Official Engadget app is here (or back)

Funny thing: months ago Engadget actually had an app in the Marketplace, published by AOL. Then it was pulled after a day or so, no reason given. Flash forward to July 1st and what a shock, they too are pushing their new app. Sure, they've been accused of an anti-WP7 stance, but doesn't mean you can't have them on the go!

Featuring all their major section like HD, Mobile and Alt., the app has a nice and vibrant layout, with videos, podcast and galleries available. Commenting is handled by hopping to the browser instead of native and there's no way to share articles (though you can save them) but at least it looks good for a v1.0 and scrolling is pretty solid.

You can get downloading from the Marketplace here.


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Official Engadget app is here (or back)


Well seeing as to how the lead mobile writers Myriam and Vlad love Windows Phone 7, I don't see how Engadget is anti-WP7. Actually, you know, if I didn't absolutely need Zune Pass on my phone...I think the laggy app scrolling, lack of multi-tasking, and 100's of other missing features might prevent me, like other power users from using it full time.

Vlad loving WP7? I dont know what Vlad you know, but Vlad is the biggest MS troll i have ever seen? Have you read his comments on the live blog on MS live events? Childish and unprofessional.Engadget is known for its Pro-Apple treatment.

Agreed. Once all the big players left (Josh, Chris, Nilay, etc) they don't even bother trying to hide the MS hate anymore. That site blows.

This app shows how hated wp7/msft is...by Engadget guys .The UI sucks,feels like android, no sharing etc..... The worst news app.... Wp7 app is the best..thank u

You guys could learn a few things for this app. This one loads fast, The WPcentral app loads so slow that I find myself using the explorer instead.

Fang I still don't quite understand how the app is loading so slowly for you compared to everyone else (myself included) but I encourage you once again to get in contact with the e-mail address I list at http://jaybennett.co.uk so I can figure out how to fix the problems you're having. Or even better send a feedback e-mail using the app's about screen button, I receive all of those as well.

It is alright for a first effort. Nothing close to the WPCentral app though. At least they have something out there to work on!

haha finally, but who cares? reading fruit-brand news on my Focus? No thanks. I downloaded their app and gave it one-star rating. the WP marketplace is not a place for such a fruit fanboy and msft hater as engadget. I still prefer wpcentral for my WP news sauce, the best place to catch up all the goodies. and of course WPCentral app is the one in a million, thank you Jay for the app~!