Official Twitter app for Windows Phone updated to 1.4, but what's new?


The official Twitter app has been updated to version 1.4, but we're not entirely sure what's changed or if anything has been added. From what we can gather, Live Tiles and notifications are still a no-no, there's no sight of the new Twitter logo, but we've received reports of backend adjustments as speed and reliability have been improved.

The versions have appeared to increase from 1.2.4331.15424 to 1.2.4525.19177, so your guess is as good as ours when it comes to what exactly if going on. Do let us know in the comments should you notice anything in the new version.

You can download the official Twitter app from the Marketplace for free.

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Official Twitter app for Windows Phone updated to 1.4, but what's new?


"the only thing" try to develop an app and than to change some thing to get i faster. Thats not so easy as people think. Maybe it just a little update a refresh before a bigger update... Who knows, but an update is an update, some app never get an update.

Why attack anyone's English at all he makes a valid point its pretty petty when you do that to people

@Hampus: i have no problem with my mistakes in the english language, i speak english very well, gramma is not my better side. but beside of that fact i'am from Bosnia and Hercegovina, and speak English, German, and Bosnian. how much different languages do you speak? and i forgot to write i "speak" java, html, and silverlight! and you? :)

It has been an annoyance since launch that changes aren't listed when an app gets an update.  So many times, I've updated an app without any idea of what has been changed or fixed.  Mostly, I have to scour the internet to find out, but it should just be there - in the MP update section.  IMO.

When I saw the headline that's what I assumed, too.  After updating I can see that the logo is exactly as it's always been.  You know what they say about assuming ;)

Microsoft should take over development of this app just as they did with the official Facebook app. The Facebook app improved 50x when that happened.

I am an avid Twitter user, but I find the People Hub serves most of my needs. I'd rather MS just add some more features to the hub. Things like auto complete of people you follow when you type "@" would be a welcome change. Also, adding support to follow/unfollow directly from the hub would be nice. You also can't access your lists, but I often use the "Recent" section of the People Hub to catch up on stuff I have missed throughout the day. If MS added those three things to the hub, I can't see any reason to have the official app.

I agree with everything you have written. Then I picked GLEEK! That app gives the best Twitter experience I've gotten in wp7. I highly recommend it for any twitter fan on the platform

Was it mango-fied before if not it is now. Its fast fast fast it loads and resume better then all the rest of the Twitter apps. Usually when I resume back to Carbon I get this bad lagging feeling when scrolling for about thirty sec.

I have carbon and it's fast it's your phone that's slow. Empty your stupid cache on is and search

Agreed. Mehdoh is so much better than any other twitter apps I've tried (just about all of them). It should be bought by MS & incorporated into the people hub.

I agree! I went back to Mehdoh and its new update, after bouncing from Carbon to Gleek. They are all good but Mehdoh is tops right now, in my book anyway.

With no notification or live tile? Sorry no use in using it. I will still stick to carbon app at least it has notification and live tile

I noticed, for me anyway, that my people search now works. It used to return an overload error or something when I tried searching for people, but now that function works.

I think Twitter Inc. has no plans for this app. No more love than they have for the iOS and Android versions. Feel bad about this. I think this is the worst app ever.

I'm finding its a lot smoother and loads data much much faster. Also not getting rate exceeded message when searching for people. Its a decent twitter client now and I may start using it more than Carbon.

Whenever I performed a search and tried to see the result of people the application always displayed an error message saying I had reached the limit of the twitter API.
Now with this update the problem no longer occurs.

The twitter app for iOS is so much better... One of the reasons why I still have my iPhone. I really love my Titan II, but there is some apps that I prefer on my iPhone, so I kept them both.

My Titan II is gorgeous, but until Apollo... it's kind of lacking some important apps(a lot)... I hope that Apollo is going to help about that and motivate app makers to publish great apps like Instagram or to publish updates that are worth downloading....

Nothing new. it has the scrolling problem, the sane way as official facebook app had two updates ago. very bad scrolling I must say.

Anybody know about the NBA.TV APP? Because I searched it & it came up but says that it may not be available for my phone..