#MobileFit Bonus Contest: Leave a comment and you could win a Fitbit Aria Smart Scale!

Fitbit Flex

MobileFitThere's a week left for the month of June. Which means you've got one week to get your final steps in for our #MobileFit Fitbit challenge. We're giving away a Fitbit Aria to the top three in the group, plus one random prize to a member in the group.

Walk, run and jog your way to victory. The top three participants will be getting the Fitbit Aria, while one goes away to a random member in the group. Right now we've got Johnny Cat, Whayne and Alan up top in the lead, but Hannes, Mainak and JSB are closing in and could sneak into the top three.

Some fun stats from the #MobileFit group:

  • We have 868 members (We'll re-open the group when the contest ends next week)
  • 175,239,393 steps have been taken by us all so far in June
  • 81,643.66 miles have been traveled by us all

Win a Fitbit Aria by leaving a comment down below!

Some crazy numbers right there, which is why we're about to do something crazy. Leave a comment in this post to win a Fitbit Aria. We'll be picking one random comment across our sites to that awesome wireless scale that connects to your Fitbit account. Why do you need a wireless scale that's smart? Just ask Kevin. Earlier today he told us about the benefits of having a smart scale.

Don't forget, leave a comment below to win that scale!

Kick butt over the next seven days!


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#MobileFit Bonus Contest: Leave a comment and you could win a Fitbit Aria Smart Scale!



I heard they were this first Gen smart phone from the early 2000s. Clearly, they didn't get far. But, most of the information out there is all rumors anyway.

The contest isnt restricted to wpcentral, and iPhone has an app that syncs directly with fitbit, so you get your progress without going to your computer, because it supports bluetooth 4.0.

Yeah...I guess deep down I hate looking at the iPhone because I have to see EVERYONE walking around with one. It's like hearing free bird on the radio.

Yeah almost everyone has it. But id rather they have a very nicely built phone with no problems, than an android. (unless its the HTC one lol)

It's a common, confusing and strange myth, backed by how for some stupid reason people seem to have less issues with a problem in an iphone than they have on say any Android or WP device. People are obviously more critical of the cheaper products. Then again who in their right mind would complain about a device they bought for quality that turns out to be less than expected after paying more than triple the money of some comparable devices on the market. I have owned iphones, Android devices and now have a wp8 device.

In terms of problems overall the iphone caused the biggest issues and the most unfixable ones at that! Those issues only became bigger and bigger after trying out different devices, as those kind of opened my eyes to even more issues that I previously just accepted as part of 'the experience'! Android was just a slow mess but it did its job most of the time and if not there was a fix while wp8 clearly is best of both worlds. Problems are extremely rare and those that pop up can be fixed, it's more secure (main reason I switched, just look at all the holes plugged for every minor iOS update! Remember all current jailbreaks are based on security hopes too...) and always performs incredible no matter what device you have and what you do with it. When taking price in consideration I can't really understand how I could have ever picked an iphone and ask myself the same thing about the 10-15% of the global market that buys one too.

Considering the design hasn't changed in the last 5 or more years the phone has lost its charm, while at least in Europe the price has steadily gone up. I now find the phones to start looking cheap and bland. Anyway that's just me ranting about the confusing smartphone market.

I am clearly aware of that myth. But I have to say that every persons experience with a device is different. While your iOS device might have given you a bunch of problems, my iPad has worked perfectly well. While I have had issues with my windows phone and windows 8 tablet. I do agree that windows phone is the best of both worlds, because it isn't as expensive as iOS while being way more secure than android, and arguably a better user experience.

Yeah, I can definitely say that "Power Users" would be better off not using iOS, but there are those granny types who aren't very tech savvy who benefit from having things just "work".

I have always wanted a fitbit device for me and my girlfriend... While I need it to gain weight she needs to lose it...

Unfortunately, it isn't about the device itself, or the software, for the majority of people. It's about image, the perception about what's popular or cool, and/or following THE heard.

And sometimes it's about what works for a users needed services and programs. Not to mention a person's work requirements or restrictions.

Exactly! My dad loves his iPad. He doesn't care that they don't even come close to windows 8 in terms of features, he just likes the simplicity of it.

