Nokia's latest financial report shows 7.4 million Lumias sold; still reporting a loss

Nokia Elop

Nokia has today published its interim financial report for Q2 2013 and while the company has seemingly won the battle against BlackBerry, Nokia is still posting losses.

The report shows Lumia Windows Phone sales going up to 7.4 million in the quarter, a significant improvement on BlackBerry's 6.8 million. Revenues of this quarter stand at €5.69 billion ($7.4 billion - matching the number of Lumias sold), down from $9.2 billion the same time last year. Today's report has overall loss at €115 million ($150 million).

Looking at Lumia sales, the company continues to witness growth with 7.4 million proving to be a sizeable jump from 5.6 million in the previous quarter (Q1 2013). 4.4 million were shipped in Q4 2012, showing a positive trend that should see Nokia hitting the 8 million marker in the next report. It's also interesting to look at the QoQ change in sales in North America, pinned at 22 percent (comparing Q1 2013 and Q2 2013). Note: the Lumia 925 is only just launching on T-Mobile and we're yet to see the highly anticipated Lumia 1020.

But the sales of Lumia Windows Phones isn't the only highlight in the report. Nokia HERE services lost €89 million ($116 million) and the Nokia Siemens Networks joint-venture came away with €8 million ($10.4 million) in profit. We've previously looked at Nokia's venture with Siemens and how the Finnish manufacturer is looking to acquire and integrate the now profitable division.

Good news: Windows Phone is really kicking off in third position. Bad news: Nokia still has some way to go yet, but it's on the right track. With Microsoft continuing to back the OEM partner, Windows Phone has to see some serious growth later this year if Nokia is to tackle its losses.

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Nokia's latest financial report shows 7.4 million Lumias sold; still reporting a loss


Have my money waiting.... Just need a factory unlocked one, Ireland always gets sloppy 5th's off Nokia... One of my only complaints... Every other OEM block Ireland in with the uk mainly because there are less people in the entire country than London... Not like you need to give us alot of stock.... An example of this was we got the 920 5 months after the UK.... 925 is here now but yea, hope the 1020 is soon....
Also, I think with the 928(for you US'ians) and 925 going to mostly different carriers than the 920, the 1020 as well are going to get alot of people who wouldn't or couldn't before. Not to mention the 5,6,720 are becoming some of the most popular phones here... 6 months ago if you had asked me how many WP devices have you seen, I would of said less than 10 total including the Omnia 7 I first owned... Now I've seen 20 + this week... I'd say they might push over 10m touch wood (touch the head)... Esp if they have cheap 4.7" on the way

Well, Nokia will definitely have that shot with the three major Russian carriers dropping Apple and going for more of Android and Lumia Windows Phones.

The one thing I don't understand is why people continue to buy those cheap buggy Androids? I've seen with my own eyes its problems! And they don't even get updates!

How can it work for them if its buggy. Coworker always complains about her cheap Samsung to me. She just can't wait to get rid of it. Most of my coworkers were happy to get rid of their Androids. Now they all have iPhones, except 2 who have GS3. Nokia have budget friendly phones and cheap Androids aren't rugged.

Lots. File manager capability, for one, including the ability to open arbitrary files with arbitrary apps. Attachments from local storage. Or maybe they just want to play Temple Run or Angry Birds.

So what can cheap Android do with file manager? Though I have seen cheap Android with lots useless features and bloat.

Don't be a hater it isn't about anything more then some people just prefer android, end of story

Na, don't hate Android at all. Just hate the trolls. In fact, don't hate trolls at all. Though their annoyance is sometimes unbearable.

Hmm.. Your name is Jon Snow isn't it.. Windows Phone has file management with 3rd party apps and it has Angry Birds and Temple Run... So I still don't see your argument why Android is better...

All of the apps I miss from my GS3 when I use my Lumia 920 is what they are missing. Also, Android is not buggy, the software added by the OEMs is buggy.

Also, Bluetooth 4. That is something else I miss from my GS3.

Don't get me wrong, I love my Lumia, but please don't talk like there aren't reasons to choose Android.

