Lose yourself in a world of magazines with Pocketmags for Windows and Windows Phone


Pocketmags has just released a public beta app for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.1, providing a new digital newsstand for the Windows community. With the app downloaded and installed, you're able to purchase single issues and take out subscriptions on a variety of both free and commercial magazines. There are more than 1,000 magazines included in the app, making it appear as a one stop shop for everyone who loves a good read.

Here are just a handful titles included by Pocketmags: Marie Claire, Stuff, Top Gear, BBC Good Food, Outdoor Photography, Attitude, Gay Times, DIVA, Hello!, Four Four Two, Front, Loaded, Airliner World, Slimming World, NME, Woman & Home, and Tamiya Model Magazine. Whether you're on a long haul flight or have a few minutes to spare in a queue, whipping out the Windows Phone or Windows tablet for a seamless reading experience is a cool feature to have at hand.


The development team has done a solid job with the app, which features Live Tiles (all sizes supported!), push notifications, sharing functionality, multi-platform sync (just in case) and gifting activation. Pocketmags is a solid service and we're happy to see an official app be released on the platform. It's a universal app so be sure to catch them both with the links below.

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Reader comments

Lose yourself in a world of magazines with Pocketmags for Windows and Windows Phone


When will the inbuilt dictionary be available for Windows phone? Also, how can I suggest features I want to see in the future updates?

Amazing. About time we had a 'proper' app for these sort of things that also performs well! Unless there are some alternatives I have overlooked?

The problem i see with the apps is they are not being optimized to support Full HD screen resolution like 1520 and icon.

A strange or not so strange thing happened after downloading this app, baring in mind I have nook installed on my Lenovo ThinkPad running W8.1, mainly because Amazon don't have magazine subscriptions, anyway, after opening up the app I was amazed to see my magazine subscription in my library !!! Is this app owned by nook ? Please advise......

Be nice if WPCentral did a comparison between Zinio and PocketMags. Be able see which has more complete features. Or at least highlight the similarities/differences so the readership can be more informed on them.
Admittedly I could do this myself but, I like to do as little research as possible if there's someone who can do it for me.

I believe a big difference would be publishers. I haven't found my fav UK mag anywhere except in Pocket Mag. The quality of the papers are not to good thou. :/

The free magazine I got to entice me to register was "Stuff" from November 2013. :/ That doesn't give me a good first impression at all. :/

I am actually going that NextIssue will come out with a WP8.1 app. They have had a Windows 8 app for a long time. Can't they use almost the same code now?