Official Mango 7720 release leaked on XDA

Yup, this story is still developing but it looks to be the case. A poster by the name of longshot442 has posted a 404MB file which contains the official RTM build of Mango aka build 7720.

Evidently, users are able to flash devices ranging from NoDo, 7661 or build 7712 up to 7720. You do not need to restore from your backup, but instead can update directly.

User cyberdel was one of the first to successfully flash once the file was uploaded:

"install on htc trophy is finished:

at first i see on the bootscreen there is no mark anymore like "Not for resale" an Version is.... tada.... 7.10.7720.68

i am very happy now, good night"

Others since have reported success as well, regardless of device, carrier or network i.e. this seems to be like the developer release, meaning device neutral. Instructions, translated from German, can be found here. You can download the files at your risk from here or here. Original thread at XDA begins here, which we strongly encourage you to read first! Alternative, simpler thread can be found here. Discuss in comments.

Remember, this is at your own risk! THIS MAY PREVENT FUTURE OS UPDATES FROM MICROSOFT. Make and save your backups. We do not endorse this method at all and take no responsibility. Having said that, enjoy. Thanks, William C., for the tip!

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Official Mango 7720 release leaked on XDA


Hey Daniel, I remember hearing something about the Samsung Focus performing faster than all other Windows Phone devices Pre-NoDo cause of the type of memory Samsung used for it's devices. Is that performance advantage evident with mango as well?

Dang, I would love to flash Mango on to my device, but I'm not very savvy when it comes to this sort of thing. I'm also afraid of bricking my phone...

Yea I'm just gonna wait it out too. I want my update to be device specific so it'll run optimally on my phone

Well that stinks that you have to go through 7712 to do it. I never could successfully flash my Quantum to the Mango Beta (got stuck in infinite boot at step 8 of 9) so I have no way of doing this.

Did you read the post? You DON'T have to go from 7712. You can go from NoDo or an assortment of builds...

I imagine it is to leave room for the "official" update when it comes out so that zune will do a final update with the carrier code on it. I don't think they would be flashing employees' phones if they couldn't get the official update later on.

*checks OS version*sees 7.0.7390Oh well. I know what my rev 1.3 Samsung Focus and I will *not* be doing this weekend.*resumes waiting patiently for official rollout

This smells fishy; MSFT said you would have to go back to NoDo in order to update to RTM Mango and now this supposed RTM Mango lets you upgrade from whatever build you have (including dev betas)

I doubt MSFT employees had to downgrade to upgrade on campus. Things change and there's no theoretical reason why this can't work.

im guessing thats a restriction if ur updating from zune? since that way they can at least cover their back from any update failures from out of cycle updates

What Microsoft said was that you would have to go back to NoDo to get the Retail Carrier OEM Mango release, restoring your warranty status.This leaked update package is a diff pack update, meaning it has many different CAB files that contain files that take a specific build # to 7720 (for example: Diff-7.10.7712.60-7.10.7720.68-armv7-Retail-Microsoft.DPI_262.pks.cab).This method is doing the update essentially the same way devs were able to go from 7661 to 7712. This is NOT the official RETAIL OEM release - just the OS. So if you DO use this leaked update, you WILL have to go back to NoDo to update your phone with the official carrier release.

Someone posted this below and is my exact thoughts:Word is that Microsoft is putting this version on Employee phones, so MS would not be putting this on there unless they could upgrade to the OEM/Carrier versions when they are released, would they ?

First off, we don't have any firm details as to what MSFT is putting on employee phones. And even if this is the build they are flashing, the likelyhood is that anyone at MSFT having it done is being told in advance that this is still considered a "developer" build, in the sense that it is not the official carrier delivery (thus the 7720.68 version number whereas the recent Mazza screenshots show 7720.500).In any event, we don't know any of the details as to what MSFT is doing so I wouldn't count on there being an upgrade from this leaked build to the final carrier release.

What everyone needs to understand about this leak is that it is NOT the Retail Carrier OEM release.This is the OS only - just like both of the Mago Beta dev releases were (7661 and 7712).Updating from NoDo Retail to 7661 Beta to 7712 Beta did not require a downgrade. However, if you expect to receive the official carrier OEM release, you will have to downgrade back to NoDo.

I was hoping M$ implement more swipe gestures, such as double-finger swipe from top of the screen downwards to lock the screen rather than to just have a dedicated lock button...please, oh please..

This works great, a little faster here and there, better help system and No more "not for resale" on boot up.You can upgrade from NoDo or 7720, It's just plugging in your phone and running a script.I suggest using one of the options to make a backup of your phone before the upgrade, just incase you want go to back to NoDO when your OEM releases theirs.Word is that Microsoft is putting this version on Employee phones, so MS would not be putting this on there unless they could upgrade to the OEM/Carrier versions when they are released, would they ? Assuming that the Carrier versions will be 7720.XXXXX they will be higher than 68 and acutally be a upgrade, no ?

