Orange UK: Upgrade to Nokia Lumia 800, get a free Xbox 360

Wow. What a deal Orange UK is running today. Evidently if you upgrade to the Nokia 800 Lumia from your existing plan, you'll get a free Xbox 360. Not bad at all. Here are the details/Terms & Conditions:

"If you’re an Orange pay monthly mobile customer on an existing 12, 18 or 24 month plan and you’re eligible to upgrade we’ll give you a free Xbox 360 if you upgrade to a Nokia Lumia 800 handset on an 18 or 24 month Animal plan. This offer opens on 16 November and closes on 30 November.

If you are eligible for this offer, you can pre-register your interest in the Nokia Lumia 800 on-line at www.orange.co.uk/nokia800, or pre-order it in an Orange store, from 26 October. When pre-ordering the handset, you’ll need to pay a £10 deposit. If you successfully pre-register your details, or pre-order a handset, we may reserve an Xbox 360 for you until 30 November. If you preregistered, you’ll need to upgrade online or in an Orange store; if you preorder you’ll need to upgrade in the same Orange store you paid your deposit in before 30 November, or any Xbox 360 we may have reserved for you may be offered to other customers.

Your Xbox 360 will be shipped within 30 days of upgrading. If you return your new Nokia Lumia 800 or exchange it for another handset you’ll also need to return the Xbox 360 in pristine condition. Our returns policy will apply, check it out orange.co.uk/terms."

Head here to get started! Thanks, Paul, for the heads up!


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Orange UK: Upgrade to Nokia Lumia 800, get a free Xbox 360


The bill has to be delivered by a beast of burden? LOL I have no idea, I was going to ask the same thing. I think that is one for DAMN YOU AUTOCORRECT!

Yep. Getting users into the ecosystem should be priority 1 for MS. Let everyone who buys a Windows Phone have a free XBox 4GB. You'll sell XBox Live Gold memberships, Zune Passes, Kinects, Hard Drives, and accessories, and once you've made the investment in those services, you'll buy the services for more than one year. Its pure liquid gold.

Hey! We have Zune Pass in the UK. We just don't get the 5 songs per month to keep that you lot get.

If I am not correct the nice people in Canada should/will soon have Zune marketplace and Zune pass. :)

Well, Argentina is the winner then, wp7 doesn't exist here, even marketplace. Anyway there is always a workaround, i have US Zune pass through ebay prepaid cards and marketplace only needs an US live account, sadly the only way to get paid apps is the pirate way.

Smart move,I too hate being an American right now. I am in the market for my third Xbox 360 (all of my kids want their own, including the wife for the dance games, exercise games, and kinect sports...Oh and the Sesame street items coming out soon for my little nephews). This sure would save me some money. That uni-body desing and screen used outdoors in great even without the FFC. I currently own a samsung focus and when I'm outdoors, it's never that clear. There both Amoled, so why do you this the Lumina 800 shows better outdoors?

Oh yeah, and I love that Orange tile being used in Orange's promotional display....bring it to the phone along with animated wall papers

Yeah, but I got my Samsung Focus for $.01 in the US through Amazon. High-end phones go on promotion for free with contract routinely in the US.