OneMusic for Windows Phone gets updated with new light theme and more


OneMusic is a neat Windows Phone app from the developer of Cal, which aims to replace the default music player in Windows Phone. Today we're looking at a really nice update introducing a new white theme and other changes. If you're a big fan of the app, head past the break to see what's new in this latest release.

We've previously looked at the app, should you be unfamiliar with OneMusic. Version 2014.710.1252.2122 contains the following:

  • White theme
  • Set startup page
  • Go to album/artist from now playing screen
  • Small UI improvements
  • Added info screen when launching the app for the first time
  • Folders which contain album images will be added to the album's tracks
  • General bug fixes

Are you enjoying OneMusic? Let us know in the comments.

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Reader comments

OneMusic for Windows Phone gets updated with new light theme and more


This app is lot better than xbox music . Wish Vlc soon releases app for wp8.1 ..! It will be free plus damn awesome
dev. says he will soon publish the app .. But no fixed date yet :)

Yes!! XBMAPI is what all these music apps need... Are they already ready for developers to Implement?

I love that app, but what I truly hate is that my living images stopped working.... Oh well... It was good while it lasted.

With the Xbox Music API is possible to play my Xbox Music musics collection?? I can think in use another player if this is not possible... :S

I'm sure it will get updated with support. It was only announced a week and a half ago, so give devs time to actually test and implement it.

Yes, it is... Seeing as other apps already do this and Microsoft recently announced and released Xbox Music APIs for developers.

Does anyone else have really long resuming screens? Because it is making it pretty much unusable for me.

Nope, still resuming like a boss. I have 525, with a 1gb of ram, so i really don't know why. Didn't see anyone else complaining about it.

Mine resumes every time, one example is WhatsApp: If I'm using it and block the screen for 1 second and turn it on again, it get stuck for 3 seconds. Same thing happens if I go to another app and get back. My Xbox music do the same thing. Horrible experience. Would a soft or hard reset resolve my issue? Sorry for my bad English.

I deleted it, it would 'look for music' every single time I opened it (which takes alot of time because I have 20 Gigs of music on my phone). Waste of money imo, using MuzikPlayer now.

There was an extremely easy way to fix that. All you needed to do was, when it was done finding all of your music hold the back button then swipe the app away. When you went back it should have went back to normal.

I have to say that on high end devices, Xbox music works fine. I own a 930. No lag, no bugs. Still problems with metadata but that's alright.

520/630 say hi! Me and my sister we don't have any problem either
The only problem it sometimes doesn't read Arabic, not all the time tho


What's wrong with the music player on music +. I love it! Works great on my 1520. And they just updated it today with lyrics and something else. they update it alot too. Great support! :)

The only music in your collection on Music+ is songs that you have downloaded using the app and most of my music isn't from the app so I prefer OneMusic or Xbox Music to listen to my music and Music+ to download new songs

Are there any third party music apps that will allow the artist art to show on the lock screen like the original xbox music? I liked to be able to choose my own with mpatool

Excellent app, however unusable to me until the developer uses the xbox music api so that I can make use of the xbox music subscription I've paid for. So, in the meantime, I'm content to wait minutes on end to wait for xbox music to launch ;/

Its pathetic that WP is not capable of giving people a decent music experience of their device. Basic things like that is what makes developers and potential customers consider WP a second rate device.

So... Is this app better (for the money) cause it's obviously not free, is it better than the native music app? We all get a basic music player, plus equaliser don't we?

Why don't this Microsoft people reach out to this Application developers to get the idea and work on it. It's all about sustaining the Microsoft User experience which was amazing and the best in WP8. Now we have to sacrifice all in WP8.1 with black screen UI is for Photo gallery, Music, Videos and Podcast app.
Why shall a person need to pay hefty for such experience even though it can be available when the developers at Microsoft can build it! Think over it.
Microsoft developers, please work on this, and retain to sustain the user experience which was excellent then any other platform!

I am now seriously fed up of all the news updates for the 8.1 OS! I mean c'mon microsoft wake up! People are waiting for the so called 'official' release! We didnt buy your phones to void our mobile's warranty to be able to use the latest OS! Its been ages since you released it for developers! Seriously, learn from android!


Yes, because we all know how reliably devices running Android receive official, stable and optimized OS updates. Bwahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

The Apps is Perfect. Just need forward option to work from Lock Screen. That's It. Good Work Philippe.

is there a way to shuffle all my music without making a playlist containing all my music? If not, then thats the deal breaker for me, I use that feature everyday for work