Obi Mobiles to launch its first Windows Phone smartphone in India soon

Obi Mobiles

Former Apple CEO John Sculley's Inflexionpoint-backed Obi Mobiles announced that it will launch a smartphone running Windows Phone out in India next quarter. The brand is set to make a debut next month in the country and will initially be launching five to six handsets in the entry-level segment.

In an interview with the Economic Times, Obi Mobiles CEO Ajay Sharma mentioned that the target for the brand is to achieve a 2 percent market share by the end of the financial year. He also stated that the burgeoning smartphone market in India provided ample room for growth. "By the time we scale up and close the year, we could be even looking at 4% market share."

Although Sharma didn't provide any specifics regarding the Windows Phone device, he said that Obi Mobiles would be focusing on the sub- Rs. 15,000 segment. The brand will be collaborating with Shenzhen-based Dragon Technologies, who will handle device manufacturing. John Sculley announced during the launch of Obi Mobiles that India was the ideal market for the brand, and said that the ability to provide affordable smartphones to customers in emerging markets was going to be the main area of focus.

It should be interesting to see how the brand fares against entrenched vendors like Samsung, Micromax, Nokia, Karbonn Mobiles and Sony, now that more manufacturers have committed to the Windows Phone platform. Micromax is rumored to launch its first Windows Phone handset later this year, while Karbonn Mobiles is allegedly working on a Windows Phone/Android dual-boot smartphone. What do you guys think? Does Obi Mobiles stand a chance against the more established vendors? Sound off in the comments below.

Source: Economic Times


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Obi Mobiles to launch its first Windows Phone smartphone in India soon


What I would realistically expect is that dev would support their WP apps... Let alone major OEM making more flagship phones. Its obvious that mid-low is where its at to boast sales and market share up. I guess if it makes WP looks good. I just want to see another flagship released from another OEM outside of Nokia who takes 5 years to release one and Samsung who doesn't promote theirs at all.

I can agree with that... I have no problems with the low end devices, but it's no wonder that WP MS in the US is dropping.. Device releases are next to none compared to android... We need at least 40 high end WP devices on the market worldwide a year, and at least 20 of those need to be available across the various US, UK, and China carriers... That would make a difference in WP market share for sure... But, 3-4 devices worldwide?... Not going to cut it.

Yeah. I don't plan on changing from the 1520 anytime soon at all. It really does my every need as a smartphone. But app. Man the app issue is problematic at this time being crucial for WP growth. We have alot of talk but slow action on the OEM. I really thought that 2014 would be WPs year and it may very well be, but it looks to not happen till end of year. Just to much fragmentation going on between developers, apps, OEM, and OS.

No mid range = No sales !
There are still many people who are looking for their first smartphone and nobody wants to buy a flagship they will go for 520 itself ! Didn't u see the sales of 520?

First off, exclamation marks are not needed. Second go back and read. Learn to comprehend.

We're not saying they should slow down, or stop the low, to midrange, smartphone push. We think they should pick it up even further.........
But, at the same time we also want to see a bigger push with high end, to ultra high end phones as well,,,,, in accordance to market economics of course..... Agree❔❔

So, Americans.... If you want a certain banking, or business, app then it's probably better to convince your B, or B, to expand their services to India... Lol❕ .. Think about it❕

The more the merrier. I don't know how well this company brand is. But I think we need every force of help to increase the WP market share.

Exactly, and this time, some really low end ones. Moto e is capturing market rapidly. No answer to this little giant from Nokia/microsoft so far...

Read the specs of moto e? 520 can't stand a chance.

And 525 is 2000-3000 INR more than moto e, while 630 is 4500 INR more...

Actually I heard the name first time as well ;) so no idea!

But this statement doesn't sound good for budget conscious people (most people)-

"Although Sharma didn't provide any specifics regarding the Windows Phone device, he said that Obi Mobiles would be focusing on the sub- Rs. 15,000 segment."

Lots of negative review about Lumia 630 in India(GSM arena)... Not having a inbox headset USB cable... Mainly the absence of WhatsApp....

My brothers friend got a Lumia 1320... Saw a 1320 in my hand and asked me is what's app never gonna come on WP store?... I didn't know the answer... Just told him within a week... The reason he said he bought a nokia because he was loyal nokia user... Nokia/Microsoft mobile guys are hurting themselves by not giving such loyal customers with their much needed apps...

"John Sculley, holding yet another device he doesn't understand, grins mindlessly, hoping that it will mean he gets money."

Look. I feel that they should take it seriuosly and work harder to allow WP to gain it's prestige and shine like the bright sun. Well I guess they need to strengthen their marketing style and segmentations to meet the customer need, want and meet the defect spectrum- a reason to switch!!!!

Love the windows phone OS, love its fluidity. But the lack of apps and abandonment of existing ones by established app makers seems to be a disappointment. I hate android but that seems like the only option now if whatsapp isnt returning to the market. I highly doubt if the app share for wp OS is going to increase until it reaches double figures in terms of market share

When did Sony confirm windows phone? Did I miss the news? Before everyone jumps in, I am talking about official announcement.