Note+ updated to v2, multiple notes added

Note+ for Windows Phone

If you recall, Note+ is a simple, yet effective, note taking app for your Windows Phone. The developer, Aälejandro Díazs, is based in the Dominican Republic where the Windows Phone Store isn't supported. But with the help of Nokia Developer Ambassador Rich Dunbar, Díazs was able to get the app published.

Well...Díazs took in all the feedback from Note+ users and basically re-wrote the app. The premise of the app is the same in that Note+ allows you jot down quick notes while on the go but it now supports multiple notes and Live Tile support for each note you generate.


Once you create and save a note you will have options from the three-dot menu to share the note, copy the note to your clipboard or pin the note to your Start Screen as an easy reminder. When done, just hit the back button to view your complete note listing.

Asides from the multiple note and Live Tile features, version 2.0 also adds support for Spanish and a few under the hood performance tweaks to improve overall performance.

Note+ was a nice app before the update and the changes version 2.0 brings to the table makes it nicer. It doesn't have a lot of bells and whistles but it does a nice job of things as is.

There is free trial version for Note+ to let you try things out with the full version running $.99. You can find Note+ here at the Windows Phone Store.

QR: Note+


Reader comments

Note+ updated to v2, multiple notes added


Thanks a lot once again, George! Really appreciate the support and exposure from WPCentral.
If you guys have any questions or suggestions, please let me know.

I've never seen a developer comment on WPCentral... Great job Aälejandro. Saludos ante mano. Te deceo lo mejor hermano.

Not trying to detract from the developer's effort, but can someone tell me how using this would be better than using OneNote or even Evernote?

Basically, the main selling points are the user experience and the simplicity. It allows you to take quick notes effortlessly, not duplicate the functionality of OneNote (which is great), and share them using your preferred method.
The support for Live Tiles is another plus, as you can leave reminders for yourself and whatnot.

Just as an example, I use this app for quick notes to myself, like errands i need to run the next day, or maybe a short shopping list for when I stop at the store after work. Things like that. Basically, quick daily notes that will be deleted by the end of the day. I use OneNote for more "long term" stuff.

Nothing against the developer, but I still don't get it.
I get into onenote and create a note. Things like Food, Things To Do, etc... ya, they have disposable content (and I usually don't complete everything on the list, so I just delete the completed things), but I always need that particular type note. Create it once and pin it to the start. Easy. What about creating a new note? Go into Office, go to notes, create note. Easy.
I can edit in portrait or landscape (something the author advertises in the marketplace).
I can't test any of the other features that are useful/above and beyond onenote since those or locked out on the trial version. Ya, it's only .99c, but I'm not buying any more crap apps (not saying this is a crap app) or apps that really don't get me further down the road.
All my notes are saved on my Skydrive as well so I can edit in either place (not that I do).
I just need a compelling reason why this app is better than one note, not flowery language like user experience and simplicity since I don't see that yet.
I guess I'd rather see people complain to Microsoft so they'll address any  concerns or to add additional  capability to their native apps.

Tell me, how fast can you open a OneNote note, make an edit, then close it when in an area of low to no cellular coverage?

Try it.

No problem with your argument, but sorry, you'd rather complain to Microsoft than have alternatives to the native apps, which you have the option to buy? You have to realize not everyone is a heavy OneNote user, and some people would prefer a basic note-taking app without many bells and whistles, with a native look and feel.
Thanks for trying it out at least.

Its called an alternative. If you don't want to use it, don't use it. There are lots of apps that provide functionalities already available natively. If no one bothered creating options there'd be like a few hundred apps in the store and you'd be saying the platform sucks. Your attitude is a great way to keep developers away from WP. Moron.

Seriously. I guess some people don't like having options? I've rarely used OneNote. I use Quick Lists and might check out this Note+.

Since I haven't used this app, can someone explain why would you use this app instead of the MS OneNote?

Do you have any other apps that your working on? I will always support the independent devs cause they're the ones who have built WP up. We've pretty much been shunned by all the majors and the ones that do make an app, barely support it. That's all going to change with wp8, just watch. When all the naysayers start bum rushing the WP train, everybody please remember our Indies.

Yeah, the idea is M+ will be a whole suite of apps focused on simple tasks, and doing them well. I'm currently working on the second one (as I had to start Note+ from scratch, which took a long time), and hopefully will be able to release it soon.
Really glad I'm an indie, heh; love the WP community.

Plus (1) I just got my up-date and appreciate the efforts shown by this dev and the Nokia representative who helped him with the geographical snag.

Keep it up Alejandro, muy bien hecha la App, la publicaré en el twitter de ClubNokiaRD. Saludos hermano dominicano desde Londres!

This is my go to Note app, simple quick and effective for how I use it, the article talks about version 2.0 but I still only see version 1.2 in the store,

Glad to hear that! Well, sometimes the Store takes a while to send out the updates. Give it a bit of time, and maybe go into and out of the app until it let's you update.