Opera Mobile 10 (Beta 3) adds Flash Lite 3.1

It has been quite a few weeks since Opera graced us with a new beta of Opera Mobile 10 and we've been wondering just what have they been up to in the mean time.

The answer is they've been busy adding Flash Lite support to the browser in addition to improving speed by 50% (according to them).  Not bad, not bad. Then again, they were rumored to be adding Flash lite one year ago.

To refresh, Flash Lite is what Mobile Internet Explorer has been using for at least a year already (Microsoft really doesn't get enough credit for that fact). It's not full Flash, but it will allow you to watch YouTube and some other embedded videos within the browser, which is a start. In fact, due to the aging OS and standard hardware, doing full Flash would really drag the device down.

Other fixes/changes include:

  • keypad/smartphone support
  • Flash Lite 3.1 support (disabled by default)
  • Complete bookmark sync in Opera Link
  • BIDI support also for language extensions
  • phone numbers in plain text are converted to links
  • support for background sound
  • general bug fixing (stability, UI)

That's right Standard users, you finally get keypad support!  Looks like Opera didn't forget you exist.  To turn on Flash Lite, since it is off by default, go to Tools --> Settings --> Advanced and set Plug-ins to “On”.

Grab the browser here: www.opera.com/mobile/download

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Opera Mobile 10 (Beta 3) adds Flash Lite 3.1


The most significant improvement for me is that Opera Link now works reliably and with all of your bookmarks. In the previous beta, it would only sync bookmarks in a folder named Opera Mini, which I could only create and get to sync by first installing Java and Opera Mini. So to get your links in Opera Mobile, you had to create them all in this sub folder, which could not be fully edited from Opera desktop (couldn't create folders from the desktop, for example), resulting in duplication and defeating the main purpose of Opera Link. In addition, my carefully created folder structure would "explode" with regularity: the folders would still be there but empty, and all the links would be in the root of the Opera Mini folder.

All this seems to be resolved and Opera Link works as you would expect. All of my bookmarks are being synchronized between desktop and mobile, and the folder hierarchy hasn't exploded, yet (it had better never!).

At one time, I said I would switch full time if Opera implemented Link on Windows Mobile. With the promise of Opera Link in the last beta, I began using Opera Desktop actively. This will accelerate now, but I won't make the switch full time. I've since started using tags extensively in Firefox, and that feature is too powerful for me to give it up completely (I'm a bit compulsive about assigning multiple tags to virtually every bookmark).

Not bad so far. It seems to start up a hair faster, doesn't have the annoying lag between inputting an URL and actually loading it that previous versions have, and also doesn't seem to load random bookmarks when opening a page in a new tab. Flash Lite seems to work about as well as hacked versions have before, which on the aged MSM7201-series procs, isn't very well. At least they had to foresight to make loading it optional (you tap to activate Flash objects) as even a couple of small Flash ads slow down an entire page.

There is an annoying bug where the arrow keys are sticky. Press and hold them for a second and you'll scroll to the end of the page in the direction you chose.

What about improvement in compression technology? Opera 10 is expensive to run. The bytes just keep adding up. In this regard, mobile browsers like teashark are giving worthwhile competition to Opera.

If you want better compression, use Opera Mini. Teashark is like Opera Mini, not Opera Mobile.

Turn on Opera Turbo and you'll get the Opera Mini compression you seek in Opera Mobile.

FINALLY, SUPPORT FOR KEYBOARD-ORIENTED DEVICES!!! I just installed Opera Mobile 10 Beta 3 on a Samsung Epix, which is not a non-touchscreen device like the Jack, but because it has a front-facing keyboard, a trackpad and hardware softkeys, I just found out the version for keyboard devices the best fit for my Epix. I'm loving the new version, a worthy upgrade from Opera Mobile 8.65!

Anyone been able to get Flash Lite working from within the Opera Mobile 10 emulator or a Linux box? Any help would be appreciated.