Now available: the official WPCentral app for Windows Phone 7

Yes! After we announced it last week and a brief delay, the official WPCentral app is now ready for your usage. We won't get into too much detail (see our earlier video hands on), but you can grab the app in the Marketplace right here: LINK to APP

The app is either free (unlimited trial, with ads, missing some features) or $0.99 (no ads, Live Tile for breaking stories, etc.), so choose whichever you feel is worthy.

Thanks to our developer Jay Bennett (website, Twitter) for his hard work. Please sound off in comments on your thoughts, rate it in the Marketplace and hit the feedback button in the app to alert us to any issues.


Reader comments

Now available: the official WPCentral app for Windows Phone 7


Wahay! Highlight of the weekend. Working well on the old Omnia 7 here. Congratulations ! :)Damn that Super Amoled screen with your coloured gradient backgrounds though, they look awful but that's not your fault.

Just got the paid version as well love it just wish it had forum support so i could loss Board Express all together. Please make that a reality please lol

Excellent app,but the vibration gets annoying after a while. Hope they add an option to turn it off in a future release. Definitely a good buy!

Just purchased the app. Looks really good but I noticed that it lacks the ability to sign in and comment. Hope there's an update in the works with this much needed feature.

Commenting, forums and an options screen is on the to-do list. We wish we could have done more for v1.0/v1.1 but we wanted to get this out sooner than later ;-)

Hmm interesting, at present the comments have to be loaded extra to the main list of articles but I could do that when you navigate to an article I suppose...I may well do this for when we implement adding comments, thanks for the suggestion!

Yep, I definitely like the idea here, but it's down to the users so little poll to all those reading: Would you prefer the order to be, Read -> Comments -> More or Read -> More -> Comments? Or do you prefer the comments the way they are, on a separate screen?

Just bought the App! Put me down as another "Great Job"As for the surver, I prefer Read->More->Comments, but prefer either ordering over the current "comments as a button on More pivot" style.

Thanks for the app. The paid version is neat and fast. I'm digging it. Also, with respect to survey, dedicated comment pivot would be nice.Great work.

Great idea for comments as a pivot. I'd like Read--More--Comments, because shockingly I don't read the comments on every post.

To have the comments on the right of the article is the way to go. It'll be more of the metro UI feel. Open an article, swipe to the left and there comes the comments, swipe once more and you can have a list of the videos if any regarding that article.

Very nice, Very nice indeed. I just bought it I'm playing with it now. I agree with above Ideas Forum support would be perfect.

Winterfang, the overall consensus has been that the app is performing very well so it sounds like you might be an isolated case. Could you please tell me what region you are in, which device you have, as well as if you are using the trial version? (adverts will slow the network performance).If you'd prefer to e-mail me this information my address is on my personal site which is linked to in this article :)