Official WP7 Foursquare app having login issues?

We got a tip from a reader claiming they and others are having trouble logging in to the official Foursquare client for Windows Phone. The problem reportedly started a few days ago and people on the Zune Marketplace have been giving some poor reviews citing the same issue.

For what it's worth, we just created an account with Foursquare (web) and are unable to login via the client, just like others are reporting. Anyone else having this problem if you logoff the app and log back in? We're reaching out to Foursquare for a comment and will keep you posted...

Comments via WP7Applist; Thanks, Victor Hugo Marques, for the tip


Reader comments

Official WP7 Foursquare app having login issues?


I just checked mine and I'm able to log in fine (fingers crossed!).I use foursquare more than any other app on my phone and I haven't had any issues at all.Still looking forward to foursquare 3.0, though!

I too cannot log in... However i think making note of Jeff Wilcoxs third party foursquare app would be nice, it features v2 and v3 features and he plans to put it through approval today.

I tried logging in the other day and got this error. Then saw the latest article on here about the 4Sq update, tried again, failed then took to the Internet for answers. Giving up for the time being I continue to scroll down and see this article, lol. Guess I'll just have to wait. I'm using a Samsung Focus.

I can't wait to start having these issues, March 20th for me, I'm first on the list for the HTC Arrive. ah, so long from now. I hope this week flies!

Having the same annoying issue. Reset / changes my password on foursquare.com and still not able to log in using the mobile client...what's up?

I just got my HTC Arrive yesterday and set up everything I need to successfully, EXCEPT Foursquare. getting the same error message as everyone else and frustrated. Would love to hear a fix.

It isn't just the Official Foursquare app for WP7 that is having log-in issues.I've been using Laicos, and it can not log in either. Also, Bubblegum, which is a photo app that posts to Foursquare can not log-in/hook up right now.It is SO FRUSTRATING!I have Tweeted them, contacted their online help desk, and tried to contact them thru the app. No response and still not able to log in on my Focus with ANY Foursquare app!

March 20 and I'm having issues with the official Foursquare app. Just downloaded it yesterday on a brand new Samsung Focus. Sending in a support ticket now. Can't believe they have the "Can't login to Foursquare app on BlackBerry" but not "Can't login to Foursquare app on Windows Phone" listed as a known issue if it's something they are aware of.

i have Lumia 620, aftr upgrading to the new foursquare version ( about a week ago ) its not connecting anymore!
the error i got is:
Sorry, could not connect to foursquare.