NOW TV brings on-demand content to your Xbox One


Sky has announced on the official NOW TV blog that support for its online service on the Xbox One console has been rolled out. Not only is Microsoft's console the home of gaming entertainment with Xbox Live, but there's also sweet integration with set-top boxes, services and more to really get the most out of interactive content and transform any TV into a media hub. We can now add NOW TV to the list of supported content providers.

The service will provide latest movies, premium on-demand and live entertainment, as well as Sky Sports and more (subject to passes and whatnot). Everything will be available through the NOW TV app, which can be downloaded on the Xbox One console and connected to a Sky account.

To celebrate the release of the NOW TV experience, Sky is giving away an Xbox One bundle, along with 12 months Xbox Live Gold and five Xbox One titles (forza Motorsport 5, Ryse: Son of Rome, Kinect Sports Rivals, Zoo Tycoon and Dead Rising 3). All that's required is to fire a tweet to the Twitter handle as to why they should reward you with the package. Entries close on the Friday 8th of August at 12pm and you must tweet @NOWTV and use the hashtag #NOWTVXboxOne to enter. Full competition Terms and Conditions can be found on Facebook (open to the UK only).

Source: NOW TV


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NOW TV brings on-demand content to your Xbox One


Now that's a contradiction if i ever read one. You claim to want them to release the xbox one in your area, presumably so you can buy one, but then you refer to it using the derogatory term "xbone"... Colour me confused... ;-)

Excellent, really like NowTV as it fills a missing gap in Netflix/Prime in the UK for many of the the latest series. For the price of NowTV and Netflix I'm pretty much covered for most stuff.  The occasional day pass for sporting events has still worked out way cheaper for me than when I had a SkyGo subsctription I hardly used.

I've been using the (£10) Sky branded ROKU via the HDMI input which had the added benefit of an iPlayer app but I now have a TV with iPlayer (pull your finger out BBC) and having the app is much better. With this and the 3D update that is two less HDMI cables, remotes and power supply cables in about a week :-).

And, I just love the XboxOne remote, nice bit of kit. I could use it partially for the ROKU via HDMI in but only for say pause/play/stop and not navigating the programmes.

I am a Sky customer (TV, BB & Phone), and after repeated complaints through their forums it is clear they do not rank WP or Windows 8.1 as part if their distribution strategy. Their stock answer is that they concentrate on Android and iOS as they have the largest market share and the use of Silverlight! Sky Italy and Sky Germany have apps for the Windows ecosystem but not in the UK! I have given up asking for Windows based apps from them. Until Sky Go is supported I don't see that sky are committed enough to Microsoft!

Yeah right.... Like how Sky don't have floating blimps broadcasting the signal from the Sky because it stole "their" name.

Im glad the xbox one now has now tv as I decided to ditch sky for BT TV as I thought NowTV was fully supported on the youview box but its not and wanted it for the Sky1 and Sky Alantic programs. But now its on the Xbox one all the console needs now is DLNA support for my home server and it will be my all meda needs in one box with voice commands too. The app is a step up from the 360 version and the picture quality is amazing it just needs to show a menu for a program guide for all channels rather than selecting one at a time and ill be 100% happy with it but its a start of the apps I want.