There's nothing wrong with choosing OS of your choice. What is wrong is the Android trolls. As if as they fear of their territory. Honestly you don't see alot of the meaness coming from iOS or WP users. My evidence mostly comes from phonearena. You can also see that negativity from other tech sites as well. The worst is phonearena.

Are you kidding me?! Wp fan boys are just as insane as the rest of them! Note anything on the verge, pocketnow, and this website. When someone challenges your point of view you attack viciously. Nobody is safe in the fanboy world including android, iOS, blackberry, and wp.

Lolzz! no I'm not kidding. Seen it with my own eyes! There are more Android trolls out there than wp/ios combined. They are the worst kind of trolls, including the PS fanbois!

Don't tell me..I feel same.

Actually I think that everyone else who doesn't share my views and agree with my opinions are trolls.
My definition of fanboy/trolls are people who doesn't like my OS/OEM of choice. Well, they deserve to be called 'troll'

You see I don't mind someone from any discipline come tell me with peaceful reasoning with evidence why they like or hate something. Trolls are ones that show up out of nowhere, "WP sucks! Nokia should have went to Android. M$. Nokia is dead without Android. WP got no apps. You can't customization WP." shit stuff like that. You see alot of that same lame excuse all over that internet.

honestly, wp lacks apps. everytime i saw a business (bank, restraunant, grocery store...) saying "download our app on your smartphone", there were only iphone and android logos.

I guess maybe I'm in the minority when it comes to apps. I view apps in two categories, useless and necessary. I view WP store as having most of the necessary apps and the rest fun but useless. That's why I question those who complain, what are they looking for?

Like I said, I'm in the minority. I have no need for fitness apps, fast food apps, restaurant apps, but banks I do and WP just missing one for me. Otherwise I use website and Here maps.

They are buying Android period because store representatives at every carrier are ignoring WP... Seriously, if they cloned me by 2million, and spread me around different carriers, WP market share would double by the end of the year.... Maybe triple❕

@rodneyej: LOL. I've also seen you in the Windows Phone Blog on Microsoft's site Rodney. Good to see you here man. Sorry, my first time talking to you.

Hey,, good to see you here as well❕❕.. I'm on Phone Arena supporting Windowsphone over there as well...

Honestly PA has so many Android trolls, it's unbelievable. I got banned a couple of times for standing up to them and to the troll staffers!

I've been going strong since day1... I've built my own personal WP market share up here in Dallas, and have trained many store reps.. As a matter of fact I was thinking of stopping by T-Mobile today to bitch slap me up some iDroid reps... Yeah, today's a good day for some good old fashioned biach slappin...

Some people just like android, believe it or not. All of the OS' offer something, and even though android can be laggy at a budget level, there isn't enough exposure over things like the Lumia 521 (or stock) for people to know the difference.

+1 This is where the Best Buy deal comes into play in North America. Get your own reps to show off the phones. Eliminate the stupid dummy units that a lot of 3rd party stores put out.

Get the 521 on as many smaller carriers as possible. Android gets a free run right now and pads their market share percentage.

The problem is that Best Buy is just going to turn into a 3rd party show room.  I have seen comercials for Samsung who also has a deal to have a special area in Best Buys.

I can concur. I went into the local T-Mobile shop overhere in the Netherlands and after asking for the 925 and 1020, that stupid salesman started bitching on Windows Phone: he had used it for one week, facebook didn't work, the number of apps was to few, Nokia's or Windows Phone wasn't being sold enough in the Netherlands, thus it was not interesting enough etc. etc. Salespeople like that are what's holding WP back. Even when I had counter arguments (the percentage in UK, Italy, Germany or Finland), 165K apps, the new facebook app, and more reasons like those, he still held to his opinion. I left the store mighty pissed.

Sometimes I wonder, is it the amount of apps that turn them off or specific apps? I can never gage the "app complaint".

