Official CNN app for Windows Phone gets an Olympic update [New Link]

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If you’re a fan of the official CNN app for Windows Phone, which used to be exclusive to Nokia but is now available for all, you’ll want to go grab version 1.3.03 now in the Marketplace.

For the most part, the app looks the same though we suppose there could be some under the hood changes but the big new feature is a section dedicated to the 2012 Summer Olympics.

The section is merely one of a multitude of others under the ‘sections’ area but it features all the latest news for you sport nuts. Even better is the ability to pin the Olympic section to your Start screen for quick and easy access—in fact we highly recommend doing just that.

If you find any other changes, let us know and we’ll throw up an update. Otherwise you can go and grab the official CNN app now in the Windows Phone Marketplace. Makre sure you also see our Olympic app roundup for more coverage of the 2012 Summer Olympics. QR code after the break..

Update: CNN 'hid' the old CNN app in the Marketplace and added a 2nd version (presumably so they can roll back after the Olympics are over). Link and QR code updated for v1.3.




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Official CNN app for Windows Phone gets an Olympic update [New Link]


That's great because the so called "official" Olympics app 'London 2012' is a complete joke with all those ridiculous Samsung-GS3 ads.

This is not an "update". I hit the link provided and it installed a fresh CNN app in ADDITION to the one I already had. So now I have 2 official CNN apps in my apps list.

I've had two installed for a while on my Samsung Focus. I'm not sure how they both got there, but until this Olympics update they were both version 1 and seemed identical.

The link worked the first time hence my words "it installed a fresh CNN app". You should note that for people that already had the original app, they will see 2 of the same app on their app list. You have to delete the "old" app.

Hmmm. I got the notification to update on phone, did, and have only 1. Don't know why others are showing 2

Glad I never installed it. It's same thing. I use original CNN app and it's giving breaking news of olympics