Ordered a Lumia 2520? Your free Power Keyboard is shipping now

Lumia 2520

Did you order a Nokia Lumia 2520 a few months back? It’s a pretty awesome tablet and we’re big fans of it. If you pre-ordered here in the United States you were promised a certain extra goodie with your Lumia 2520. That bonus being the keyboard accessory for the Lumia 2520 that provides a keyboard (duh), two USB ports, and an extra 50% battery thanks to the included battery. After a few months of delay, the Nokia Power Keyboard is finally shipping.

The Nokia Power Keyboard is pretty awesome and a must have accessory for the Lumia 2520. We didn’t get a chance to review it when we reviewed the Lumia 2520, but did enjoy using it at Nokia World in Abu Dhabi.

Emails are now going out to those who registered to receive the keyboard. It states that the keyboard is now finally shipping. Nokia is also giving out $20 vouchers for the Windows Store to make up for the delay in getting the accessory out.

The Nokia Power Keyboard comes in either black or red. It goes for about $150 USD, but still isn’t available to purchase online at Nokia’s website here in the United States. We also don’t see it online at either Verizon’s or AT&T website. We’ll reach out to Nokia and see if we can learn about availability here. Meanwhile, our friends in the UK have been able to order them for over a week now.

Anyone out there looking forward to getting their hands on the Power Keyboard for their Lumia 2520? Sound off below!

Thanks for the tips everyone!


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Ordered a Lumia 2520? Your free Power Keyboard is shipping now


I would have if availability was better. But I was able to get an og surface for less than this rt tablet and its keyboard.

The 2520 keyboard is a beaut though.

Nokia sent me an email stating shipping will start EOM. They provided a $20 Microsoft Store coupon for inconvenience. Are we sure any are shipping now?

Same here. I would love it if they drop the price here as well, but either way, I want it like yesterday.

My email does not say anything about end of Feb. Do you have Verizon or Att model? Did you mail of form early or later?

Yeah I got a Nokia 2520 on the date of release and sent in the forms the day after... Still waiting to get an email for the keyboard....

Did it say shipped or on its way cause on its way is a more broad description that could mean anything. Mine said on its way but that could be on its way to the warehouse to be shipped

It was stated in the forum VZW would be getting towards the end of Feb due to firmware issue that made the keyboard not work and needed VZW to send out update with not ETA

I spoke to a representative from Nokia, and they said the power keyboard would ship by early Feb.

I don't have the numbers but it seems like Nokia is doing much better in the UK than US. Especially when it comes to the 2520. That seems to be the RT tablet of choice there while the Surface 2 is in the US. I live n US and have 2520. Wish I saw more around. Still, I won't trade it. Luv it!

Hi xxxxxxx,

Thanks for your recent purchase of a Nokia Lumia 2520 tablet. I hope you're having a blast with your new tablet and exploring all it has to offer.

I wanted to reach out with an update on the free Nokia Power Keyboard that you registered to receive with this purchase. My team has been working hard to get the keyboard out to you and it's on its way! I know you've been waiting for it and I want to personally thank you for your continued patience with this complimentary $20 voucher for use on apps, games, music and more in the Microsoft store on your Nokia Lumia 2520.

CODE: xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx

To redeem the code, simply go to the Microsoft Store and enter 'Your account'. Once in Your account, go to 'Redeem Code' and enter the code above. Your Microsoft account balance will then be credited.

Also, a quick pro tip - for the optimal experience, please be sure to accept all software updates and restart your tablet before using it with your new keyboard for the first time. It's quick and easy to do: just search "Check for updates" and install all available updates.

Thanks for choosing Nokia and I hope you enjoy using your Lumia 2520 tablet and Power Keyboard as much as I do.

Kind regards,

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Matt Rothschild

Head of Nokia North America

I rec'ed the same letter.  I really don't see why so many have gotten mad about the keyboard offer.  They said in X number of weeks...it's been X number of weeks.  It would have been nice to have had the KB at the time of purchase but now we can have fun with some "new"...until we start hearing the bitching about the KB isn't this or the KB can't do that.  It is not brain surgery; chill out and be happen.

