Pac-Man Championship Edition DX is next week's Xbox Live game. Yes!!!

In the last few weeks, Microsoft has released so many Game Room titles to Xbox Live that even huge Game Room fans like me became weary. Next week’s Xbox Live release still has a retro flavor, but it’s actually a much newer and more exciting game: PAC-MAN: Championship Edition DX.

In our review of the original Pac-Man, I complained “This title offers so much less content than sequels like Ms. Pac-Man and Pac-Man Championship Edition.” Namco has actually done me one better this time, because they skipped Championship Edition and went straight to its superior sequel, DX.

The console version of PAC-MAN: Championship Edition DX is an absolutely fantastic game. It features 9 different mazes, numerous selectable looks for Pac-Man and the ghosts, and three main gameplay modes: Score Attack, Time Attack, and Ghost Combo. DX throws dozens of ghosts on-screen at once, which might sound too hectic but is actually quite exciting and manageable in practice. Pac-Man even gains a bomb ability that knocks ghosts back to the center of the maze but resets the player's score multiplier.

Pac-Man CE DX is much easier than the first Pac-Man game, so it should be a better fit for mobile phones. Unlike the original Pac-Man game, this one is played in landscape mode, which should reduce the number of accidental presses of the nefarious Home and Search buttons.

The only bad news is its price: $6.99. Namco’s mobile games don’t come cheap. But thousands of gamers happily paid $10 for the Xbox 360 version; if the phone version matches the console game's greatness, 7 bucks won’t sting a bit.

The Windows Phone version of PAC-MAN: Championship Edition DX will debut on Wednesday, May 18.


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Pac-Man Championship Edition DX is next week's Xbox Live game. Yes!!!


I keep holding out hope for adequate, nay, good touchscreen controls for a game that originated in the arcade and/or the consoles, but I keep getting disappointed.I highly doubt this game will change that.

The controls were fine on pac-man half the reviews that are bad are from whiners. I have alot of great Xbox live apps and indie apps which the controls are fantastic. Controls will be fine if not it'll still be tolerable to play

I don't think they were adequate for actually doing well in the game. With that said, they did patch it a month or so ago and they are now supposedly a little better. How far did you get in the Wp7 version?

@Ton77 I agree that a lot of Xbox Live and Indie games have excellent touchscreen controls, but so far I can't really say I've played one that faithfully recreated an arcade or console experience with a touch interface. I guess that opinion of mine skews more towards a retro experience, though, if you want to get really specific.

why would anyone thumbsdown this guy for complaining about the $7 price on pacman? does anyone honestly think a game like this, or tetris for $5 is honestly legitimate? especially when the same exact things on iOS are 99 cents? 7 bucks for pacman is a joke. there are so many games that i've been wanting to get (pacman, tetris, and some others) but will not get when they cost $5+ for mere ports.

Pac-Man CE DX is a much newer (and IMO) more exciting game than Tetris. DX is not available on iOS, either. Writing off the game because Pac-man is in the title (when it's a new and excellent game) is a silly and self-defeating thing to do.With that said, $5 is definitely too much for regular Pac-Man on WP7.

Face Palm!!! I am getting very frustrated! These Game Room games must be selling good if Microsoft keeps on pushing them! First of all I think Fruit Ninja is too expensive at $3 compared to our iOS and Android brethren! $2 for achievements is just not worth it for me! I want a real game! WTH!!! Ugh... When is Epic going to make a game for WP7... I am tired of all this and I keep looking at the other side of the garden (or however that saying goes, its greener on the other side). FML

Pac-Man CE DX is not a Game Room game. If you don't like Xbox Live games, you could stick to indie games, or get an iPod.

It probably will cost $3. I don't like it either, but it's not going away. There is a cost involved with linking your achievements across multiple platforms, as well as getting the Live Arcade branding, creating a trial, and receiving the associated advertising.Personally I don't mind. Part of why I bought my Windows Phone was because of the Live Arcade. I wanted a phone that would link my phone games across to my console. For the most part, I'm not disappointed. I'll gladly pay the small premium for this ability, as well as the fact all of our major releases get demos... whereas on the iPhone they do not.If you're not an Xbox gamer, or you don't care about achievements, I can see how this would burn you... But really it was something you should have researched and considered when you bought the phone.

Pac-Man CE DX is an excellent game. Try actually reading the article (and perhaps some reviews of the console version) before commenting.

I did read the article and I don't base my opinion on reviews. I've played pac-man before and don't like it. I don't care if it has pretty new graphics or new level designs, that doesn't change my personal feeling of the game and the fact that it doesn't appeal to me. It also doesn't change the fact that one of the biggest features of WP7 is the gaming and Xbox live integration and we aren't getting anything original. For the past couple weeks we haven't been getting anything except rehashes of games that are older than I am who's only "integration" is achievements.

Actually, Game Room games have excellent integration with the Xbox 360 and PC versions of the same games. You'd know that if you paid attention instead of writing everything off because it doesn't instantly adhere to your tastes. Progress made on a game in the 360 or PC versions transfers to the WP7 version and vice-versa. Leaderboards are shared across both versions. It's everything someone could want from an integration perspective.

I wonder if any of these commenters have even played this on the console, it's literally pac-man on crack. It was worth the 10 bux on console, and if this game controls well on a touchscreen then it will be easily worth it for 7.

I haven't played it on console and it is because I don't want too! I played it in the 90's and I am done with pac-man! I play Gears on my console. =/

Picked this up when it was on sale in the Arcade. It's fantastic.My only concern is the touch screen controls... I have yet to play a touch screen Pac-Man title that had the necessary accuracy to perform as well as a console version. Even on the iOS.Basically I hope it doesn't end up like this, because for the most part I completely agree with the review (I have the game for my iPad): http://wireless.ign.com/articles/105/1053163p1.htmlAt least I'm looking forward to playing the demo. That's a lot more than I can say for pretty well anything released in the past three weeks.

I am amazed at how many people complain that a ported retro game's touchscreen emulation of a joystick or trackball suck. Seriously, does anyone really expect an identical experience?I thought Pac Man's rendition of a joystick was plenty reasonable, and Centipede's "trackball" remarkably well done. But then, I am used to playing Orange Box on my laptop, controlling the action with keyboard and trackpad. Xbox controllers are way better, of course. Wonder how long before we see a WP interface to a real controller, or even Kinect.Til then, I say keep the arcade games coming. I don't mind admitting I'm old enough for them to bring back some fond memories.

Like I asked another commenter, how far did you get in Pac-Man on WP7? The control issues lead to the game being harder than it's supposed to be. That's the problem. The nigh-impossible Achievements don't help.Centipede controlled okay (though I point out areas for improvement in my review) and its Achievements are reasonable, so it's not as much of a problem.