Pac-Man Championship Edition DX is now champion of the Marketplace

I was understandably excited when we learned that Pac-Man Championship Edition DX was coming to Xbox Live this week. After a week of anxious anticipation, it’s finally available on the Marketplace!

Pac-Man Championship Edition DX is the mobile port of the 2010 console sequel to Pac-Man. It’s a huge upgrade over the original, with multiple selectable visual and audio styles, three distinct mazes (down from the console version’s 9 mazes, but still a fun assortment), and copious game modes. These include 3- and 5-minute Score Attacks, Ghost Combo, and more than 10 different time trials.

The goal isn’t just to eat dots any more – players bait ghosts into following them, creating huge chains of enemies that can be cleared with a trusty power pellet. Whenever a fruit is eaten, a new arrangement of dots and ghosts appear in the maze. It’s all about earning as many points as you can within each mode’s time limit, and the game’s online Leaderboards look very good so far.

The mobile version of Pac-Man Championship Edition DX is currently exclusive to Windows Phone, so don’t confuse it with the regular Championship Edition that’s available on iOS. Even though I’ve only played it for a short time tonight, I can easily say that it eclipses the original Pac-Man and is actually one of the best Xbox Live games so far. It even has easy Achievements to boot!

Pac-Championship Edition DX costs $6.99 and has a free trial. Chomp it up here (Zune link) on the Marketplace.

One more thing… If you’re wondering how to unlock the second maze, Manhattan, try scoring over 150,000 points on Championship II’s Score Attack(3 min.) mode.


Reader comments

Pac-Man Championship Edition DX is now champion of the Marketplace


OOOOOOoooo ouch... Not liking that price point :(. Pretty big app too, at 105MB.Still, the game is preeeetty close to the console version in terms of how good it is. That's impressive considering how poor every other mobile pac-man has been up to this point. It helps that the slow down feature allows for a recovery if you happen to swipe at the wrong time. My only real complaint is the strange stuttering/slow down in spots.I won't deny it's a lot of fun, but I wish it were cheaper...

Ya this is a great game, and VERY close to the console version.I was surprised the game was that big as well.

I'm a stingy WP7 game consumer. By that I mean... I simply cant bring myself to buy single-player experiences. I've been on Xbox Lie since its release some 8'ish years ago, and it's hard for me to play solo affairs. Alphajax remains my favorite game on windows phone (ok except for the stellar IloMilo but that one's rare).I need more MP games. Even turn-based works for me.

I was very disappointed with the original Pac-man released with WP7. This is a great upgrade. I'm sure it'll be going down in price in a few months.....if enough people complain. ;-)

Hmmm hate to pay, but I will buy this. Feel a little cheated as I already own it on XBLA, and completed all the achievements.Assuming there will be no new ones?

Demo is cool, very attractive with good music BUT considering the great multiplayer games on the Iphone right now for under 7 dollars, Microsoft had better step up to the plate.Good game but not worth 7 dollars.