Pandora apps, fight! Radio Controlled & MetroRadio get updated, new features


We're not here to choose which is the best 3rd party Pandora app, we're just here to tell what's new and what's coming.

MetroRadio v3.2 - MetroRadio has been pushing out many updates lately and 3.2 brings some nice changes. First off is the new feature called MetroMP3, a built in search engine that allows you to look for individual songs and stream 'em. It basically augments the Pandora funciton and is useful if you want to listen to a specific tune at the moment.

The Live Tiles also now update with each song and you can pin "Now Playing" to your start screen for quick and easy access, that's in addition to fixes for all known bugs. You can grab v3.2 now in the Marketplace for free here.

Radio Controlled

Radio Controlled v1.1 - The second Pandora app in the Marketplace, Radio Controlled continues to be refined and v1.1 goes a long way to making this app even better. We detailed this version a few days ago and it's not live. It includes new features including enable/disable auto play, artist song info in volume controls, Music Hub integration, History (view, rate, buy song), Stop command and bug and playback stability fixes. In other words, a pretty huge update.

What's more, we're playing with v1.2 right now and it has one massive new feature besides some UI changes: Last.FM support. Yup, with the next update you'll be able to login to your Last.FM account and do some 'scrobbling' on the go all within this app. Look for that in the coming weeks. You can pick up Radio Controlled v1.1 here in the Marketplace for free.

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Reader comments

Pandora apps, fight! Radio Controlled & MetroRadio get updated, new features


I like how MetroRadio's interface is setup better than Radio Controlled but there is an annoying but I ran into with MR.  If I have a station playing and the screen shuts off and I turn it back on and unlock my phone it crashes the application with a NullException error.  It doesn't do it everytime but seems to happen more often if my screen has been locked for a while.

The UI on both of these is just so terrible... They work great, but I'm glad I don't have to look at them once I get a stream going (can use the native player controls instead).

I just tried the MP3 feature and it definitely works.  I don't think this is really how the service is intended to be used, though.  I'm a little afraid that as these become popular, they'll just get pulled.  If we could get an official app, that would be less of a drag, obviously...