENED TO MY DRIVE APP!!???", etc.

Can somebody enlighten me, why the HERE Transit does not support any kind of offline functionality, even if the sister-HERE Drive and brother-HERE Map both do work without any internet connectivity just fine? I would use Here Transit only if travelling abroad, and trying to navigate via public transport in a completely unknown country/ city, but as data roaming is so rip off I must deactivate data roaming immediately when leaving my home country. However this crippled Transit utility cannot show anything without first going to the internet. I beg you Nokia at least include some factory default content, like the location of the all the current stations at the time of publishing Transit into the WP store. Those station coordinates dont change so frequently, right? Timetable can be also included for all the trillion-zillion 637 cities in the package, so I can try to plan a trip using only offline station and timetable database included in the app. However if I decide the old data isnt accurate enough, I can go online to download the most recent timetables for future use (hint: current station database and timetable should be stored on the phone storage for future offline usage!), doesnt this sound logical? It seems not. So this wonderful utility becomes 100% useless when I leave my country, as it is literally dead without internet connectivity. The map is already there from Here maps, it knows my exact location from GPS. Still it refuses to show anything on the map as long as I dont connect to some damn internet to download the surrounding stations list. Are these station coordinates only stored in the cloud, and not integrated into the offline map data files? That would be a double facepalm.
Another facepalm: dear endusers, can you actually make distinction between tram and train icons? Those stupid vehicle icons dont help at all, at least some description text under the icon should suggest that the vehicle I need to look for is either a: metro line, tram line, etc. There is no documentation of this software, I looked through the whole damn support.nokia.com. All I could find was a  2-page oversimplified stupid giga-quick guide for Here Maps and Here Drive. No such thing as user documentation for HEre Transit exists, where I could at least decipher the meaning of those vehicles icons. Try to catch the wrong type of vehicle that takes you to 100-200 km in the wrong direction / 4-5 hours to come back to the starting position, and you will realize how important this missing feature is.
Any comments from the bright minds?

Wow, this is a long and detailed feedback! HERE Transit does use the offline maps you download from the Windows Phone 8 settings. However, it is very difficult to make public transport timetables available offline.
HERE Transit is mainly designed for commuters who need to precisely know when to leave to catch the train. If you are travelling consider using HERE Maps and the transit routing options there: it works completely offline although it doesn't provide timetables.

Hi HERE team, I set up an account specifically to thank you for what is truly becoming a killer suite of apps. In particular, I use Transit routinely here in San Francisco and it begrudgingly impresses even the most bitter Apple loyalists.

What's it going to take to get real arrival/departure data for the SF Muni, though? The timetables are nice, but almost always wrong. I usually have to cross reference Transit results with the MobileMuni app in order to actually catch a bus.

Thanks for your support. We will look into the MUNI timetables, but please consider that we are currently not providing real time departures. Also, make sure the clock on your smartphone is in sync with the MUNI one ;-)

#1 thanks for the suggestion. i didnt really use drive+ for public Transport Planning, at least i have an offline-capable route planner. Even though without timetables, thats an acceptable workaround for me while abroad.
#2 is there a chance my voice has been heared and my suggestion regarding vehicle type description text for the icons gets implemented into a future update?

#1 Please use HERE Maps, not HERE Drive+ for transit routing ;-)
#2 We are always listening to feedback and consider it very seriously.

#1 sorry, it was just a typo, I meant Here  maps
#2 glad to hear, really hope this will be added to the GUI in the next release

God work with the app!
When will you add the bus lines in Gothenburg, Sweden? It's. Pretty ridiculous right now as you only show trams!

Thanks for the answer. To bad that the site you point out says that Gothenburg is covered... which it apparently is not!
That means that I can't trust that information. You should have a rule that if not the majority of available public transport is covered in a city, then the city should not be listed. As it is now it gives false information.
Anyway, keep up the good work and please put some more effort into gothenburg bus-info. It is the same source for both tram and bus info in this town... shouldn't be to hard when you already have the tram data coming in...

Gothenburg is on the list because as you correctly pointed out, we cover it in some way (only trams). The fact that timetable routing isn't available is clearly stated on that page. We might want to introduce more details on that page to show which mode of transports are currently covered.

But some transit agencies in Sweden should be included SJ, SL and Västtrafik, there are already many apps that uses their information, probably they have diffrentfromats but they all have open api's. Right now is only the subway available in Stockholm.
Is it possible to report suggestions of cities with exsisting api's ann changes, if you go from Uppsala to Stockholm the app chooses Upptåget, but this train doesn't go to Stockholm anymore.
When will the Wp 7.8 app be updated?





Still waiting for the Nokia here apps to be available for all windows phones. Still cannot download the app from my HTC Titan on 7.8. Its nice they changed the product name, but this promise by them is starting to take too long. Have been waiting for weeks whilst the updates keep rolling. If they dint make it available as promised why change the name to here and nor stick with Nokia. Makes it at least clear they're not consedering windows phone wide availability. Nokia if you don't want to share just say so but don't make the consumer the victim here of compromises. Deliver on your promise as you have a ounces clearly many times

I'm sorry for the misunderstanding but HERE can only work on Windows Phone 8, powered by our location platform. The rolling out of the HERE experiences to more smartphones has already begun with 8 countries and we are looking into ways to expand this list soon.
However, on Windows Phone 7, Nokia Maps, Nokia Drive and Nokia Transport will always be exclusive to Nokia Lumia.

Glad to see DC in there, finally. I second the requests to filter out bus, and expand search range. I'm currently sitting .5 miles from a metro station, but it keeps suggesting buses to that are a waste of time, when I can walk there. Further, I can't even select the metro station because its outside the range.

Need an update where i can see what trains are at each station offline - without having to click a bubble/pin drop - this info should be layered onto HERE MAP and HERE Transit. Allow me to choose what Transit info i want displayed by implimenting a LAYERS feature into the MAP applications.
THIS IS A NO BRAINER GUYS! I expect BETTER FROM NOKIA. Do the obvious before you tackle the IMPOSSIBLE. NO REASON TO HAVE 3 SEPARATE APPLICATIONS. MAPS < TRANSIT< DRIVE......whoever thought this was right...didnt know that people want choice. MAPS AND TRANIST SHOULD BE 1 APPLICATION!, NOT EVERYONE DRIVES so i can see why that one could serve a different consumer - 

HERE transit got me home on a Friday night, after a great boat party in Budapest ;) using three different public transportations, some navigation on the map, and very accurate transfer times. Since them, I love this app!

It would be nice to allow the community to provide POIs for HERE drive and RSS or scrappers for HERE transit timetables. (Some of us know a little bit of regex ... and could help in some areas of the world)

Anyone else not getting any eta on the underground in London, UK? Full signal and it pulls up the tube list and their destinations just no arrival times next to them.