Official Seattle Pi app for Windows Phone is delivered to the Marketplace

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The official Seattle Pi app does a nice job of bringing the latest news from Washington State

For those who follow Microsoft or live in Seattle, you’ll want to check out the official Seattle Pi news (SeattlePi.com) app just recently released.

Seattle PI is a fairly large online paper for those living in Washington State and we know a lot of Microsofties who frequent this site would be interested in the official app. We know about the site because they tend to have fairly decent articles written about the state’s most well-known employer, Microsoft.

The app is laid out nicely with a very customizable interface. You can choose how many stories appear on the front page (default is two but we much prefer four or higher), which sections are listed and their order and you can pin separate sections of the paper to your Start screen as a Live Tile for quick access.

There are some parsing errors with titles (we think it’s because of that darn ampersand) but the photos, smooth scrolling, sharing options and ability to save articles make it worth it. Plus it’s free with no ads which is always a nice bonus.

We’re using it just for the MS articles but if you live in Washington, you’ll probably want to give it a go. Pick up SeattlePi.com here in the Windows Phone Marketplace.

QR: Seattle PI


Reader comments

Official Seattle Pi app for Windows Phone is delivered to the Marketplace


While I'm satisfied with my windows phone, we need more of the quality games to come to the marketplace instead of more news apps......we have plenty of them

Depends on your priority and interests. I'm sure a lot of our readers don't care about games and are glad to see official apps for major online news publications come to Windows Phone.

There aren't one or two things Windows Phone needs more of, it's a bit of everything, really.

I agree, Daniel. I live in Seattle, so this is a welcomed news option for me. I could care less about games, but there are plenty of other apps we need (a Redbox app that works and a Comcast app are two that come to mind that I continue to miss from my iPhone).

blah! what's up with that tile.. com'on, for a site that reports so much on MSFT, and therefore Metro as of late, theu should be able to come-up with a better app tile. it has rounded corners (edges filled-in w/ accent colour), looks like shit.

Good app! An expanding official apps catelogue is an absolute must for WP, these apps are the first things most users look for in their new handsets. 

As for quality games, I think we'll need to hold off graphic intensive or popular iOS/Android games until Windows Phone 8. Seems most game developers will prefer WP8, and that's a logical choice. However, 'staple games' such as the Angry Birds-series and the like will come soon on WP7, these are just basic goods on the market most people expect of their handsets. 

Although a little saddened by WP7's adoption, I am very excited for WP8 - i.e. competitive hardware with matured UI, robust software, 100 000+ apps, built-in Nokia Drive/Maps, etc. 

I'm not so interested in the app as I am with the publisher. "Hearst Newspapers". Hearst Television aires alot of news channels, and each have their own app (I know at least my local one has one, KCRA 3.) Is this a sign that they may port their TV apps to Windows Phone?

No new in windows phone ri8 nw i just hate ri8 nw windows phonw....no new lock pattern no new apps,, no new updats,, no new screen saverz no new unlock clock wat can i do m just bored wid windows phone and no games all good gamez r paid i hate windows ri8 nw :-(:-(:-(:-(:-( :'(:'(:'(:'(:'(