Official Facebook beta gets updated with bug fixes and performance improvements

Facebook Beta

The Facebook beta for Windows Phone is an opportunity for avid fans of the social network to try out latest features in builds not yet available to the general public. We've gone through the festive period without an update with 5.0.2 released mid-December, but today a new release has been published to the store. Say hello to version

What's included in this latest version? It appears to be faster. No, seriously, the development team has implemented both 'bug fixes and performance improvements', according to a tweet by Joe Belfiore. Should you be experiencing stuttering and slow loading times within the app, this update should help address said issues.

Need to grab the Facebook beta from the Windows Phone Store? Use this store link or the QR code below.

Thanks, Markus M., for the tip

QR: Facebook Beta


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Official Facebook beta gets updated with bug fixes and performance improvements


This is so damn stupid and I feel f*****n ashamed of using a phone with a facebook beta app, its like facebook would have been released a month ago to the world. There is no beta for Android or iOS so get rid of this crap and release a functional app already or dont and fix Explorer so I can use the m.facebook.com which also works fine on my Android.

Well yes and no, this is a beta program by facebook, as a normal user you can't find a 'facebook beta' app on play store. Wheras for WP everyone can and it's not by facebook, its by Microsoft and it doesn't contain any new features by Facebook, just catch-up improvements and bug fixes for an app that is miles behind the Android and iOS app.

No you can't find it on the Windows Phone Store... You need the link to download it! The app is actually a cooperation between Microsoft and Facebook.

How dumb can you be? Facebook beta is a beta - that means that it is the possibly unstable but more feature full version of facebook. EVERY REASONABLE PIECE OF SOFTWARE has this. You can download the beta, or even the nightly, for Android mods, Firefox, I believe Chrome, among other well known things. There IS an official, finished facebook app, if you're smart enough to search for Facebook on the App Store at least. The beta is only for those who want to use the more up to date features if they're available. It isn't even very easy to find, probably to keep people from thinking silly things like facebook is only in beta.

You are talking non-sense. Are you even aware that there is a non-Beta version of exactly the same app? They update the Beta first to gain feedbacks from the users. AND THEN, they will update the actuall Facebook app.

Idk if this was available earlier, but now it goes portrait/landscape in chats or commenting something.

I get about 2-3% more battery drain an hour with the beta app (with the live tile and notifications on) than the official app. Had to get rid of it - I want max battery out of my 1520!

Some day I will be able to tell my grand children that Facebook for Windows Phone is now finally fast!

So every one in a while, I go into the Facebook BETA app and it makes me re-log in.  It has been a while since it has done this and I am wondering if it does this when there is an update available.

Has anyone else notice this? 


Haha; i just noticed this too and was going to post about it.  Looks much better; the "muted" pic tile always looked a little funny

Really?  I always felt that it made the tile look less impressive than the others.

Either way, the FB app has gotten much better than it was in the past.  It is faster, more options of pinnable items, etc.

I loved the original look of FB because it was unique but now it is easier for people to move to WP without having to re-learn a FB app

I would think that it would update it in that amount of time but for all we know it only updates once a day or something to reduce data?

Also, it might be worth unpinning and then re-pin it.  You shouldn't have to do that but it might fix it.

guys my facebook app doesn't show all my friends posts , it shows pages and groups only , is there anyone have this problem ? and how to pix it


It has always been the issue with this app, that is why I stopped using it, Facebook treats this app as a 'Third Party app' so it will never show the same info as the webpage or the iOS and Android 'Official Apps'

In 2012? It's been non-beta since 2 years now. There will always be a beta to test out features and then roll out to WP7.x and WP8.

It will be in Beta until Facebook decides to take support the app by themself,  as a third party app which is it current state, it will never be as feature rich as the officialy supported Facebook app for iOS and Android.

private Facebook messages now show embedded links with txt preview and images - So happy about that....i'd get my friends message txt, but never had any idea what they were talking about because the hyperlink, preview txt, and image were missing :)


5.0? I've been using for the longest time just waiting for to push

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Why the news feed always show news on liked pages and not the activites of friends as with internet explorer ....nobody ever felt that??...plz help....app definitely seems faster....