Think I'm going to wait it out and wait for the official release. TMobile was pretty fast in the approval process for NoDo.

just a side note: stop writing out links with "here" because its utter bullocks and the total opposite of user friendliness. Name or describe the source and make that the hyperlink.

Why are u all having a fuse about this? Just u should know this is NOT the OFFICIAL MANGO. Why???? Here is why>>> When I installed this so call 7720 MANGO, the next thing I did was to do the "Speed Reading Test" to check the FPS and to my surprise on my HTC HD7 it shows FPS: 28. Now tell me so I can then say that it is my HTC HD7 that is at FAULT >>> Are we not suppose to be getting FPS: 50 for MANGO????Sure the "NOT FOR SALE" is not there, so what!!! Bootloader image can be editted.Sure it is showing "7720" oh please dont tell me you dont know that can be editted as well!!! If you dont then go do your research on the "DFT Meaning Dark Forces Team" they sure have loads of build number, here are list of the ones I know of 7713 and 7714.I am not saying anything negative here, my point and question is that if it is the OFFICIAL MANGO why is the FPS not even at least close to FPS: 50???PEACE!!!EDIT::: Another thing, is the OFFICIAL MANGO not suppose to be 7.10.7720.500 and not 68???

"I am not saying anything negative here, my point and question is that if it is the OFFICIAL MANGO why is the FPS not even at least close to FPS: 50???"Because your HD7 doesn't have an Adreno 205 GPU?

Remember when NoDo was leaked. It was a few versions behind public build but people got to update. So in response to your edit people will be able to upgrade to 68. also in microsoft video it gets 25 fps which is what my mozart averages at on this mango http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bSh0FrqhKfw if you dont want it nobody is forcing you :)

did you make sure you were running the tests on the mobile version of the site and not the desktop version? a lot of people have been making that mistake..give it a try

Upgraded without any issues, HTC HD7 T-mobile USA, 7720 as of right now is better than anything prior IMHO

Did you get the custom ring-tones feature on your HD7? I didn't on mine and was wondering if that was a TMo thing or if I just have a bug on my phone?*Oops, I didn't know you had to add the Ringtone Genre to Zune. I thought it was a standard genre that came with the 4.8 install. Kind of a "Duh" moment for me :-/

It is a feature for ALL phones and ALL carriers - but you need to install Zune Software 4.8 to add ringtones to your phone.

I have Zune 4.8.2134.0 and there is no ring-tone genres under Collection/Music and no Custom setting in ringtones on my HD7 7.10.7720.68 that is why I was wondering if TMo was blocking it.

All I have to say is, if you think Mango RTM was fast, and it is, this version 7710 really improves on it. This phone pops. I have more looking around to do but WOW!!

Bejewelled loads twice (!) faster as it did on NoDo for me - and somehow the bug with Bejewelled turning on every launch (despite my settings) got solved, even though the game wasn't updated. PvZ also starts noticeably faster.

I'm waiting. I have Sprint which only has the 1 phone so my hope is that it can't take them long to finalize the update for us. Besides, I don't want to risk voiding my warranty.

Im hoping they activate the visual voicemail feature! I miss that! Sprint is alright about updates. I hear Verizon's the ones who have problems

I updated my Arrive and I'm not noticing anything different from the 7712 beta build. No visual voicemail yet. I had forgotten about that until I saw your post. Definitely going to be something Sprint will have to put in their final build. Hopefully we get that soon!

Surprised to see links to these here, but downloading. Will install tomorrow. Thanks! :)

I dont really see a point in this at all, especially for developers... Why? Well first off 720 is hardly any different then 712 most missing features in 712 are due to carrier or manufacturer. For instance, the sensor API doesn't properly work because the drivers need to be supplied by the hardware companies. Also visual voicemail will not work unless the carrier implements it in which case tmobile is the only one who seems to have a system that requires no carrier input. I am sure there are other minor things too. Thus it's kinda pointless considering if your a dev you basically have it, and if not, I can kinda see why (I know I like the new stuff so I getcha ;) ) just thought I'd share mostly in the case of devs to help them :)

