Official Facebook app goes to v1.5, still no notifications?

We just got word that the Facebook app for Windows Phone got bumped to v1.5, which you can grab right now in the Marketplace.

Earlier, we reported that this app was supposed to be getting notifications and that it was coming "soon". While an update did in fact come soon, we're not seeing any options under Settings for notifications but perhaps we're missing something (it's only been about 5 minutes since we updated). We did noticed the "Refresh" setting is now "Cache expiration" and set at 10 minutes, but other than that...

Anyways, you can grab the app here. Sound off in comments on anything you notice different or better and we'll update this post with the info.

Thanks, @deeper2k, for the heads up


Reader comments

Official Facebook app goes to v1.5, still no notifications?


The notifications screen looked different to me. Smaller text and each entry is a link rather than the name and link keyword being highlighted blue.

Ya, this was one of the bigger changes, and one I like, it acts like the notifications on the website instead of links to the people like before.It also seem to be a bit smoother but I only used it for a few seconds after I updated it.

Yeah they've made each notification entry a button so tapping anywhere on the notification takes you there, which I'm a fan of has to be said.Also noticed:Settings screen now has the App's Facebook page wall in it, but this may have been there before?Photos panorama section loads grey outlines for albums with their names even if you're waiting for the images to show so you can jump into them quickerCouple of new animations when moving between notifications and posts (stretch and fold is the best way I can describe it)A couple of optimisations I reckon as yes it's definitely a little more responsive overallInfo pages for people loads pretty damn fast and looks like a people hub entry (again, was this already the case?)

I feel as if it runs much more smoother and loads faster! I am disappointed though! I definitely wanted notifications on it! Chat, I really don't care for but its a nice feature to have. Oh well!

Maybe to the devs this is a major update, but for the users it doesn't offer us much more functionality.I'll stop being a grouch and admit that the speed boost is very welcome

Like seriously, doesn't Microsoft have some shares in Facebook? Like we need a decent update for it! dang!!

Because the WP7 team is busy with Mango and not a single app like FB? They probably have one dev alone working on it I bet.

They used to be the only thing that worked on my BlackBerry. Now the app as a whole is slightly better, but the notifications are awful.

Worked just fine on Android as far as I can tell. In truth though, Facebook notifications are hardly ever crucial, not to mention I turned them off on Android because I generally check facebook when I'm bored anyways.

In the Notification area, some rendering was fixed. A couple days ago, I changed the language on my Facebook account to Japanese and the Facebook App showed some HTML coding. After I installed the update, the notifications section displays Japanese minus the code. :D Unfortunately, the rest of the app is in English, but oh well, can't win 'em all.

FB notifications should be part of the phones FB integration. That would be so much better. And they should add a photos screen on the people hub so you can scroll through that contacts FB photos.