That's what I thought too, at first... However after a while the questions start coming in; why can't I do this? Why can't I do that? Why does my TV say I can stream anything to it (and I can from my Win8 tablet) but for my ipad I need to buy some stupid extra device? Why did it delete all my pictures? Why can't I delete some random albums but I can delete others? Why can't I just connect and copy stuff over and work with it? Why do I need itunes for all that stuff? Why can't I open this video, or why not this file? Why... and so on and so on. And there were a fair few more questions where those came from. The mess just never ends. Sure, by now some of those issues are gone, but far from all unfortunately. Sure, Win8 devices have their issues and they're less simple (mostly less simple for those used to Win7 and before actually!) but they do offer an answer to basically any question I had so far in an understandable way for even granny. Well, if you bother to look at Win8 different than you would at Win7, obviously.

The photo is from the Connectedly website, not WPCentral, so they can use whichever brand for their media. 

Yee Haw! Ok, the 2nd comment.

Would love the Aria scale to go along with my Fitbit Flex and to work along upcoming app being developed by Fitbit for Windows Phone.

War Eagle!

I've already cleared out a space in my bathroom for the fitbit aria scale, now I just need one to put there. Have a good last week of #MobileFit everyone!

a week left for the month of June, and yet still no word on a official release of WP 8.1. Are carriers even testing yet? What's the hold up? Sorry for being off topic.

Here's hoping to getting a chance of winning.

On a side note. Would be awesome to see some cycling love. As someone who pedals in over 200 miles a week itd be awesome to see what others do.

The best advice I have for you towards the cycle tracker would be to use Runtastic. I know they have an exercise option for it. Perhaps Enduro as well but I've yet to actually use that one.

I would really want to win this because I can't live without working out. Fitbit would be my perfect mate.

Good job mobile nations! In trying to be more active and this contest has certainly helped. I am not very high up on the step count combusted to others but it has been fun and definitely is a motivator.

In the last year i have got into fitness but i have to work around some serious injuries i had nearly 20 years ago that left me in hospital for just over 3 years. In the last year and a half I have lost over 9 stone, I think I'm at 132lbs lost now. I'm still fat but I'm getting there and if you asked me two years ago if I would be interested in something like this i would have laughed in your face. 

Have had my flex for about 3 weeks. I started at 211 and last time I checked I'm down to 202. Was surprised at how much I burn working 12 hours of manual labor, even had a day that I walked 9.88 miles by the time I got home.

You guys rock...I am in the top 20 right now but there is no way I could get in the top 3...thanks for all you do and remember to ENJOY THE RIDE!

Mobile fit month has come in handy to kick start me loosing son weight for my upcoming wedding

I'm from Indonesia, and here, we got the perfect condition and the perfect weather to work out. Nice weather, mountains and beaches around our backyard makes the perfect condition to get fit. Fitbit will be the perfect companion to get fit here

Would definitely like to win this scale. I have the fitbit flex to help with my exercise. Its like a personal coach. Can't wait for an updated fitbit app for WP to track my routine.

Having a job in IT field and working for over 12 hours a day makes one fat and obese. Damn I need some motivation and cool gear to get fit.

Awesome. I've really been trying to get fit recently while there's nothing to play on the xbox one till September :)

Just bought the fitBit Flex today, crossing fingers I may get lucky and get that Aria to help me completely change up my current habits! Haven't actually owned a scale since 2002 lol

I use fit it one for steps sleep and floors climbed and use a withings wifi scale for my weight and BMI, Co2 levels and weather

I hate I missed getting to join the group first time around. Hopefully I can jump in when you reopen it. I really enjoy my FitBit, and winning the scale would just put it over the top!

That is one them idiot phones from that company Peach that did nothing to show customer's there value or loyalty, only to a couple of months down the line bring out another device for another couple of hundred £ but really only change the charging port shape or size. Now people are realising & making the switch to the Better Quality & Value of Windows Phones. I truly love my windows Mobiles they are class

Started using FitBit Flex this month (too late for the group :( ) and very pleased with the motivation. Definitely going to get the Fitbit Aria some day. Just waiting and hoping for the official app for WindowsPhone to come soon…

So happy Mobilefit month helped me up my fitbit goals which will continue even after the month is done.

Posted via Windows Phone Central App

I'd be cool with winning it. Been dropping weight since the beginning of the year, as of my last weigh in I've lost 41 pounds, but that would be added incentive to keep on going!

IF I POST IN CAPITALS IS IT EASIER TO PICK ME OUT FROM THE REST? 0r m4yb3 c0d3 t3xt w1ll d0 1t? h.o.w a.b.o.u.t f.u.l.l s.t.o.p s.t.y.l.e? Oh to hell with it maybe I can just double bluff: I don't even really, really want it anyway!!!