O2 UK blog featuring the Lumia 800 as a "dare to be different"

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The O2 UK blog has featured the Nokia Lumia 800 in an article that recommends top smartphones for different consumer needs and desires. The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is the "must have for anyone who wants the latest and greatest", but it's the Lumia 800 that interests us with being recommended as the perfect option for those what want something different.

"As good as all of the above devices are, they're all part of the established order of smartphone devices and platforms. If you yearn for something a little different, the Nokia Lumia 800 will be like a breath of fresh air.

First up there's the phone’s unique design, which adopts an unusual all-in-on polycarbonate shell that's as durable as it is striking to look at. What really makes the Lumia 800 feel fresh is its Windows Phone Mango operating system, which presents a heavily stylised but ultra-intuitive interface and peerless compatibility with Microsoft Office and Xbox Live."

Not a bad description, eh? Nice to see O2 actually recognise the beauty of not only Nokia's hardware, but Microsoft's mobile OS. If you'd like to note something else that's relatively interesting - the O2 UK blog header features Windows Phones (see above image).

Source: O2 UK Blog, thanks serenityangel for the tip!


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O2 UK blog featuring the Lumia 800 as a "dare to be different"


I like.  Starting to see much more of this in last couple weeks.  Good things are starting to happen, and I think this will be a big year for MS (in both WP & Win8) & Nokia both.

"Dare to be different" is a perfect marketing line for WP. It not only conveys the fact that the OS is different but it also fights off some of the criticism for the OS (small number of apps for example) which we are prepared to live with because this is what you deal with when you "dare" to be different.

It's too close to Apple's "Think different" (sic) tagline a few years back. Maybe they're going for people too young to have heard of that?

Im glad I took a second look at the picture before commenting because I sure was going to ask since when was a Nokia looking like the picture announced

I've been seeing a hell of alot more advertising recently in various phone shops windows as well, which can only realistically lead to bigger and better things for windows phones!

I like it too, I also like that they say Windows Mango instead of Windows 7.5
There's been debate on branding the phones as Windows Phone v. Metro Phone v. xPhone.  But just by replacing 7.5 with Mango in mainstream use does wonders.

Yes dare to be different, when sitting on the train in the mornings going to work...everybody has an iphone.....talk about sheep...