Oggl and Oggl Pro updated to support 12 more languages, comes back to the HTC 8X

Oggl Pro

Hipstamatic has been relentless in their support for Windows Phone. Their Oggl and Oggl Pro apps for Windows Phone launched earlier this summer alongside the Nokia Lumia 1020. When they initially came out, performance and features were lacking a bit. Constant updates have improved the apps to more than adequate. Let’s check out what’s new in the latest update for Oggl and Oggl Pro.

About ten days ago the last update for both Oggl and Oggl Pro came out. That update fixed some issues users had with connecting to Facebook. In addition, various other improvements that were more performance focused were included. The latest update doesn’t add new features, but does provide localization for a few new regions. Here are the languages that have been added in Oggl and Oggl Pro:

  • German
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Japanese
  • Dutch
  • Swedish
  • Russian
  • Korean
  • Indonesian
  • Malay

While not the craziest update, we’re happy to see more users get to enjoy Oggl and Oggl Pro in their language of choice. The other good news is for a specific set of users on a specific smartphone. Previously, Oggl was pulled for users who had the HTC 8X and Oggl just plain won’t work on the HTC 8XT. Well today it looks like Oggl is at least showing up again for users with the HTC 8X. It’s been hit and miss from users in the community, so if you download Oggl for your 8X let us know how it works. 

Want to enjoy Hipstamatic’s offering on Windows Phone? Both apps are free for Windows Phone 8 users, although you’ll need a Lumia 1020 to use Oggl Pro. Use the links below or QR codes to grab the version of Oggl that’s for you.

Oggl –Windows Phone Store

Oggl Pro – Windows Phone Store

Thanks for the tip Giordano P! and JD for the HTC 8X info!

QR: Oggl

QR: Oggl Pro


Reader comments

Oggl and Oggl Pro updated to support 12 more languages, comes back to the HTC 8X


I have been using this app more often. While it is not perfect I do enjoy it and I support any big company who supports windows phone without being half ass like some other developers and companies.

Still crashes (reboots) my HTC 8x on GDR2. I even uninstalled Oggl and then reinstalled it today (when the app reappeared), but nothing has changed. It sucks really, cause I honestly wanna love this app...

Works for me... At least to edit existing images. Not tested taking a picture with the app. (8X, GDR3)

I want to like this app, but $10/year?  I'm might be convinced for a one-time purchase of $10, but not over and over again.

Pity they still haven't fixed the editing tools on the App. But it will come, eventually.
However...I'm never going to pay for this. If it was a 1 time purchase for the entire App and filters, fine. But yearly high fees? The hell with them when that time comes. (Luckily those 60 days of trial seem to be in perpetuity for now)

Interesting that I can install Oggl and use it just fine...I can switch between all the options and even take a picture.  Once I do that though it appears all the options are grey'd out, and it sort of quits working..can't switch photos mode, etc.  If I then exit out, and go back in, all the options are there again...take a picture, it grey's everything back out.
Has anyone asked HTC what's going on with the 'missing' software?  @Daniel ?  I'm curious if they know about this?

funny they included Indonesian but the app isn't available for Indonesian region.. 
also it still doesn't work for 512MB phones.. which is the majority of WP phones here (Lumia 520-720)