The official NY Times app version 2.0 for Windows Phone is now available

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We posted yesterday about the new New York Times app for Windows Phone coming out. Today is that day as the app has been released to the Marketplace.

Featuring a re-design with some new features the app is considered to be a re-launch for the Times. While you benefit most if you have a subscription, the latest headlines and videos are still free.

  • Live Tile Integration - users can pin any of the sections and blogs as Live Tiles to quickly see the latest headlines at a glance
  • Pivot Navigation – users can see articles, videos and blogs in each section
  • Cloud Integration – users may save articles to the cloud for access from multiple devices
  • Updated and refreshed design
  • Improved performance and fast application switching

You can pick up version 2.0 of the Times here in the Marketplace.

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Reader comments

The official NY Times app version 2.0 for Windows Phone is now available


The new update is still disappointed,unresponsive UI,many pay-wall articles. I have a bookmark to mobile.nytimes.com which is better to access my favorite sessions on NYTimes.

Off subject, concerning the Monday press event....
Maybe MS is finally going to reveal a decent marketing firm that can bring WP into the mindset of current Apple, Google, and feature phone users!!!! Marketing is WP'S biggest "weakest link" not apps, features, or hardware. For the average consumer a NL900 is more smartphone than they will ever need,,, they just dont know about it yet

Much better. It's nice to no longer wait for an article to reload when multitasking, and I like the pinnable section tiles.