It has always been the issue with this app, that is why I stopped using it, Facebook treats this app as a 'Third Party app' so it will never show the same info as the webpage or the iOS and Android 'Official Apps'

  1. Brighter cover pic is displayed on live tile now.
  2. Fast load of image picker now for attachments etc.
  3. Transitions seem to be faster


Beta has newer "things" but has a chance of being slightly unstable (never has been in the past though) :)

Holy shit, they messed up with the previously beautiful live tile. I loved the cover photo previously but this is so usual. I got saddened. :/

Now watsapp for Windows phone requires a serious update. Damn serious. It crashes while opening pics,while sending videos,while viewing recent msgs. Its has been really slow. Why arent the bugs fixed till now.,I dont why we still face those bugs regularly.

God, I though I was alone here. I was starting to think my 925 was collapsing. But yeah, it has been an undeniably frustrating experience, as of now.

Most of them face watsapp problems. Its really getting on nerves now. Are they seriously updating it or not. They are now giving an audio file transfer in their upcoming update but they should seriously work more on those bugs

Now more ppl are getting attracted to WP and mostly everyone use watsapp. Corporate world are choosing WP8 as a businesss phone. Such applications not properly looked upon seriously impacts wps image and then ppl regret that they bought a wp.

Waiting for the INSTANT message, when you leave a message using this App takes a few seconds to reach the other person, on the iOS and Android apps this is immediately.

on my two android phone it take about 10 to deliver messages
but not my WP i got the noftication on time :) 
even my mom's phone (htc one x) when i send her messages she get the messages after 5-10m

Downloading mine now. Got very excited from all the comments. Lol

Update: It is faster, indeed; not so overly impressed by it. Though it may be my wifi connection. I'll try it on LTE later.

When are the new features coming like enabling colored emoticons and adding stickers on Messaging, what's taking them so long...?!

It is definitely faster. I uninstalled the general release version and will use Beta from now on.

ooo..develpr's u removed d bugs it was okay.. but y u put BOOSTER's its just freaking fast.. faster dan UC's speed mode.. grand salute to u guys...



Guys, is there some way to report Microsoft that the WP7 version is available in the store for WP8 devices in Czech rep. (and Norway I think..)? All i can see is the version. It's like that for months now. I really don't like to switch region to US, restart, update, switch back and restart again every time I want to update..

I tried sending them an email, but no response so far.. kinda annoying running 3.2.1, when i had 5.2 not that long ago!

Yaaaay my tip was published ^^
Actually its really alot faster - but i had to reinstalled it, to clean messed up data i guess.. After reinstalling it runs quite well, but its still far away from iOS and Android apps of Facebook.. At least we see some progress now :)

Still.haven't fixed whatever bug that prevents me and indeed anyone I know who also has a WP device from looking at my profile but I have no problems when looking on my old iPhone or for friends with phones other than WP. Sick of reporting it and no amount of reinstalling of either the general release or this beta sorts it

It has always been the issue with this app, that is why I stopped using it, Facebook treats this app as a 'Third Party app' so it will never show the same info as the webpage or the iOS and Android 'Official Apps'

Stil missing:

- Interest lists are not showing

- Instagram posts are not showing

- Not all post from friends are showing: only direct posts (status - pictures, etc.) from friends are visible - likes & comments from friends non-related to my own posts, are not showing in the newsfeed (also not in the close friends section).

These are crucial FB items!

It still crashes whenever I want to attach a picture to my status when picking a different album other than Camera Roll.

even the official app crashes doing the same thing.

Some people have already listed obvious bugs but here is one I have already sent as feedback.

Facebook group posts with polls attached do not show up at all. Not in the group or when you click a notification for one.

Yes! I like the old look of FB that's why I have this little happiness whenever I'm doing a hard reset on my phone, it gives me back the old FB... until I update it.

This one's like a literally flattened version of Android.

