Pandora already blocking MetroRadio?

Damn you, Pandora!

We're not exactly sure how all of this works but MetroRadio's login into Pandora is returning an error message. We could pass that off as just a random issue, perhaps a coding bug but we think it's Pandora.

Last night, we received a second unofficial Pandora app (in beta) from another developer. It's a much more polished looking app but alas, we never were able to try it because even that app has the login problem. Normally, not logging into Pandora with a personal accounts bumps you into a anonymous, temporary one so you can stream regardless (you just can't save or personalize)--but even that doesn't work now, making these Pandora apps DOA.

If true, this could set off a mean back and forth between devs and Pandora until the latter relents and you know, just gives us an official app. How hard to we have to poke these guys with a stick before they give us the time of day?

Update: Justin Angel and Den Delimarsky clarify that Pandora did break their own API last night at 2am. Angel has already updated the Metro Pandora SDK to fix this but it will presumably be a few more days before MetroRadio can be fixed. To be clear, this doesn't seem to be Pandora specifically blocking WP users but rather their simply changing their APIs for whatever reason.

Thanks, Kingc513, for the heads up!


Reader comments

Pandora already blocking MetroRadio?


i got the same error, and i even tried to create a new user name and password and that took me to their website. their website is not Titan friendly...:(

I've given up on Pandora. They don't want to provide an official app, yet they also don't want 3rd party developers to be able to make an app available either. I've completely quit using the service on any of my devices: Phone, computer, etc. Why support a company that seems to have zero interest in supporting you? As far as I'm concerned, they don't ever have to develop an app, because I wouldn't use it now anyway. However, I understand that others won't agree with me, so hopefully, they'll get their **** together and give WinPhone users what they've been waiting for and if they don't, at least let 3rd party developers get the job done.

I am honestly not surprised. I don't even think Pandora is being *evil* here.
You can't just go and make an app that uses their service without asking and put ads in it to make money for yourself. Why would they be cool with that? Had he not put ads in it, *maybe* they would have been more OK with it. You never know.
It's annoying, yes, but I do understand.

How does this app hurt Pandora? Pandora released an iPhone app in not time, but they have no intention of supporting the Windows Phone platform.  So this third-party app  is not competing with any of their products.

I tried the first app while driving home from work the other day.  It worked flawlessly the entire ride (30+ minutes).

Hi this is Mustafa(the developer of MetroRadio) the app has been updated addressing all the previous issues, it has been submitted for certification last night, and it should be available for download next week.

edit: oh and the app has been hidden for now.

Thanks! Mustafa.

And this is why I love Wp7. Developers interacting with customers to inform us of progress, or explain issues, etc. Maybe I just didn't find the right online community, but when I had an iPhone, contact with developers was like getting a movie star to sign an autograph on the red carpet. 
Thank you Mustafa, good luck on the re-certification. 

I'm the author of the second unofficial Pandora app Daniel mentioned in this post.  I have fixed the issue as well and will have a beta available this evening.  If you would like to test the app please DM me (@chief7) on Twitter.  Thanks!

/sigh.  I'm ok with third party apps - the ones submitted were functional.  I'm Pandora with them breaking their own API on purpose or on accident.  I just wish they would support the WP7 platform officially.  Eitherway, my subscription was due for renewal in a week anyway.   I'm going to try out the Zune pass instead.  Anyone have feedback?

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