'OverVolt: crazy slot cars' premium version free for limited time


OverVolt: crazy slot cars, a really cool miniature slot cars game that was released for Windows Phone just a few weeks ago, is now available with its premium content unlocked for free for a limited time.

The game received a new update on Friday that includes these changes and additions:

  • Removed Live birthday permission because not needed
  • Graphic improvement
  • Bug fix logout Live users
  • Bug fix system music crash
  • Performance improvement
  • Reduced app size
  • New languages: Spanish, Mexican, Russian, French, German, Vietnamese, Chinese

More importantly, the premium content for OverVolt, which normally costs $2.49 to unlock, is currently free, but there's no word on how long that situation will last. Here's what you get in the premium version:

  • The complete single player experience: three scenarios and thirty levels
  • Unlimited multiplayer
  • +5000 credits
  • Free saving of personalized car textures

You can download OverVolt: crazy slot cars right now in the Windows Phone Store. Will you be getting this game now that the premium content is free?

QR: Overvolt


Reader comments

'OverVolt: crazy slot cars' premium version free for limited time


I thought it's been like that: you get the premium package so long as you log in with your Microsoft account. I could be wrong, though.

Where is it at,I don't see any premium option so far 

edit-found it,I though it was in the main menu!

Can anyone shed a little light on why these games need full read access to my Onedrive? Is it a permissions issue where we can't make it so they can only save settings to X location? Because I use OneDrive for quite a bit of stuff, photos, documents, faxes, files, etc.

The last thing I want to do is give an app full access to my OneDrive, so I end up using a FB account instead since I dont store critical data on that account.

Hi digitalicecream! I'm one of the OverVolt developer!
The access with Live account is used to save game progress on our servers and, for the OneDrive side, to store car customizations you made (shared or not) in your personal cloud.

We understand your problem but we don't have any other choiche at the moment. Maybe one day Microsoft will enanche OneDrive in order to provide sandboxed space for each single app; until that day, we suggest you to create another Live account reserved to games/apps!

See you on OverVolt tracks!