Seems like people are getting problem with all kinds of devices and there is no exact solution.Could be that the server that loads the update dont have the capacity for so many at the same time.For me with a LG Optimus 7 carrier free in the Scandinavian region of Sweden, the update is succeded after many kinds of tries. I did exactly as the guide told me and it didnt work, i tried with the beta 2 Zune, UpdateWP från beta 2 and didnt work either. Tried uninstalling and installing all kinds of Zunes, rebooted PC and tried on other setups of PC's with developer Zune version.Finally i had a solution. I resetted the phone to factory settings, uninstalled Zune and rebooted the PC. Resetted my Internet Connection and removed password and make the screen never go on sleep with the phone. Then i didnt install an email immiediatly from the start to the phone, just installed the right time and date for my region (you have to do that!). I downloaded the current Zune software (Non Mango Beta version) and tried to update my phone, it was already on NoDo. I never gotten any firmware update from LG that everyones been talking about, so i dont think you need it.Then i ran the UpdateWP from XDA, it didnt connect to the server so i installed Zune 4.8 from the RTM folder. Came from NoDo to 7712 Mango Beta. Then i deleted the UpdateWP from Zune folder in Program Files and reinstalled them from the RTM Folder. Disconnected the Phone, rebooted PC, connected the phone and closed Zune entierly, ran the updatetool ISVT7720 or what its called in admin mode, it took about 30 minutes for it to install. Dont panic when your phone screen freezes on goodbye for like 5 minutes, it was like that for me to, you need to be patient with these kinds of hacks. Now when i start the phone, "Not For Resale" doesnt show up.Bing service is updated, with Local Scout and the music tracker! Now with Bing Vision, you can not only scan Tags and QR codes, but books, dvds, barcodes and more! Sorry for bad English, just trying to help, gone up early to find a solution. I cant guarantee that this will work with all Optimus 7, because this one is Carrier free. Most be **** for you in UK and the US to always be forced buying phones with contract.

It worked!! The process was very smooth but it does take about an hour (the update from 7403 to 7712 take a while). I have an HD7 from Tmobile. Before updating I was running the official NoDo update from Tmobile. With Mango (7720) the phone seems much smoother and obviously has tons of new features. One reason I updated was because I disliked the fact that Tmobile forced Google search within IE mobile. It probably wasn't a big deal for most people but I personally use Bing and it was very annoying to have Google set as default in IE mobile. If anyone has any questions just ask.

I'm trying to install now, but for some reason it's stuck on "Downloading Updates: 0%" for about an hour now....

I'm having trouble running the ISVTo7720.bat file. I'm using an HD7 and have been running 7712 for a couple weeks now. Everytime I run it, it says, "UpdateWP has stopped working." I already installed the updater tool before doing this. Any ideas?

Try right clicking and running ISVo7720.bat as administrator and try reinstalling the updater tool from the 7720.rar package. Thats what I did on my HD7 and it worked fine.

That's exactly what I did. I installed the updater tool again and right-clicked the .bat file to run as admin. I had no issues whatsoever installing 7712. Not sure what to do at this point.Sidebar - Anybody having issues with the new messenger in the OS showing contacts online? They are showing up on my pc just fine on Live and I can chat and everything. Messenger says FB chat is enabled on the phone. The contacts just disappear and it says no one is online.

Same here. I uninstalled the updater tool that I had and reinstalled with the new one from the rar package like bka591959 said and it went right thru without a problem. I've had 7720 for 24 hours now without any problems. Samsung Focus.

Yes, I finally did it. Just had to uninstall old updater tool as u instructed. Old tool must have been causing a problem somehow but now I'm RTM'd baby. :-)

which version of focus and from which WP7 rev? I've got 3 1.3's stuck on 7390 that I would LOVE to update to 7720. Any ideas?

Worked on Omnia 7. Had to delete all media (music,video,photos) though before it worked... Was always stuck on reboot phase.

Just updated my HD7, it's amazing! It's snappier (not that I ever believed it wasn't perfect already). Facebook/Twitter integration is practically flawless and IE works much faster.

I caved and did it. It's fantastic. No issues and took about an hour and a half. So far I can't believe how good it is. Fast and Smooth. Visual Voicemail and Facebook chat work great. Just wish the visual voicemail had the choice of headseat speaker or the rear one. It only plays out of the rear one like GoVoice.T-mobile HD7

Did this on my O2 HD7 (UK) as fed up of yahoo search in IE. So far so GREAT... Will update if I find issues. Couple of things to note so far are the podcast in marketplace isn't there for UK nor is barcode and book scanner but then latest I heard is that these would be missing for the UK anyway.

I am fully aware the warranty status... I have none while I am running 7720.Well... I took the plunge, as the instructions were quite simple, and you can go back to 7392 through zune restore function.I will say that the upgrade from 7712 to 7720 was painfull... I had to try a few times cause my phone took to long to restart after pushing the update to my phone. And oh yeah this is definitely not a 5 min thing, it'll take several hours to download and install each piece. (7392 --> 7403 --> 7712: --> 7720[this is a separate install]) And the first step grabs a fresh update that you save for future use.I have also noticed I have no local scout (could be a location thing, I'm in Canada.)My Samsung Focus appears supper fast!BEWARE THAT THIS DOES "TEMPORARILY" VOID YOUR MANUFACTURER WARRANTY.