Nokia's MIA Network Setup app returning within the week for Lumia handsets

Network Setup

Nokia's network configuration app has been missing for months

Finally some news for all of you who have been itching for Nokia's Network Setup app, according to Nokia Support it's the final stages of submission to the Marketplace and should be available late next week. From a post on their support site:

"I can now let you know that a new version of the Network Setup app will be reviewed this week to go live and it should be published worldwide later this week (wk24). Please be aware that propagation through Marketplace may take an additional 3-5 days after the app is published."

The Network Setup app is crucial for pulling down SMS, MMS and carrier gateways for unlocked Lumia phones. In short, if you've unlocked your Nokia handset and threw in a new SIM you most likely were able to make phone calls but things like data and sending MMS were hit or miss. With this app, you can detect network settings to auto configure your phone.

The app went missing a few months ago without much word from Nokia. Presumably there were some issues with the app and it had to undergo some changes. That process looks now to be complete.

Incidentally, our Lumia 610 did ship with Network Setup pre-installed so Nokia is not losing those on the unlocked phone front just yet. But at least for all others your trouble should be over soon. We'll keep you posted when it goes live in the Nokia Collection.

Source: Nokia Support; Thanks, Shelby M., for the tip


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Nokia's MIA Network Setup app returning within the week for Lumia handsets


Has anyone been able to unlock an ATT branded lumia 900 via ATT or third party? I haven't had luck searching about it. Thx!

The general consensus, as I understand it, is that the ATT version is not unlockable during the exclusivity period. After that, codes should be available. But I'm only repeating what I've read, so this info may be inaccurate.

Just tell att that you accidentally locked your phone (fail 3 times by inputting code through Sim Security) I did that with my Samsung focus and it worked haven't done it with my lumia as well (900)

did you have a typo? Or have you been able to get ATT to unlock it because of the sim lock... "haven't" and "as well" didn't seem to fit together Thanks!

If you pay retail for a phone, can they unlock at any time? Or do you still have to wait? I was under the impression that carrier locking was only to protect subsidy.

Sorry buddy, but you are the one who doesn't know anything.  Yes an HTC connections app exists.  Yes it sucks REAL hard.  Doesn't work on the Titan II and doesn't contain profiles for T-Mobile (for those of us with unlocked phones).  Check the reviews of the app on the marketplace.  They are scathing and the app is in dire need of attention from HTC, the Android company.
Please do some research before you try your hand at trolling.

Lol. At heart HTC is an Android company that happens to make Windows phones. They know who pays their bills just like Nokia knows who pays theirs.

Yep. HTC has had one since the get go. I used it on my unlocked Titan since day one and it works like a charm.

HTC'S Doesn't work on the Titan 2( I heard titan 1 also ). I bought a Brand New Titan 2 off eBay. I bought a unlock code off eBay. I'm on T-Mobile and the connection set-up don't work. I can text but NO MMS. There's actually a thread under titan 2 in the forums. HTC is dragging their butt on fixing it. It also doesn't work for people trying to use it on Straight Talk.
It works great on my HD7 on T-Mobile but since my HD7 is a T-Mobile phone I don't need it.

When I used a DiGi prepaid SIM card, the pre-installed Network Setup app on my Lumia 800 made my phone unable to make calls but it can still receive calls and send/receive SMSes. Only a hard reset was able to resolve the former problem. I hope this updated version won't cause such problems again.
P.S. The operator I mentioned is a Malaysian one.

To update: Settings does work for Maxis prepaid card, but it requires switching on the data connection (3G, HSPA, etc.) first. Haven't tried tinkering around without the data connection yet. Might do so soon.

Guess this must just be a US thing, app never left Aus marketplace and came preinstalled on all carrier and unlocked lumia900 phones in Aus =/

Came preinstalled on my Lumia 900 and my wife's 710. I can also see it in the marketplace. I live in the UK.

I'm on Straight Talk with my 900 (doesn't have to be unlocked because it runs on AT&T's network).  Anyone know if this will finally allow me to change the mms settings so I can have picture mail?

Do you live in a area that has LTE? I noticed using PrePaid in an LTE area, will not allow mms to come through on the L900. 4G & 3G, should be no problems. I hope with the release of this will allow to revert to "fake" 4G, to allow mms.

it should if not then you will need to complain to Nokia more..many Nokia USA users are like you that are using MVNO carriers (net10,straight talk,redpocket,etc) partial working features. So hopefully this will let you setup everything much like Samsung wireless manager allows...

Same issue with the Titan & Titan 2 on Straight Talk. NO MMS and the HTC Connection Set Up doesn't work.
Maybe AT&T is purposely having MMS blocked.

I'm on Virgin Mobile in the UK which uses the T-Mobile network. I had the same picture mail problem as you but was able to resolve it using Nokia's Network setup app to switch to the T-Mobile network on my unlocked Lumia 900. Here's hoping things will be just as easy for you :-D

Unlike what this articke says the app is actually only required for MMS settings. Both the SMS message centre and Internet APN can be set without it.

That's not true. That apn you edit is a secondary apn. I just had this issue with my phone and the Nokia techs couldn't help no matter what apn we entered. To get data working I exchanged my phone to one that came with the app preloaded. The original article is right.

Well.. before I setup the app I used the apn setting in 'Settings-Mobile Network' for Internet APN so I know this worked just fine. As said, no MMS though.

^^ Correct. The HTC connection setup app does not work on Gen 2 handsets. This means you can't set MMS settings for mvno's like Straight Talk which is a PITA. This could very well be the difference between me buying a HTC Titan II or the Lumia 900. HTC needs to get this app updated for its handsets ASAP.

HTC Connection Setup is complete rubbish and attempts to get dev support to do something are brushed off or completely ignored.  Doesn't support Straight Talk and doesn't support Titan II.  very limited usefulness.

This app wasn't removed ever from the Finnish market place. Been there since the release of Lumia 800 in 2011.
Is this only about North America?

My Brazilian Lumia 710 that I got free with the 2:1 app offer has it in the marketplace. I used it to configure AT&T MMS.

It's sad, it appears there are some integrity issues going on with Nokia over this app and some magical firmware update that is supposed to be in the works. This app has not returned and it seems to be a pattern