Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 October release schedule revealed

Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 launching in October?

Mark your calendar, October is shaping up to be a busy month for Microsoft. Rumors have surfaced for release dates for both Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.

Okay... we've known for some time that the general availability for Windows 8 is October 26th. It now appears that on October 25th, there will be a Microsoft launch event for Windows 8 and the Surface RT in New York City. No specifics on the event as of yet but Windows 8 and the Surface tablets should become available at midnight following the event.

Moving right along in October, on the 29th there will be an official launch of Windows Phone 8. Strong indications have the event being held on the west coast. Again, no specific details on this event but actual phones may become available a week or two after this event.

Finally, Microsoft will be having the Build 2012 Conference from October 30th to November 2nd. Build is a developer focused conference designed around Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, Windows Azure and Xbox. There is no telling what software news will be generated from this conference.

While the dates for the Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 events haven't been confirmed by Microsoft, the end of October appears to be a busy one for company and an exciting one for consumers.

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Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 October release schedule revealed


I got a bad feeling this is a european release date and that WP8 will release in the states in November.
If I were Nokia I would release sooner.

I totally agree with you. I wish Microsoft would reveal things and then release a week or two later. With Nokia's event being scheduled for Sept 5th that's nearly two months away before devices start to sell. Still loyal to WP8

No matter what Apple's event would over shadow anything prior or following their event. I'm not a fan of Apple much, but like always everything concering Apple gets ramped up a week or so before the event and afterwards its all but iphone iphone iphone

I'm sure Microsoft has a good reason but why on Earth wouldn't they launch WP8 devices before the iPhone is launched? I suspect the new iPhone will be available early October, if not sooner.

Another missed opportunity for WP8. With iphone5 or whatever it will be called to be launched on the 21st or 28th of September WP8 will get overlooked. All these unveiling of handsets now and then to wait 2 months for release will kill all the publicity. After next week you can pretty much bet all news cycles will be on Apple.

So how do you suppose it would make a difference? The people pumped about iPhone aren't thinking of buying a windows phone anyway. If you've had an iPhone for several years the odds of you changing is nearly nil. I did, but one of the rare ones I think.

Honestly either right before or after won't change anything.  People buying the iPhone 5 (or whatever) will be buying it regardless of anything else coming out soon.  In fact I'd argue that separating their release from the iPhone a bit will be better as the hype noise going on in the media over the iPhone will drown out a lot of WP news and such.  This way it will have calmed down a bit then WP8 drops and all the talk is about the new WP8 devices and features right into the holiday season.  Anyway that's my take on it, time will tell now.

I think the release after the iPhone5 is fine. If Nokia is seriously announcing a Pureview phone on Sept 5, then the new iPhone will look rather meek even if it is released before hand. Anyone who chooses the iPhone 5 is surely not going to buy anything short of a teleporter.

I asked my gf for the surface RT for Xmas and a new wp8 for my birthday.. They are releasing same week lol
Guess ill be getting two new toys in one week!
I have a feeling ill be using the phone more. I have windows 8 on my laptop so I know what to expect there. I really dont even need a tablet. Its just awesome to have haha. The phone takes care all of my mobile computing needs just fine

Nokia has had so much hype beyond public announcements though. Their publicity stunts will keep them going.

@Danien: I think this video is shot with an 800. While riding a bike its quite easy for a decent bike rider to hold the camera quite still and you can still see the obvious shakiness of an unstabilized camera. I have shot similar footage while on a snowboard with an 800 filming another snowboarder and the steadiness of the camera looks comparable. If you film with a stabilizer on a bike it is much more stable... certainly since they drive quite slow. Also the resolution is a dead giveaway this is not shot with pureview, it is only 720 and the quality is oke, just like the video camera of the 800. If Nokia wants to make a teaser than they are not that dumb to show the final result with "only" 720p if the camera is capable of doing 1080p. The sentence after 5/9/2012 everything will change tells you that this type of footage will become much more stable and better and higher quality (on par with HD handycam) with Nokia's new Lumia line with PureView.

Yeah these videos are shot with current devices, after the release, they will show the new capabilities as followups to these teasers to show the stark contrast of before and after.

All this going on at the end of October is going to make me forget to make a costume for Halloween, I might as well goes as a Live Tile or something.

All of you seem very knowledgeable when it comes to when to launch a new smartphone. You should apply to work in Nokia or MS lol. I think they know exactly what they are doing... I'm sure Elop is on the internet right now looking for an official release date for the iPhone 5 so that he can hit where it hurts lol.