Nyan Cat strays into the Marketplace

Nyan Cat has invaded Windows Phone with not only one app but two apps over at the Marketplace.

There is no telling how the cat got stuck in a pop-tart or how it found its way into outer space or why a rainbow is emanating from the cat's backside. Before today, I had never heard of Nyan Cat.  Never realized there were websites devoted to this critter either. In some way, Phil over at Android Central is to blame for this enlightenment.

The video should say it all.  Nyan! seems to run a little smoother and both play that catchy jingle.  If you're a fan of Nyan Cat you can find Sugata's Nyan Cat here and Zozo's Nyan! here (both links open Zune) at the Marketplace. Luckily, both apps are free and you download at your own risk.

Oh and for an additional "once in a lifetime" experience or if you just can't get enough of Nyan Cat, point your web browser to http://nyan.cat.


Reader comments

Nyan Cat strays into the Marketplace


The "LOWER THE VOLUME" in Nyan Cat is hilarious, but the video and audio in Nyan are both better. Unfortunately, neither go landscape.

The video review made me chuckle. I liked the monotoned George Ponder's review of something so ridiculous as the Nyan Cat.

I just have a small pet peeve. Nyan is pronounced like "Yawn" with an n at the beginning (nyawn), not like the color "cyan" (nye-ann) -- it's the Japanese equivalent of "meow"

When I heard it said in Japanese, it's always pronounced "Nyar, Nyar". And this is how it's written on most japanese sites I see ie ニャニャ (nya nya)Unless you prounounce "yawn" very funny, I'd go so far as to say that's wrong - it sounds nothing like "yawn".Note, there's no 'n' at the end at all, this is just someone's mishearing of the 2nd word starting.As a kiddy-word it actually means "cat" - not just the sound one makes.