Official Uber app for Windows Phone pulled from Store

Uber for Windows Phone

If you’re the type of person who is constantly on the move, a jetsetter perhaps, you’ve probably used or heard of Uber sometime in the past few years. The service and its applications allow users to connect with private drivers in select cities around the world.

Simply select your location and when you want to be picked up and sleek vehicle will be there for you. Cars available range from Lincoln Town Cars to BMW 7 Series or a Mercedes-Benz S550 sedan. Bad news if you’re primarily a Windows Phone user and want to use the service since the app has been unpublished from the Store.

It beats taxis by a long shot if you’re traveling and like the convenience. When the company released an official app back in late March it was seen as a success. But things turned sour immediately for a lot of users the moment they started using the app – it was really nothing more than a webpage wrapped up in a mobile app.

Two star reviews

Users noticed and quickly shared their dissatisfaction in the Store ratings for the app. It’s average was 2 stars, nothing any official app should have. The app has since been pulled and if you head to the Store link for the app you'll see it's no longer published.

We’ve reached out to Uber for clarification for why exactly the app was pulled. In the meantime, try an third party alternate to satisfy your Uber needs, like Uber TowncarNinja edit: You can also use the mobile site m.uber.com

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Official Uber app for Windows Phone pulled from Store


I've only seen one of those cars with the moustaches here in Atlanta. Are they more popular in big cities? I knew Lyft was popular in San Francisco, is Uber more widespread?

Uber is still in select cities. SF is one of them. I don't think Uber cars have any mustaches, they're more discreet. 

Yeah, I had to look it up. The moustache cars are from a service called Lyft, and they apparently are under scrutiny because they skirt some taxi regulations or something. Bummer.

I'm in Georgia too, never seen them. I have seen plenty of blacked out Lincoln towncars though. I wanna feel presidential

Looking at their website, it looks like their area for pickup is limited to the Atlanta perimeter. If you live outside 285, you're out of luck. I live inside Atlanta, and I love that they charge two rates depending on whether or not you're going faster or slower than 11 mph lol. Depending on where you are/go you can save quite a bit of money!


the one time I tried using it nothing went through.. promptly downloaded that uber text 3rd party app and got a car 10mins later..

It's possible. I am a Uber customer that wrote in my 1 star review that they should not even put an app in the store if is just a web app.

Maybe they will rework the app and relaunch it. This isn't the only app in the market that could stand a coat of wax.

I love Uber, it has launched in Melbounre & Sydney here in Australia and now I only use regular taxis now late at night or when there are no Uber cars in my area. Shame they've pulled the app, I'd rather have an app that can make bookings but isn't amazing rather than none at all.

this sort of "Now you see it. Now you don't" stuff is really hurting the platform. Foursquare did the same thing, then came back months later. RunKeeper pulled out entirely. Lackluster investment from some real strong mobile influencers can certainly make platform adoption a struggle.. I wish these on/off debacles were more transparent.

...and I am sorry to say that I am one of those for whom this was the straw that broke the camels back.  I have been seriously frustrated by the lack of Podcast support outside the US. The syncing with Win8 was terrible.....now apps like Uber that I use regularly are dissapearing.  Just bought myself an iPad to replace the Surface on the weekend.  Got a MacBook Air to replace the laptop and once iPhone 5S comes out it will be goodbye to my Lumia 920.  I really didn't want to go to the Dark Side and I do wish the WP8 platform all the best (competition is good for all of us) ..... but I just can't live as a second class citizen any longer.  Sorry MSoft - it was fun while it lasted.

Wow, you've just made Apple pretty happy. Make sure to only buy your music, videos and anything else from iTunes.

you could replace your ipad and macbook air with the surface - why doing it the wrong way?
iphone 5s? well - you know nothing about that phone and already consider buying it.. and you might now that since the iphone 4 not much happend in that sector apart from siri that "cant be brought to iphone 4"
..you are hell of a good customer

If they pulled the App due to a bad user experience then this is a good thing.
I hope Viber and other unusable high profile Apps do the same, or at least Microsoft pulled them until they reach at least a usable level and user experience. Especially Viber has no place in the Store at its current stage, after months of delays and supposedly testing.