Our favorite pinball wizard Dr. Pickaxe returns to the Windows Phone Marketplace

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3D pinball at its finest

Last week we highlighted the new pinball game Dr. Pickaxe as one of our new favorite games for Windows Phone. Developed by Tainicom (who also made The Juggler), the game was on special for $0.99 during its first week and received our 'Editor's Choice' distinction.

Unfortunately that game had a tiny bug in it resulting in the first few games registered under ‘trial’ even after purchased. Even though it only had a limited effect the bug was quickly identified and a v1.01 was pushed out—but then Microsoft held up publication due to their own woes and so the game was hidden until fixed.

The good news is now version 1.01 is on the Marketplace, working as it should and it is still at the $0.99 price point for another week.

We noted that the game has excellent 3D graphics, a rich pinball story line (with multiple hidden tables) and is a real blast to play, performing well on even early generation Windows Phones. The game has a free trial, which we recommend you try as the game is representative of a standout indie effort on our platform.

Pick up Dr. Pickaxe here in the Marketplace and check out our hands on video below.

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Reader comments

Our favorite pinball wizard Dr. Pickaxe returns to the Windows Phone Marketplace


At first I was hesitant about buying this game. I quickly read through the previous story about it. And decided against it. Then today I had a change of heart, so I skipped the trial version, and bought it. Showing support for indie developers. (and indie games)

Good, this is one of the two apps I had bought but couldn't reinstall after a reset earlier this week.
Now if only they would let me redownload Minisquadron (I know, there's bugs, but I paid for it so I should still be able to reinstall it.)

Thanks, but I tried that.  It just gives the error:  "Can't get app:  Something went wrong. Try again later."  The history section also doesn't show "Purchase" where it would; instead it's just a blank.  Thanks though.

I worked around the bug by getting and trying the trial, removing it and then buying it. Physics are good, ball is a bit funny rolling on the flippers otherwise its a good game and I can give my •I'd buy that for a dollar• recommendation!

Where is the "rich pinball story line"? Or is it just the hidden tables? I really like the game, but I want to make sure I'm not missing any other tables. I'm not sure I will really like playing the same table for very long. Maybe I'm not scoring high enough?   :-/