Watch out Instagram, Twitter app for Windows Phone gets Lens, Filter support in latest update

The official Twitter app for Windows Phone, which received a hearty update a few months ago, has just been bumped to version 2.1 and it’s quite significant too.

The big new feature is integrated Lens support with filters. That means you can snap a photo and quickly post it to your Twitter account (or accounts, as multiple ones are supported) and add some nifty filters like Vignette, Warm, Cool, 1963, 1972, Golden Hour, Antique, and the classic Black and White.

Twitter Lens Support WP8

Not only is the feature useful and unique to Windows Phone (no one else has Lens support, after all) but we can’t but think this is a shot at Instagram again. While some are still holding on to the notion that an official app is on the way (we disagree), between Instance on the Store and now this Twitter Lens/Filter double punch, we can’t but think this is Microsoft’s way of substitution (in fairness, iOS has had image filters in their Twitter app for quite some time too, so only Lens support is unique here).

The other less exciting (but still useful) feature is the ability to now watch Vine video clips within the app itself (though you can cannot create or upload Vine snippits quite yet).

Either way, the official Twitter app for Windows Phone is pretty amazing, especially for free, and with this well-executed Lens/Filter combination, we can’t help but be excited for this app’s continued development.

Pick up Twitter for Windows Phone, version 2.1, here in the Store. Thanks, A A A and Jonathan D., for the tips!

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Watch out Instagram, Twitter app for Windows Phone gets Lens, Filter support in latest update


Rumor has it that Instagram comes to WP via Nokia release of it's EOS phone.  A Nokia exclusive.  The countdown begins.  We shall see...

Also the new integrated tweet composition allows you to choose a picture within the tweet instead of taking you to your albums! And you can also view vines within the app.

I can´t understand: the Windows 8/RT app is made for a different team?? Because there are so less features on that version. And because in the Windows 8/RT with have support to more languages (including my native language Portuguese) than the WP version.

Who are you to tell me that i'm an idiot?
If u start to talk like this, go to PhoneArena, there are all the haters.

This constant Instagram envy isn't productive. This is a Twitter thread and Twitter doesn't make Instagram. If you really need InstaGrime get Instance or go write your complaint TO Instagram...better yet, Tweet it to them.

The OP started it. The title itself says "There you go Instagram, Twitter has started to update its app, that means something. Now build an APP for us" 

dont forget that third party twiiter apps were helping us with some quality twitter experience when twitter itself gave us some shitty one, so dont stop using the third party twitter apps and forget about the past...

True. I still have Mehdoh pinned to my start screen. Plus, 3rd party clients provide some useful features that the official app doesn't - biggest one for me is inline image display. Love being able to see images in my feed rather having to click individual tweets to see them.

Instance is still a pooch-screw for me.  Nothing to do with finding Friends works properly and it crashes all the time,  This Update will help with the lack of a rapid picture posting/viewing App!

Now we just need Lens integrated instant upload support for Instance. That would make instagram on other platforms look weak.

Have you noticed that when you click on someones profile picture it now enlarges it? something i was personally hoping for..

7.8 got an update too.  I can't find the filters within the app though.  So it's just for WP8.  

Now after playing with the app some more, nothing has changed in the WP7.8 version.  I need to upgrade my L900 soon.

The reasons I use Rowi instead of Twitter are: Twitter progressively got a lot slower the longer I used it, so I kept re-installing. Also because you couldn't enlarge profile pictures

pls start adding if these apps are for wp8 and wp7.x  dont wanna keep going to the marketplace to find out.

Why everyone care about instagram anyway? facebook bought it to kill it. Its dead, maybe some people use it but facebook , the owner of instagram doesn't add a single feature to it since aquisition. which platform is going to survive without update?

Should I be waiting for an update to roll out for 7.8 today or just forget about it and stick to Rowi?

Anyone else having an issue where finding your location to add to a tweet takes wayyyyy longer than it should? takes about two minutes, and then when it finds it it's not very accurate, unlike the maps app.

So just curious, how comparable feature-wise is the WP twitter client compared to iOS and Android? Are there any features missing now or are they pretty much on the same level?

This is great, but the camera roll functionality is broken. When you take a snapshot using the lens, it saves the original photo to your camera roll and not the filtered/edited one you tweeted. I tweeted them about it already and hope it gets fixed ASAP. Other than that, I'm even more in love with the Twitter app for WP8.

I hope this update also fixes the drafts. Drafts never worked for me! I pressed save and when I went to tweet it was gone.

I have a dream... That one day a platform will be judged not by it's lack of Instagram, but rather by the merits of it's beauty and simplicity! On that day, we will not hear "Oh, no Instagram... No thanks", but rather "Oh, your Android/iPhone runs Instagram? How cute! Let me snap a 41 MP picture of it with my Nokia EOS for my mobile phone museum portfolio.... Say cheese!" :-D

How people think instagram is purely for filters and twitter is a competitor is completely crazy to me. I'll never understand this, especially when its from reporters.