Oh man, that's the worst! I used to be a saleman at an electronics store that specialized in selling TV's. It's that experience that helped me to see why a salesman can essentially make or break the success of a product. The biggest idiots were the one's selling "out of their own pockets". They sent people home with products that didn't even match their "needs" and often times those products came right back and they lost their commission.
My point, is that those same salesmen, are slowing the rate of adoption with WP and it's driving me nuts. I've been on WP since it's birth and I've had to listen to these guys misdirect so many potential customers.

If I were you everytime that I heard a store idiot missdirecting a customer I would cut them off and show the customer the light, yeah I don't care if the store idiot gets pissed off at me. Its really easy to show how wp8 is better than android, especially to people who are not geeks. Hell just mentioning that you can do pretty much anything without having to install apps, that its fast and stable and has no viruses or trojans is enough.

You are more brave than me my friend, lol. I do a lot of "selling" by word of mouth though. The best part is that I don't even have to start the conversation. It always begins with, "what phone is that?"  . . . and then I convert them like a Necromonger.

Microsoft needs to find a way to collaborate with these inept AT&T employees. They know three things: iPhone, Galaxy, and how to wipe their A$$.

That is very true. I went to get my wife a new phone from Verizon. She mentioned the phones that she was interested in, which included a Windows Phone and the store rep quickly, and laughingly suggested a Galaxy S phone, as if it wasn't even a conversation. He was full of misinformation regarding Windows phone, and even suggested that the camera wasn't even comparable, just because of the mega pixels. There is a person like this in every store! That is why Windows phone is not performing better.

I just picked up a Nexus 7, and it is simply great. If the One, S4, and Nexus 4 are comparable in quality, I would consider replacing my 920.

Well, we realize that everyone isn't going to be a true WP fan... It's OK... What did you like about the Nexus 7❔

The One, S4, and Nexus 4 are great phones even though I never used. Its obvious you have no interest in WP. I would replace your 920 as that choice will make you much happier.

I have a Nexus 7 tablet, and while it's mostly fine, it lags just as bad as the phones do at times.  I find myself wishing for a WP8 tablet instead!

True that, I have Nexus 7 and with quad cores is not that responsive and lags, my radar runs better.

MSFT needs to accelerate the 8.1 update. Nokia's 1020 is getting great press, except for the knock against it that it is held back by Window Phone OS. Not my opinion personally, but the masses think The Verge and Engadget are authoritative. These sources are even cited by financial journalists.

The limitations on things like Bluetooth 4 and setting personalized alert tones kind of hurt WP. I love my Lumia, but those simple things missing are kind of big deals.

Good to see growth. And with Nokia finally offering attractive devices in the US via Carriers other than AT&T they should really grow fast in Q3 & Q4. I wonder though what's the break even point?

"The Nokia Siemens Networks joint-venture came away with €8 million ($10.4 million) in revenue"
Should be profit, revenue was much higher.
Also, underlying profitability is a little bit more important than the 100 million plus loss. The reason they made a loss are one time (restructuring) charges and write downs. Elop himself was happy to have consecutive quarters of underlying profitability. 

Ah, good catch :-) Yeah, definitely agree with you there, but it's still worth taking everything into account and being rather neutral until the restructuring and other one time charges are a distant memory. Good times though, good times. 

I was hoping for 10 Million this quarter but hey, Rome was not built in a day. The 520 is selling like hotcakes in non US countries.
All Nokia needs to do now is slash the price of the 920 and release updates to the 500, 600, 700, 800 and 900 series and release a 400 series with 3.5 inch LCD Display, 4Gb Storage, Windows Phone 8, 512Mb RAM, and bright colours and charge less than $100.

400 series sounds good. Hopefully a Lumia 420 Q4 2013, with 3.5" LCD, 4GB storage, 512mb RAM and 1ghz dual-core snapdragon S4. Would boost Nokias sales a lot.

It would really be nice if Microsoft would throw it's marketing behind the Windows Phone 8 (WP8) like they are doing with the Xbox One. I think you would see a considerable increase in sales. No one seems to know about WP8, or even that Microsoft has an OS for mobile devices; Microsoft has had a mobile OS for roughly a decade now. It's really sad that Microsoft is not openly showing the world about there mobile OS.