I just received notification that these won't ship until the end of Feb. A little frustrating as I was first told it would be the end of Dec...then Jan...hopefully they will keep this date. It is unfortunately leaving me frustrated. I ended up passing on the surface 2 which I am beginning to regret.

You would think having almost no market share would be enough incentive to put out quality products in a timely manner. Instead, we have a disjointed release, and zero accessory support. It's like Nokia is releasing a product for the first time.

Nokia dissed Verizon customers that picked up the device on Nov 21st. They said it had to be purchased on the 22nd. Worked with three different customer service people at Nokia and they all were useless. I love the device personally. But unfortunately for Nokia, business professionals will not buy a device that does not have the advertised keyboard readily available. Shame.

I got screwed over, too. I really wanted to love teh tablet, but no memory, constant crashes and freezing, and no word that I was ineligible until I finally got through to customer service. Customer service number was inoperative. Finally got through, and was told I did not qualify, and I could not speak to anyone about it. Just a polite sorry (After all, the rep on the phone was not to blame). Terrible customer service, adn frankly I am embarrassed to pull my tablet out in public because likely it will freeze up or crash when I try to show it to someone. Overall, a horrible decision to buy a Nokia. Never again. All I can do now is warn others away.

I got a call yesterday from theKeyboard  Promo folks, Mike Ramsey, from Tic Toc Promotions stating that ALL VERIZON 2520 POWER KEYBOARDS FOR THE 2520 WERE ON HOLD BECAUSE THEY WON’T WORK WITH THE VERIZON TABLETS. An over the air firmware update is required from Verizon and that date is unknown.


Mike stated emphatically that the keyboards would not work with the Lumia 2520 Verizon devices without the over the air update.  He stated that the Verizon keyboards should be shipped by end of next month, which is consistent with the emails being sent to VZW Lumia 2520 owners.

GF got hers in the mail last Monday; the email came AFTER the keyboard was actually delivered, which was pretty funny. We bought the tab on 11/29, I think, and she filled out and sent in the forms w/in a couple days. We've had to replace the tab once already, due to the screen just dieing; was really weird actually. Have no idea how to attach pics to this message (keeps wanting me to browse WPC server??), otherwise I'd post the pic of the 2520 w/kb next to OG Surface RT w/kb.



USPS just delivered my Nokia Power Keyboard! Stoked! Just like every other Nokia product, the keyboard is superbly made. Even has a windows key, touchpad works well and typing is marvelous. This makes the 2520 an ultrabook. Only thing missing is backlighting. Awesome!

Boy did Nokia miss an opportunity with this otherwise great keyboard. 

When you plug it in it disables the on-screen keyboard.  That makes sense except they forgot to add back light to the keys.  My tablet gets used in the dark, or at least it did until Nokia made that impossible. 

Nokia, why didn't you add back lighting to your keyboard?  Bad Nokia. 

You make great products but you don't always think them through.  I went to one of your launch parties to see the QI wireless charger with the stand.  Worked great, while the phone was in portrait mode.  Wouldn't charge while in landscape mode.  We experimented and lifing the phone about 1mm was sufficient to get a connection.  Not sure about you but if I were to watch a video on my charger stand I'd prefer to do so in landscape mode. 


What's the best way to bring this directly to Nokia's attention?  Or is it too late now that Microsoft has absorbed and destroyed any creativity left in the hardware division.  Mayby they haven't completed the process, but Microsoft can't help themselves.  I must be the only shareholder that voted no to the buy out for exactly this reason.

Too funny... I ordered the 2520 from Verizon immediately when they became available on 11/21/2013 (according to my reciept) however I was just informed by the stellar Nokia promo team that "Sorry, the promotion eligibility is only from the day that the device was launced on 11/22 through 12/2".  So because Verizon accepted orders a day early... this early adopter is out of luck.  Awesome.

The promo has been a disaster from the start but now this stunt takes the cake.  Here's to hoping that MS can fix the mess that is Nokia... only place to go is up at this point.