Official Engadget app goes to version 2.0 with Mango

Engadget 2.0

Though the updates are few and far between, the official Engadget app managed to get a significant bump to version 2.0 tonight. New features include a slight re-design of the UI, fast-app switching, Live Tile, background updating (over WiFi when on AC) and an overall smooth performance.

Engadget 2.0

Of course that's on top of the already existing features including photo galleries, full articles, ability to comment, podcasts and more. Plus you can even submit tips via the app, allowing you to generously give them plenty of WPCentral links, amirite? Overall a pretty solid app and a great update. You can pick up Engadget v2.0 here for free in the Marketplace. Thanks, Peter M., for the tip!

Engadget 2.0


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Official Engadget app goes to version 2.0 with Mango


i think this updated a little bit ago, as mine is already updated, but i can't remember when i did it....

OK, so why when I go to update the engadget app is it asking me if I want to personalize my music???
This would tailor my zune experience....
I am thinking I will delete the app and then reload it again.

It's not the app, Microsoft updated their EULA for Windows Phone--so everyone has to do this once. See our post up this morning on the matter.

The "Zune Experience" thing is not related to the Engadget app. Microsoft is making everyone sign a new TOS now. It just happens that the update to the new Engadget mobile app was the first marketplace activity you did in the market place after they issued the new TOS

I just did. :)
edit: Dunno why this got posted here, this is in response to Peter McCain's post

Hey folks!
We were doing final testing on the build that went live; we've got a post queued up, just wanted to make sure everything was just so. Thanks for the post, for sure.

It was not working well on my Samsung Omnia 7 after the update, had some crashes and could not enter the settings page. Uninstalled and reinstalled again, now everything seems alright. There's just a little typo when you press the little 3 dots at the bottom, instead of "engadget" there's an option that reads "enagdget" :)