They need Ben the PC guy on the airways instead of YouTube. His commercials really show what WP is, instead we gut some kungfu wedding that says nothing about WP.

MS seems to have the worst marketing team. How do they keep their job! Come on! Put Ben on the airwaves 24/7! He's the best to market new WPs.

Definitely. I want to switch to tmobile but its so hard because who even knows if they'll be getting another high end Lumia again.

On the plus side, after chatting up the T-Mobile salesperson who took care of the paperwork for my shiny new Lumia 925, she was practically ready to buy either a 925 or a 521 for herself. It also helped that one of her coworkers got his 925 the day before and mentioned how much he loved the phone.

Some of the best marketing dollars Microsoft and/or Nokia could ever spend would be to give carrier salespeople phones and personally run through the features.

A little error in  there.
Nokia has sold 5.6 million units in Q1 and not 6.5, making the growth much more significant =)

I do hehehe, and I am not a bit worried about the 4% decrease in share price following today's financial report. The Lumia line has been picking up momentum Q after Q. A bit slower than i would like, but still a positve outlook nevertheless. I'll remain optimistic.

Windows Phone must be close to selling 10M a quarter. If they can sustain this sales growth they will overtake iPhone in the next couple of years. Things would accelerate if they could merge all of their Windows app stores (RT/PC, Phone, Xbox).

Umm shouldn't it be the other way like "Nokia backing up Microsoft WP OS" as i didn't see any other OEM who made a WP8 device and are global sellers Huawei is just a country wide seller.. HTC&Samsung its been long they didn't make a WP8 device.

Its only Nokia selling the WP8 phones across the globe not HTC, nor Samsung or Huawei or any other.

Your story would be true, if only Microsoft didn't pay Nokia a big chunk of money. That sound a lot like "backing up" to me. 

Ummm Just so you know you're not updated.
1. Yes MSFT funds Nokia.
2. BUT Actually Nokia is giving MSFT more in return than what they receive from MSFT.
3. Also 250mio/quarter is peanuts really where Nokia single handedly has put WP on the map. Nokia is worth MUCH more to MSFT then what the are paid for and this will come to hunt MSFT when the current agreement is up.

Although I loved my HTC surround from at&t, im glad Nokia came to windows phone cause without them I dont think wp8 would be around much longer.

Marketing is week, I own a windows phone and everyone that see it is like what is that the new iPhone, I am like not even close its its a windows phone.....then they would say oh its an HTC because of the name on my phone

I don't think we want MS to market anything. Hire a professional outside agency or use Ben the PC guy. He's great at what does!

depends on what country you are talking, here in brazil we are flooded by banners on every operator store and even tv ads.
I went to the mall and every operator store there had wp on a big poster on the entrance...

Next quarter prediction is 9 million, and considering this time last year they were losing around 700million I think -115 million is progress. By the end of the year they'll be profitable again if this keeps up.

Nokia needs to launch a Lumia 3xx and 4xx series. This is good but i expected more. Still happy either way. With VERY low end phones they'll get more windows phone into alot of people's hands. The 520 really helped them with that.

Edit: My prediction for Q4 8 to 9 million if the Lumia brand stays strong.

Yes, more volume, but not necessarily more profit. What Nokia needs to do is increase profit margins. Releasing more and more inexpensive phones (with less profit margin) is a race to the bottom I think.

You might be right since thats the case for feature phones. MY point is since people can easily get budget Lumia's without fear of a 2 year contract then that'll allow people to see windows phone is actually great because it'll get them into more people's hands. That'll make people more eager to jump to high end Lumia's because they know how good windows phone is along with Nokia hardware due to their experience with budget nokia phones.

What nokia is held back is by the OS. In terms of hardware, the phones are ahead of other competitors. I am talking about the quality and features. But OS still needs some progress. This 8.1 update is rumored to be released next year, which in my opinion is too late, unless the update is a very HUGE one.

Does Nokia get the same profit regardless of where you purchase your phone?  If not, from which purchases do they receive the most?

