Official Facebook app update for Windows Phone, changelog is MIA

Last night, there was evidently no Facebook Beta update. We suppose the beta team is on vacation, taking a week off. Instead, we managed to pick up an update for the official app, bringing it to version for Windows Phone 7.x and 8, respectively.

That’s all well and good though if you were looking for some new features or something vastly different, you may have to keep waiting. Although we have received exactly one million, five hundred and one thousand tips, not one of those detailed any noticeable changes. Sure there’s the usual “it feels faster” but at this point, that has become nothing but a running joke.

Of course by this point, you may have noticed the Store tile counter reflecting the update, but if not, head to the Store here to pick up the latest version of the Facebook app. Have a theory as to what is different? Share it comments.

Want to live dangerously? Grab the Facebook Beta app here.

Thanks, to everyone in the world, for the tip

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Reader comments

Official Facebook app update for Windows Phone, changelog is MIA


Hopefully it fixed the message bug where you get like 5-9 toasts for every message received...

Hey m using the fb beta app.did anyone noticed the bug fixed while uploading photos in this version .. Plz tell!!!

Uh I hate to break it to you but the official is ahead of the beta this week. Next week the beta will probably leap ahead.

on WP7 the updated official Facebook FINAL is faster than the Beta at the moment... on my phone the Facebook FINAL starts in 5seconds, the BETA 8seconds... and the FINAL runs more smoother than BETA...

Most importantly, is the late notifications bug fixed? Can we receive real time updates now with Facebook messenging? If not,  forget it.

What's with the "sheesh"?? C'mon! We cannot even do proper facebook chat with the crappy built in message app. And we can't even like comments posted by others, nor can we know who like our posts.
Are you really a smart phone user I wonder.... Go try Android and see how advanced its platform is....

Yes, in the online pivot of messaging, a circle at the bottom lets u change status, including appear offline

I just hate when they are so lazy as not to include a change log.
And this has become a comon practice in the Windows 8 and 8.1 Store;
I guess I will stop updating apps without change logs as based on the developers the update changes nothing.

Yeah! Works for me too and that too very well...just as donebrasko said ...i hate the fact that there is no group chats and no image support....but it really works well though from some time...

I'm with you. WP was about the integrated experiences. I wonder if all of the trouble with carriers blocking updates is the reason that Microsoft decided to start building apps, instead of integrating the features into the OS. It must be that carriers can't block app updates, but they can block OS updates.

They started building apps because that's what "everyone wants" that is coming to WP from another platform. People want apps, apps and more apps. There are people that refuse to use the integration as well and will only use official apps.

I refuse to use any integrated social media functionality, especially FB, because I don't want FB to have access to the contact information on my phone.

I personally like the beta better myself, but as with all beta releases, they're not for everyone. If you prefer solid releases of apps that aren't buggy, stick with your guns and use the official release.

+1520!!! It will be yet another most beautiful+functional Facebook app out there. Wikipedia and 6tag I use are fantastic; better than officials on iOS.

Here is what I noticed (but maybe the changes refer to a prior update):

  • Settings > Notifications: no "new messages" option anymore
  • Settings > About (in German it says "Info"): you can check for updates there and enable/disable auto-update check

Does the Facebook app suffer from the 5+ toast notifications and showing 50+ icon notifications on the tile like the beta? Sheesh that's annoying...

I still use the built in option and occasionally simply Facebook mobile. Don't need an app for that :)

..Hey on my nokia lumia 520 on tiles it constantly shows same notification which i've already seen....like XYZ tagged you in photo...even though i open it & see the photo the update on tile remains there for long time...any specific setting i dont know of?

this fb app is a complete joke, its so damn slow and its taking them YEARS to add minor features WHAT THE F***???
I have really had enough of this crap now get your damn arse moving

yet another usless update.
i don't see any improvements.
seriuysly why won't facebook develop one by themselves?
this is going to long. i don't see how people will think to abandon iOS or android
if this is the treatment we get from MS itself.

No it doesn't. I receive messages on my iPad 5 minutes before it shows up on my Lumia. Sometimes it doesn't appear until half an hour later. Plus the no images factor really lets WP down. Its bad. I have to use my SG3 for heavy messaging with my gf. GDR3 didn't resolve this issue sadly...

I was experiencing a bug before the update - the app wouldn't show new messages or notifications unless I went into each inbox. That is fixed now and I see unread messages and new notification on the top bar.

I really would like to see mass adoption of this platform but things like this are the bottom line as to why it hasn't been so widely adopted. If multiple other platforms can get timely notifications on their app I cannot understand why MS can't seem to get them working on an app They built. The Windows 8.1 FB app works flawless with notifications, so the premise that their systems don't "talk to each other" is moot now. Get it right or you will see adoption then abandonment, one case after another for lack of Basic functionality that is easily found on Free phones on any other platform.

Facebook built the Windows 8.1 app themselves. That's what a little "1st Party" love, will do, for you. MS shouldn't have to be building this app. Facebook should be mindful of their millions, of users, on WP, themselves.

Can someone please answer why it's not possible to see files and docs in my Facebook Groups?