OneNote for Windows 8 receives an update - Office 365 support and more

Today Microsoft’s OneNote team announced an update for their Windows Store application, adding two new features. The first addition to the app allows users to easily sign in with their Office 365 accounts to open up and edit notes from work. The second addition allows users to easily dismiss the touch screen keyboard while working.

To open one of your Office 365 notebooks in OneNote, start the application and select the “More Notebooks” option in the upper right corner. Next, select “Add a work or school account” at the bottom of the screen.

If you find yourself working in OneNote and want to dismiss the touch screen keyboard to view what you have written, you can now tap any of the empty space in the notebook to dismiss the keyboard. We find it odd that this feature was never included in the original release as it seems to be a no brainer – at least we have it now.

You can grab the latest update for OneNote by clicking here in the Windows Store.

Are you a OneNote user or do you still rely on a third party service like Evernote – why?

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OneNote for Windows 8 receives an update - Office 365 support and more


Can you disable the keyboard completely while using a stylus?  This is where I find the keyboard to be incredibly annoying.

Windows Phone Windows
They're intertwined in services and generally customer base. Improved OneNote on Windows 8 means an overall improved OneNote experience for WP users.

Same here, originally with OneNote 2010 on Win7 and OneNote on WP7.x, now with OneNote 2013 (Office 365) on Win8. And if the Lumia 925 does indeed become available for purchase on Wednesday, with OneNote on WP8.x

How about a grocery list? or any other type of list?  I use OneNote all of the time, and not just for taking notes of a meeting or event.  I store customer notes, school notes, recipes, shopping lists in OneNote.  It's not a document editor for sure.

Don't worry. I was the same as you for a long time.
The thing that tipped it for me was moving my emails (the ones I kept in my Inbox as "actions") and did "Send to OneNote"
It was liberating to have an empty Inbox. Now I can re-arrange the Actions (emails) in a nice hiearchy and priority order.
Then I added project schedules. Meeting notes (just reminders)
When I go to meetings I take actions straight into OneNote (no typing notes up after)
I copy bits of code into it.
Clothes I want to buy (or lists of a certain type of clothing I want to narrow down)
All of the palces I used to keep "bits" of information I now save in OneNote. And it sync to Skydrive.
(And I can view any note on my phone)
Walk passed a drawer insiert <voild> I had the dimensions already saved in OneNote.
Got a problem with my Broadband? <voila> all my Broadband Support number details and account numbers.
OneNote is awesome. Syncing, Linkining and Sharing are all awesome.
Good Luvk

I guess I don't have a complicated enough life for any of that. The calendar suffices for me wrt meetings. I rarely save any emails. Once I've read them, they either get deleted or else I'll delete after replying (if reply is necessary).
I also never call customer service for anything if I have other options. I'll use online chat for issues with those types of things, so a browser is all I need, not any phone numbers or notes.

I myself, never used it until maybe about 2 weeks ago to take some notes for some exams. I love the fact that i can take the notes on my laptop and whenevr i have free time during a day, i can whip out my phone and read the notes.
I will definitely start to use it more if i have things to "jot" down.

Where do you create a grocery list, or weekend to-do list, or list of gifts for Christmas, or list of items for the weekend party, etc. etc.

Using OneNote for all-purposes, not just for school or work, and its seamless integration makes me refuse to go away from OneNote to another app.