Well, I guess the good news is that the bulk of the losses are in a single department, and they are already working at monetizing that department by opening it up to other platforms, and charging low end customers and other brand WP customers for full HERE functionality, so I would expect those numbers to at least begin to turn around by the end of the year. Definitely not great news that they are still bleeding out that much money, but at least the largest issue is being addressed.

Props to Elop and his team over at Nokia! 22% growth in sales in a single quarter is no small feat, especially when they have not had a flagship phone on most carriers yet. Q3 we will see flagships available across the board, as well as the 1020 beginning it's slow release cycle, which should help turn a lot of heads. Personally I am waiting for a true 'next gen' device rather than what is essentially a 920 with a big camera and extra ram; But once those GDR3 and WP8.1 devices start to be released towards the end of this year or the beginning of next, I will gladly support Nokia with another sale if I can at all afford it.

Nokia HERE division had a 200+ million , one time, restructuring cost this quarter. Hence the "underlying" profit they speak of in the report

Guys: you're not buying enoughhhhh Lumia phones.
Suddenly, my obsession with Lumia 920 is starting to look good.

I got a white 920 on eBay now is you live in the US and use at&t or t mobile. Item number 281136032422. Check it out. Its an unlocked white 920.

This is great news sales up...
The reorganizing of MSFT is a good thing...hopefully next quarter will be 12mil with sprint,tmo,Verizon numbers.. Hold on are this numbers for USA only?

The easy answer is that the UI needs more customization. Opaque colored tiles, live or not look very 1st Gen. Customizations other than color would go a long way.

Nokia mush push Microsoft hard to update WP faster and to implement needed features fast, or Nokia will lost everything and with it MS will lost mobile business.

"highly anticipated Lumia 1020"??? I don't know if you're aware but, when in this site, where all the fans, fanboys and evangelists are, the majority will SKIP the 1020, I very much doubt that consumers worldwide will be more interested. The 1020 is an expensive niche-phone. It will contribute very little to the effort of taking Nokia out of losses. The L520 has more of a change of doing that.
That said, these numbers are only positive in the sense that they lost less money. It's still not good news. And it certainly won't help Elop getting rid of those major share-holders who are asking for his head for not going with Android...


Well said. The 1020 is very high end. Yes you get an awesome camera. Yes, its cool. Yes, its got that barometer and all that kind of exclusive stuff. Unless you really need all that, I doubt many people will go for the 1020.

Many people has this attitude called HORDE MENTALITY. Its means that if one person thinks this thing or person is no good, so other people dont have time to know why. So they just absorbing what that person told them. That what's happening to WP8 guys. People should try it for themselves, and compare. A dual core 1.5ghz lumia 920 is way smoother than a 1.9 quad core galaxy s4 especially in browsing.

Nokia is competing with so many God damn OEMs on Android, especially ultra-cheap manufacturers from India. For Windows Phone to grow it is imperative that Microsoft entice those low-end OEMs to produce WP handsets. They really need to put an end to WP licensing fees and offer that OS to OEMs for free, and entice them further wih marketing, retail support and eco-system incentives.
As for Nokia, it needs to keep pace with the market now, it needs to step up the value proposition of its offerings as well as compete on price. We need to see the Lumia 730s boast HD PureMotion screens, 1GB+ RAM and PureView camera tech at under $300; we need the 92x series boast 21MPx PureView cameras at under $400/450... HECK, we need to see all Lumia handsets standardized to dual-core and 1GB+ RAM at the minimum, even the 5xx and 6xx.
Microsoft easing up on WP licensing would go a long-LONG way in making that possible. It is time they actually start relying on services such as Bing, Xbox Live + Music, etc to bring in revenue instead of software licenses.

Low priced OEMs in India are useless. They are cheap and the quality is pathetic. Very few people buy such kind of phones twice.