There seems to some significant performance optimizations here. App feels much more responsive. Definitely *faster*

Yeah, it's a bit faster now. However, when I first installed it, it says, "sorry, error!" Had it uninstalled and reinstalled, only to see it's crashing. Again, had it uninstalled-reinstalled. On the third try, I finally got it! I don't know if it's due to bad connection or whatever, but I hope it doesn't crashes this time and the bugs are finally fixed.

If this small bug fixes and speed improvments are all that MS can do in a month, then they should be ashamed.. they have been working on fb app since WP lunch, which is now more than 3 years away and they still havent manage to develop a decent FB app... I mean, FB has more than a billion users now, my primary message client is FB chat, the sms hub integrated thing is as bad as it get, and the thing in FB app managed to be even worse, which I tought would be impossible but it looks like MS don't care much for the "as crappy as it get" expiriance on the second most downloaded app in the market. I decided to give WP another try after Omnia 7 and Lumia 800, but right even craproid looks better to me.. Hope facebook takes over the app when WP 8.1 is released or MS put their shit together and make an app this platform deserves. Don't get me wrong, it's only one app but most of my friends use fb as primary source of communication, which means for me a bad FB experiance equals the same if phone part or sms wouldn't work as they should, and I believe I'm not the only one here....

it has no file share (ok.. at least sending pictures would be nice), cant see previous conversations (ex: I text on pc, take my phone and go somewhere and I cant see what someone wrote me in the mean time if I was offline (will talk later about always online), don't recieve the messages if I loose connection for a while, and while those problems can be fixed by quickly opening the fb chat in the fb app the biggest problem is if I'm set to online (which I'm used to from iOS and android) I recieve the messages all the time, even if I replied on PC in the mean time... can you imagine 4 active conversations, the only thing I hear is the notification sound on the phone. And there you go, I either go nuts by having fb chat always on on the phone, or miss some messages in the meantime when fb connects back, and I refuse to go offline and online all the time, it's pain in the ass to do so, plus other platforms function normally, why can't windows phone? and above all of that, notifications rarely comes on time.. they don't have big delays but even 5 seconds are bad for a normal chat and sometimes it takes up to a minute.. It's probably ok for someone who connect once a day to check who is online, but right now it's useless for me and other platforms offer waaaay better experiance.

and the FB app is not much better either, maybe if it could fetch new messages in real time it would be accaptable but now it refreshes every 30 seconds.

It is especially embarrassing when Rudy Hyun can build 6tindr in only 10 days and these douche bags can't code a Facebook app in 3 years! SMH!

quite apart from the fact that the application is faster now if it shows the youtube direct post to facebook, at least mine did not do it before 

It IS faster! I'm finally able to upload photos to existing albums! Before it used to take forever to load the photo picker and therefore impossible to do so.

Fast enough compared to the lastest version. One thing i want them to add on this, an option to accept or not on timeline review.

No one. It is time to get rid of third party apps. WP8 will mature to the next big thing. It is time for talented Dev on WP8 to come up with their own creation. Facebook is doing just fine.

I agree! Rudy single handedly will run circles around the incompetent team behind this pathetic app.

This app blows!! Always taking one step forward and two steps back. Now when I search friends' timelines nothing from todays posts show up! When I open the browser everything from today shows but not in this app! Who are the douche bags programming this app?

Chats are still not refreshed as promptly like the Android / iOS versions. Too much refreshing happening for every posting or loading of comments. Seriously, what MS is doing to the "official" Facebook app? Is it so difficult to port from Android or iOS, or rather Facebook is not giving support to MS like on other platforms?

at least its improving but all i need is a  fb app for my 920 with almost no lags, or taking forever to let me send a picture via messages...you know, something like ANDROID's or iOS's facebook app...yeeezus, im growing tired of this operating system, and i was really excited about it when i first got my 920

Messaging auto-refresh improved. Fixed crashing issue when trying to select pictures that are not in the camera roll.
But there's an error when viewing group chats at times. "unable to get data"

It's faster, but still lacks Sticker shop, maybe in 2018 MS will introduce Sticker shop to it's Facebook app