OneDrive for Windows Phone gets itself a little update

OneDrive to rule them all

There's a new update for OneDrive on Windows Phone, and they've dubbed this one to be version The last update (v 4.2) brought improvements to the downloading experience for the OneDrive app, but this one? We're not sure.

That said, X.X.1.0 is a relatively small version number bump, so if we had to wager we'd say it's likely a bundle of relatively minor bug fixes not warranting a proper changelog. Which is, of course, a non-factual statement: every app update, no matter how minor, deserves a proper change log, even if it's taking 10 seconds to type out "bug fixes."

So we're on version of OneDrive now, and we're not seeing anything radically different. Check it out and let us know if you see anything new.

Update: A lot of you are reporting that this update fixes the photo hub integration, which broke for some of you in the last update. Enjoy.

Thanks to everybody for the tips!

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OneDrive for Windows Phone gets itself a little update


Add it to uservoice if it really is that important to you!

Meanwhile you can use the app Files or Pocket File Manager. The last one is great since it has OneDrive and Dropbox integration. That app is just great, I recommend it. (I do not in any way work for them lol)

no fix for me I'm afraid.

I have 10 folders with photos and only 4 of them show up in my pictures hub. Better than nothing I guess, but still..

I've been using the OneDrive app quite a lot so I figured that since I know my way around it I could check to see if I noticed any difference. Appart from what you mentioned, it seems to me that the app has become more responsive, it appears to be faster.

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Good. I hope it fixes the folder display problem I was having. Folders were missing when I tried to pick a wallpaper.

Yay, they fixed it quickly! I tweeted their support about it a few days ago, I'll pretend that that tweet is what got them to fix it.. You're welcome, world :)

Onedrive needs to be able to upload pdf, pffice files , others, and not only pictures! Can anyone on wpc bring this up to the right people?

I'm confused, what do you mean by uploading other kinds of files? You mean automatically? How would that work?

If you meant manually then you just go the the OneDrive app and press add...

Otherwise I really don't understand what you are referring to.

Btw, check Pocket File Manager. It's like Files, OneDrive and Dropbox (and others) combined in one app. You can easily move a files between your phone, onedrive and dropbox (and others). You even get to set it up as a server so that you can access the files from your PC without the need of connecting it with a USB cable.

I mean that on the onedrive app , you can only add and sync pics, nothing else. I would like to be able to upload all sorts of things, office docs, pdf files and others.

What version of WP do you have? I just tried it and it works with any kind of files. Do you have WP 8.0? Maybe it didn't work then and the app has been updated for 8.1?

The keyword in my previous comment was "any".

Yes, any files. I've tried it and tested it and all that. The reason is probably that WP has now a file manager which it didn't before.

You can now create and delete folders (except important folders such as videos, you cannot delete them but you can create folders in them). And you can move files around. And if you have Pocket File Manager this gets even better (I remember that this app was able to do these things even before micdrosoft released the file manager for WP) you can connect the app to dropbox and Onedrive meaning that within the app you can move your files to the cloud and from the cloud. You can now download your music (for instance I have all my music on dropbox) and add them to your Music library on the phone.

Like I said, you can upload any types of files to onedrive. 8.1 has brought some really cool stuff, stuff that should have been from the start of WP, it's very basic. But it is finally here. It seems that Microsoft is finally doing it right with WP. Many updates bringing good stuff. We're going to get the ability to group tiles for instance which is something I've wanted for a long time. We can't play games with an xbox controller but we can with a moga controller now. And so on, many things are getting better on WP so I'm very hopeful because I don't like the other OSs so I hope WP gets better.

Tomorrow I will try to play some games on my L1520 with a moga controller and miracast, basically using my phone as a portable console. 

I really appreciate that many apps (official and 3rd parties) are getting frequent updates these days, but I totally agree with the article when it says that more attention should be put to produce a changelog which makes some sense. Especially, I noticed how many official MS apps are still using the description field to list version changes isntead of the proper version history section. I really hope that this can improve in the upcoming future as I think this gives a really higher impression of quality, both from Microsoft and independent developers.

Fixed the issue where OneDrive albums weren't sitting up in photos hub. In fact its improved it s had removed the need to navigate through the 'pictures' folder and goes straight to the actual photos folders

In the last version all of the pics in the camera roll folder (the auto upload location) had tripled - there appeared to be 3 of every pic. They were not actually triplicated as I verified from the web version and the Windows 8.1 app they were as they should be. Very annoying, but this update fixed it.

That was fast! It fixed my issue with the photos app not displaying all my photos stored online I reported on twitter yesterday :D

I have it and i'm on dev preview and i think it's only for 8.1 users because now onedrive use the new file picker api only available in 8.1

I know this is off topic, but where the hell is the update for Xbox Music? I thought, they're suppose to update it today?

Derek, Daniel, Mark, Sam and all other WP Central editors, next time when you write about some app, please do point it in the article title for which version of Windows Phone is, WP8 or WP8.1, cuz in this case this version of OneDrive app is for WP8.1, not for WP8.

The WP8 version of OneDrive in the store is still (last update: 8th July 2014)

Thank you :)

^ This. This right here. I know myself and others have requested this in the comments multiple times at this point, so please consider it?

Can't you read man?! They have wrote the change list at. The bottom of the description:
The ability to pick where to download files and other changes they have wrote go and read them

My update deleted my pictures folder. I had created a "pictures1" since the default pictures folder wasn't working and all my pics are in there, but I put one picture in the default so I could see if an update fixed things. The update deleted the pictures folder and put that picture in the main part of OneDrive. What's interesting is that that particular picture shows up in the photos app, but it's nowhere to be found in the OneDrive app.

Wouldn't it be cool if it got a cloud and local option like the Win 8 modern version, making the Files app obsolete. Or maybe Files could access OneDrive or even, gasp, network drives.

It's faster and responsive yes but yet i can download any thing using the one drive app, even before the update i couldn't download docs our images on my phone, and i can't even uninstall and reinstall to fix it !
Any ideas?
I can only save pictures if i open OneDrive from the photos hub.