O2 UK offers visual voicemail for some Windows Phones, but other 8.1 updates delayed


The wireless carrier O2 UK can now lay claim to becoming the first one in that country to offer visual voicemail for some of its Windows Phone products, but the carrier has also revealed that the promised Windows Phone 8.1 update has been delayed for other devices.

O2 quietly launched visual voicemail support for the the Lumia 925, 625 and 1520 on Friday, and as Neowin reports, this will be very handy for owners of those devices. Instead of calling a number to hear voicemails, they can now be downloaded to a smartphone, which should make listening to them easier. The new feature does require Windows Phone 8.1 to be enabled on those phones.

It's not all good news for O2 Windows Phone customers. In their forums on Friday, the company posted a new update on the availability of Windows Phone 8.1 for other devices. In short, O2 is ready to go with the over-the-air updates, but Microsoft isn't. The post says:

"It's important to understand that O2 have already approved all of the 8.1 updates which are sitting with Nokia - at this stage, there's little we can do to speed up the process as the last part of the equation is for the update to be released to customers."

O2 adds that they hope to roll out the Windows Phone 8.1 updates to their other customers starting late next week but added that more delays could still happen. What do you think of O2 becoming the first UK carrier to enable visual voicemail for Windows Phone devices?

Source: Neowin, O2 UK


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O2 UK offers visual voicemail for some Windows Phones, but other 8.1 updates delayed


Sounds great. In the US, Verizon charges Windows Phone users $2.99 a month for visual voicemail but they give it to Android and iPhone users for free. Also, Verizon is the only one that installs bloatware on their WP8 devices which can't be removed.

Tried changing your year to something like 2114 then trying to open the "setting"? That's how I got rid of Access Point.

Backup assistant would be cool if it worked on 8.1. Sadly, I had to enter in all my contacts manually after a hard reset. Verizon took out the built in visual voicemail and put in their own app which you have to pay monthly for and it hardly ever works properly.

That's probably what's taking them so long to release 8.1. They need to fix their bloatware. Not sure why anyone would need it. Just get an email account that syncs contacts.

I thought it was on all wp8 devices already. Hmmm learned something new. Yip pee. I'm with metro pcs though and haven't traveled outside thier bubble lol.

Go into the phone app, then tap on the voicemail icon which would usually call voicemail. It then sets up visual voicemail for you, that's how I got mine to work. Hope this helps!

Cheers! Will bear that in mind, now to wait and see how they will push this out to CV phones running on the O2 network. My guess is that they pushed it out to MS to bundle with-in the update?

If you're on a CV model maybe not. The phone has to come from O2 originally to get the stuff O2 bundles with the updates. Just putting an O2 sim in your phone doesn't mean it gets the O2 firmware.

Didn't know the article was about the Xbox Music update...wait a minute, it wasn't. Take that up with MS yo. 

I have a O2 branded 925 and O2 contract SIM, but when I slide the control to enable VVM I get a text message saying my phone number doesn't support VVM. Epic fail from O2

Check the linked forum post from the article. The VVM is only for O2 branded devices. 930, 630 and 635 will require a firmware update from O2.

I assume this is for only O2 branded and locked phones with O2 firmware and not sim free handsets with an O2 sim. Bummer!

I thought vodafone did support it?  I rarely get voicemail, so haven't tested - but I did get a text asking me to choose an option for this quite a few months ago I think?


Kudos to o2 for being transparent about the update process. The lack of info from Nokia/MS on why the rollout is taking so long is very frustrating. If there are delays, fine; just keep us faithful WP customers in the loop. The only response they seem to churn out is a link to the very unhelpful Cyan status webpage.

This doesn't work for unlocked phones. The original article states that. A tad bs since almost everybody probably has an unlocked phone these days but oh well. Perhaps they will include us some day xDD.

I'm in O2 ,I don't use voice mail, don't want visual voicemail but am forced to wait for O2 8.1 because they have an issue... What a croc o crap this update has been !!

Infact I am going to punch the crap out of the check for update, your phone is up to date message

Immature perhaps but soooo satisfying !!! Lying son of a b***h message

Doesn't the article lay the blame with Microsoft though, for not releasing the firmware updates? O2 have been saying for the last couple of weeks that they've approved the update, and MS haven't denied that the delay lies at their door.

Agreed. Its all over 02 communities. I'm sick of people blaming 02 because they cant be bothered to some research. 02 have been very transparent

Have always been pleased with o2 and the update process, always get them before my buddies do on the other networks. Can't ask fr more than that really.

Had the usual crap response from Tesco, 'no timescale, keep checking'. I asked if they would release the 8.1 update the same time as O2, being as they use the same network. Once O2 release it surely Tesco should be the same?

Ridiculous you need an O2 branded handset for this. They don't put this limitation on iPhone users. You'd think they want to use it as an incentive to attract users from other operators.

Tesco phones use the CV variant so phones will be updated once CV released. I would like to know more as to why MS is holding back the update, is it related to the bit locker issue, or is there something else been found that we don't know? A bit more transparency from MS would be helpful