Note+ for Windows Phone 8 updated, voice recognition bugs fixed


Note+ is a fairly simple note taking app for your Windows Phone 8 device. The app allows you not only to type out notes on the go but also dictate the text and use voice commands to create, open, delete, share and read your notes.

When it was first updated to Windows Phone 8 there were a few bugs in the voice recognition. The version 2.2 update addresses those bugs and as an added bonus, the $.99 Windows Phone 8 app is free.


Note+ is a nice app and while the paid version has a trial, if you've been tempted to give Note+ a try now might be the time to grab the full version. It's our understanding the free offer will only last a week.

You can find Note+ here in the Windows Phone Store.

QR: Note+


Reader comments

Note+ for Windows Phone 8 updated, voice recognition bugs fixed


Love the fact that developers are offering discounts on a regular basis! I can feel the love!

Sorta sad that a simple note app is not standard in wp8.  I was hoping to jot a quick note down in it without having to purchase/download an app when I was off grid to no avail.

Actually, that's one of the reasons that move me to create Note+. I recommend you download it and give it a try, as it's free right now, so you have nothing to lose —and it might save you later on.

Ok.. So I couldn't get this app to work without coming up with an error each time I tried to talk to it. Anyone having any luck?

Well I did restart the app and it seems to be working Ok now. I tried to utilize words that I would use at work where I would use this and a lot of the words I need to use apparently aren't known. But it does seem to work for easy and basic notes.

You mean for speech recognition (dictation)? The system isn't perfect on Windows Phone 8, but hopefully Microsoft keeps improving it.
By the way, what did the error say?

It just kept stopping me in the middle of the sentence saying it didn't recognize anything. Even trying a real simple word wouldn't work. I restarted the app and that went away.

Yeah it's working now. It worked fine the first try with it then after that was the issue. But all is good now. I'm still playing around with it to see if speech to text will even be worth it for me. So far not so good. I need quick response and a larger vocabulary.
Is there a way to train it learn speech and words or is it as is?

I don't think there's a way to do that. I wish I could let the user add new words to the vocabulary, but it's not part of the API, unfortunately.