O2 is supporting the Nokia Lumia 800, just sold out

Nokia Lumia 800 O2 Has Stock

Yesterday we published an article that went into the confusion surrounding O2 and the Nokia Lumia 800, specifically the product page of the handset being no longer available on the web store, but is being pushed out in high street carrier stores. We contacted O2 and popped in-store to see if we could dig up any information that would explain the situation, and we came away with the possibility of the carrier dropping support, or simply being out of stock for the website.

O2 has since contacted us to clarify (third time lucky!) what's actually happening. Turns out, the carrier is set to continue to support Nokia's handset -- and Windows Phone for that matter. They've simply sold out on the web store, so fear not if you're after the Mango device and are tied to the network. An official statement from O2 can be found below:

"The Nokia 800 is currently out of stock online but is available in O2 stores - it'll be back in stock online soon. Customers who've already purchased Nokia 800's without O2 apps pre-installed will be able to download them separately - we will be including them on Nokia 800's later in 2012."

Popping into your local O2 store should result in a Lumia 800 purchase. While this doesn't explain why the representative would state that the carrier is dropping support, it does send a strong message to customers that O2 is behind the platform. 


Reader comments

O2 is supporting the Nokia Lumia 800, just sold out


Behind the platform cuz $$MONEY$$!! Lol

But that's awesome that the 800 is a hit, hopefully it's also getting carriers to give WP7 more than just a glance. Maybe this will resonate well with the US carriers too that only offer one phone *cough* SPRINT! VERIZON! *cough*

Oh, excuse me.

I'm curious how many WP7 phones Nokia has sold so far. I'm really hoping the figures are impressive. This is a crucial milestone for both - Microsoft and Nokia in order to succeed.

In the UK, the 800 has already made it's way into 'Top Devices' on the I'm A WP7 app. It's currently joint 4th with the HTC Trophy at 7%, but it was 6% 2 days ago so it's climbing fast. The way Orange has been climbing quickly too recently, I'd say a lot of those Nokias were on the Orange network.

I'm thankful that O2 (my preferred service provider) got onboard with the Lumia 800. It doesn't get any better than this, in terms of showing the Windows Phone is a serious contender. Now, lets hope they start stocking more wp7 handsets. The Titan would be a good next choice...