Official game for Hollywood's Million Dollar Arm launches on Windows Phone

Million Dollar Arm

99Games Online, the subsidary of Robosoft which produced the successful title Dhoom 3, is returning to release another title. Million Dollar Arm is based on the upcoming 2014 Disney biographical sports drama film of the same name and has just gone live for Windows Phone, Android and iOS.

If you're not familiar with the movie, Million Dollar Arm is based on the real-life story of a US sports agent (J.B. Bernstein) who travelled to India to scout for talent to pitch for a professional baseball team back in the US.

Much like the film, the aim of the game is to progress through levels as the player pitch, developing skill and battling through stages that become increasingly difficult the higher up the chain one traverses.

The game may sound simple and easy, but it's a title which is challenging to master with timed, competitive levels joining leaderboards to rank against friends and more. So, how good is your throwing arm?

QR: Million Dollar Arm


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Official game for Hollywood's Million Dollar Arm launches on Windows Phone


At least it launched at parity with ios and android. That's the more important takeaway as it shows WP being taken seriously as a platform.

Official Official Official...... It's Officially Official............. Officiallyā¯•
That has officially become one of my official favorite words officially on WPC...

I live just a few miles from Robosoft. Two of my friends work there for 99gamesonline. These guys had finished developing the app long time back. They scheduled the publishing on the store to release it today. Hats off.

Why are the players white? Isn't the movie about India?
The game seems alright. Didn't hold my interest too long though...