Official Disqus app gets a bug fix in latest update for Windows Phone

Disqus for Windows Phone

Our unique and very well received Disqus app for Windows Phone just received its maintenance release, to help patch over and fix some lingering issues from the initial rollout.

Version 1.1 is now live in the Store and should go a long way for those who had some problems.

Disqus for Windows PHone

The changes include:

  • Bug fixes
  • Better messaging when a user isn't allowed to post on a site
  • Added Dutch translation
  • Improved Italian translation
  • Availability in all markets

With wider availability, we think this app could be quite a hit for those who participate in the Disqus commenting system, which is found on a lot of major blogs and news sites. Currently, only Windows Phone has an official app.

You can pick up v1.1 of Disqus here in the Store.

QR: Disqus


Reader comments

Official Disqus app gets a bug fix in latest update for Windows Phone


Yeah man me too and I liked the way the developer emailed me asking me the problems I am having with the app when I stated some issues with the app. And it just looks spectacular.

I agree. The developer also replied to my report promptly. But I think he's been receiving a lot of reports.

I developed the app, and I work on support. It's the most efficient feedback loop in existence ;-)
Regardless, it's a huge network with a lot of possible variances in data. Bugs are inevitable no matter how well you think you accounted for them, so we appreciate the reports.

I never really liked Disqus, but now that it's a WP exclusive app, I do.. I can add it along with Fhotoroom to show my friends. "Hey look at this, oh it's not on your phone, sucks for you" :P

I tried to update it, but it was giving me an error. Tried uninstalling it, and trying to download again, and still no dice.

Yup got the update, im not sure if it will let me comment on wmpoweruser for some odd reason it wont