Orange: Windows Phone's future depends on Nokia

Yves Maitre, senior vice president of devices and mobile multimedia at Orange, has told CNET in an interview this week that Windows Phone is the worst-selling platform in Orange's market (behind Android, iOS and Blackberry) in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

"Honestly, it hasn't been as successful as we expected."

I'm not sure if every Windows Phone owner shares the same view as Maitre, since we've already covered problems with carriers not displaying working demo units in stores and promoting the platform in the media. Do you see Orange adverts for Windows Phone on TV, online, on billboards, in newspapers or in stores? If the overall response is "no", then how can Orange expect the platform to sell well against competitors that get more reach to their customer base?

"By Barcelona [the site of February's Mobile World Congress conference], we'll know for sure if Microsoft is in the game or not. If Nokia/Microsoft is not successful in Europe then it will be tough in other countries"

He does remain cautiously optimistic that the Nokia brand will push forward the platform and will force other OEMs to compete with one another through advertising. Maitre views Nokia as an expensive vehicle, "it's like you're driving a Mercedes Benz". With smartphones counting for 50% of sales for Orange, the carrier is going to have to work hard, as well as Microsoft, if they want the OS to compete with Android, Blackberry and the iPhone.

Nokia is set to unveil a "bunch" of handsets at Nokia World next week. Microsoft is banking big on this event and top names will be present as speakers. We'll be there too, so be sure to say hello should you be attending.

Source: CNET


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Orange: Windows Phone's future depends on Nokia


And Nokia is depending on WP.Anyway, I think they are a perfect match. It feels so right when I see a Nokia hardware with a Windows Phone. It's like they were meant for one another.

I find all of this most odd, since WP7 is doing better than Android did.I personally think WP7 will take off next year.

"Do you see Orange adverts for Windows Phone on TV, online, on billboards, in newspapers or in stores?"Yes, in fact they are the ONLY carrier I have seen advertising WP handsets (O2 do it online, but talking from a physical sense..).

The reason Orange do not sell Windows phone is they never have a working model in their shops. Also the staff know nothing about the phones. The only thing they try and sell you is the Iphone and Android...Last week i visited T-mobile, o2, and Orange and none of the staff knew anything about Windows phone, the only shop that had the new Titan was Phones4u....where do they get the staff from? or is it the management that have no idea?.

Might help if Orange had handsets to sell, up until recently they had the HTC Mozart and that was it. The LG and Samsung versions disappeared quite quickly. T-mobile (part of the same UK group) aren't selling any.I've only recently seen HTC ads for the new phones in carphone warehouse and on TV, but for the past 6 months or more there has been nothing anywhere.

Orange never have a working model of Windows phone in their shops, they are only concerned in selling you an Iphone or Android. Recently I have found staff not very clued up on phones they sell and that is across the board of all the big phone providers, they seem to get staff that are not clued up on the products they sell...

I will say Nokia and Windows 8 will be the future of Windows phone. Until people use Windows 8 they will not understand windows phone.Nokia needs to add a whole lot of new flavor from Symbian experience to WP7.

Seriously, here are the major areas that fail WP7 becoming the solid third in market:1. First version was missing a lot of more common functionality2. Microsoft was horrible (and remains poor) in the communication/marketing arena3. Carriers were not only an obstruction to deploying updates quickly (which could have corrected perception early) but are actually working to DISSUADE customers4. Being late to the party meant hardware specs were already going to be significantly behind the timesSo, I think 7.5 went a long way to closing that gap and, in some ways, are still better than competition. I think Microsoft still is lost on how exactly to sell it--this needs to be fixes ASAP. Carriers need to be much less a part of the update process, and Microsoft must exercise serious muscle to push carriers to GET SKILLED on WP7 and sell it. At the same time as working hard to get WP7 (or WP8) to work on bleeding edge technology, it needs to hard-sell the FACT that WP7 works better on less-costly, less-than-bleeding-edge specs than the best of its competition. Last, but not least, PUSH the ubiquitous OS. It's clear that Win8 will share quite a bit of commonality, both in UI and in function, with Windows Phone. So, the strongest sell would seem to be that this meme will be standard regardless of the device you use. If I've never had a smartphone but I end up with either a Win8 desktop or tablet, I'll be so use to that method of interface that Windows Phone will make much more sense than the "sea of icons" on either iPhone or Android devices.

I think he should take a look at his own staff first. I went to an Orange shop in the UK to play with a Windows Phone and the guy said I would be better off with Android, no when I ask for a Windows Phone that's what I bloody well want, not some stupid Android phone, if I wanted to play with an Android phone I would have asked for one. Needless to say I walked out.

Ultimately, at this point I do not think Windows Phone is going to be a success. I don't see Nokia as the savior. I think the OS is awesome, and it is easily my favorite, but for whatever reason the look is not resonating with enough people and MS didn't do enough on the retail floor. Android phone OSs are the ugliest, most hideous looking mess that I have ever seen from Samsung, to HTC Sense, to Motoblur. They all look horrid, yet they outsell WP. WP is proving that it is too late to the game and did not offer enough advantages to be an upstart. This product is no Xbox, which stole the hearts of American gamers with brute power and a game that changed the landscape of the console FPS. No, WP7 is the opposite...it launched with the weakest phone hardware lineup, lacking in features, and still has no truly impressive games. Google and Apple are just "cooler" brands right now in the minds of smartphone users, no matter how much better MS makes their OS look and work. I have been down the road of backing failing products before, and this thing wreaks of all the same signs. We will spin or look for any silver lining in the face of each piece of bad news. Meanwhile the 4S and Siri are making headlines left and right. It's already nearing November and there is no new hardware on store shelves.

I agree. It is almost as if MS doesnt want it to succeed or they think Nokia is the only one that can save it. they totally blew their opportunity to get the new handsets out before the 4s and now they will just be lost in the sea of the 4s and the Droid. MS should have started advertising the os as soon as it cam eout of the gate. The slow but steady theory wont hold up these days and they cant just sit back and wait until Windows 8 to save it.

What does Mr Orange expect when they only had ONE HANDSET available for WP?!? My girlfriend wanted a Windows Phone, but didn't want the Mozart so she ended up with an Android. Lame.