Done my part so far....L800, L900, L920 x2 and L925 all in my collection not to mention every flagship since 1998, as long as they keep making great innovative products I don't care too much about the numbers as I like being the odd one out without a isheep or crapdroid

Did my part with the 820 and a 920 here. But, the fact that Nokia didn't come close to the 8 miillion devices predicted in Q2 sucks. especially when we were hearing reports in early Q2 that the 521 was sold out at Walmart, or the 520 holds the biggest part of the lumia pie. Nokia needs to turn this into profitabiliy, no matter how many of us do our parts; investors are simply running the eff out of patience.

For Nokia to expand the North American market... US in particular... they are going to HAVE to stop with the carrier exclusives. Whatever perceived benefits they think they're getting, it's a strategy that hasn't been hugely successful YET. Now maybe they stick to exclusives for the top tier 900 and 1000 series, but that brings me to the follow up point... we need the low-end everywhere. Every US carrier should have the 500-600-700 series phone options, because that's what's selling first with Android, and we can undercut them. Windows Phone on low-end is vastly superior to Android on low-end. Undercut those sales and the platform can gain traction. As that happens, that high end is suddenly more appealing.

Bingo.  Stop carrier exlusives.  I understand that Nokia has this thing with AT&T because they opened the door and rubbed them the right way, but come on.  When you're fighting to stay afloat the last thing you should do is limit your new flagship to 30-40% of the mobile phone market.

Get your flagships on Verizon at launch and your low ends on the secondary carriers and this situation gets improved greatly.

this is a good news to heard, Nokia Lumia still rising little by little and i have seen more Lumia devices in my country (after tired of seeing iPhone and Samsung), KEEP RISING ^___^
BTW, i think the thing that hold Nokia back is "some big name app" that not show up in WP (or less feature in WP compare to iOS and Andriod) not the amount of apps, especially unfair opinion ( self judge / biass ),
this is a time for MS to work hard to relase "NEXT WP" that can support new hardware (example. screen resolution and cpu), when this happen it will open the gate for developer to create more and more creative of app.
ps. when people around me ask me which one to buy, first thing i do is ask back for their life style and purpose then tell them which one is hit and why other does not (and what good other have).

All the iPhone is, is an app juxebox. Take all the apps away what can it do?? Text, phone calls, take a pic. Take all the apps off a windows phone.... I can still use Facebook,LinkedIn,email,office,post pics and so on. When the public finally figures that out, they will switch. Till then... Just argue about it

Yeah, and if you take the battery out the iPhone can't even make calls!  What a piece of junk!

Curious as to why they're only offering flagships as a carrier exclusive. BlackBerry Z10, iPhone 5, and the Samsung Galaxy S4 are widely available. If Nokia wants people to use their Lumias, they need to stop limiting themselves.

Because they are to stupid to understand it. They think that exclusive phones will be sold faster to more people. Wrong decision. Nokia must stop releasing such devices and sell them woldwide or they will never sucess ! I can admit, that selling phones in US for Nokia could be a major business, but the rest of the world has more potential customers.
Nokia works like they did 10-15 years ago, thats what they problem. Look at Apple, they don't have 12 000 variations of firmware for their IPhone for every country in the world! When they release new version almost every owner of iPhone get it.
They need to chacnge a lot of thinks in their business.

NOK's stock price seems to have recovered from this morning's sell-off.
When is that  Best Buy partnership happening again for having an in-store WP section? Was it starting this Fall?

Nokia adr has recovered for its low...was down as much as 3% in morning post earnings. Ultimately street starts factoring the increasing lumia sales

You might have added, since someone is going to wonder, that no, they did not generate that much revenue with 7.4 million Lumias, or even networks business, but also sold 53 million non-Lumia phones for the total of 60 million handsets.

53 million non Lumia... That is down from 110 million not so long ago. Now the dumb phones are killing Nokia... Nokia better get more inexpensive Lumias out there.

With $4+ billion cash still in the bank, Nokia can afford quite a few more quarters "only" losing $300 million. They're doing the right thing by doing whatever it takes to grab market and mindshare. There are huge numbers of people who don't care what their phone runs, they just want basic functionality and top-10 apps at their pricepoint. A phone that looks good and works smoothly will be more appealing than their old buggy Android - and there's a Lumia for that!