Pandora makes changes breaking unofficial Windows Phone apps (again)

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Pandora have unceremoniously altered their undocumented APi (written up for Windows Phone users by Justin Angel) allowing outside access to their service, rendering unofficial 3rd party apps like MetroRadio, Radio Controlled and WPFandora temporarily useless.

The developer of MetroRadio, Mustafa Taleb, notified us of the situation noting:

"The user can no longer login using the 3rd party applications. Message from Pandora's servers:"org.apache.xmlrpc.XmlRpcException:|0|INCOMPATIBLE_VERSION|Pandora does not support your client version."

Possible reason: They changed their encryption keys.

I am currently working on a fix and it should take me no longer than 2 days to update the app, and 5 to publish it."

That's certainly a bummer especially for us who have the MetroRadio Pro app. The good news is devs should be able to once again fix this issue and push out an update. Needless to say, it's a pain and would be easier if (a) Pandora just let 3rd party apps use their service or (b) they had an official app for Windows Phone.

There's no evidence that Pandora are changing these APIs on purpose to block apps but whatever their motivation that is the effect.

We'll keep you posted but in the meantime, you may want to try iHeartRadio which has similar Pandora functions.


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Pandora makes changes breaking unofficial Windows Phone apps (again)


Its why all I use is slacker radio. App could sure be better, but it works every time for me and offline caching is all I really use it for as I have the smallest data plan. Any other radio app have offline features?

Yep I use Slacker and have for quite a while now, frankly it's just as good if not better than Pandora.  The UI on the web isn't as good, but really it does the job so who cares.  The WP app could be a little more refined, but it looks good and does the job flawlessly as well, especially since the latest update a few days ago or whatever it was.

Just use LastFM same thing as Pandora but better.  I don't understand the worry about Pandora when there are other apps that are better.  I think we need articles about how much Pandora sucks...

I think that's a bit childish to just say they "suck" becuase they don't have a WP7 app. If they had one, what would we say then? Take it all back? 

Much better to highlight alternatives.

As to why worry, it's simple: people become attached to services and don't want to switch because they are forced to.

Its the attitude behind it that makes them "suck"... They are not doing this in good faith for their users...If you are not going to build an WP7 app hen at least allow use of the API?? It's what people said when Bandwidth got pulled

I personally will still say that Pandora sucks.
At this point it would be trivial for them to officially support WP. Heck, they could even let MS do the development for them as there is precident of MS doing this for other companies.
Pandora supports a lot of OSes and devices so it just has personal beef with Microsoft. So even if they do get their act together, I won't forget, just like I won't forget how Rovio and Audible crapped on WP for so long.

This is the only reason I haven't paid for a Pandora app yet.  I generally prefer paying for apps to get rid of the ads, but with how frequently Pandora breaks third-party support, it doesn't make sense to me.

And this is why I gave my money to Spotify instead, I just wish they would bring more of a radio functionality to their phone app.
What astonishes me is how pandora can look their shareholders in the face and claim that making a Windows phone client is not a top priority. I'm not trying to be silly here. If my business model relies on gathering as many users as possible, you would think that you would avoid any personal biases to meet your end goal. 

I got a few shares in P (which has done terribly since IPO...10 point drop) and they have not asked the small share holders anything. I'd happily ask them to support my OS of choice if given the chance.

"What astonishes me is how pandora can look their shareholders in the face and claim that making a Windows phone client is not a top priority. I'm not trying to be silly here. If my business model relies on gathering as many users as possible, you would think that you would avoid any personal biases to meet your end goal."
100% ^ This

maybe its because of my taste in music but I havent found Pandora to be useful in a long, long time, for me it is way more repetitive than it should be.  Slacker has been better for a long time but streaming music on my phone isnt really a priority for me anyways.

Yeah TuneIn Radio is cool for finding those local stations you want to stream.  Good stuff.  Can pin specific stations to the Start screen as well.

I'm not familar with Pandora or Zune, but can anyone chime in and perhaps advise what Zune doesn't have that Pandora does?  Perhaps Microsoft could simply incorporate all features that Pandora offers into the Zune so that users of Windows Phone would not want for a Pandora app.
Just curious.

Pandora seems to do a much better job with their suggestion engine and finding new stuff. Even with Zune pass I haven't been very enamored with SmartDJ honestly.

I am a small business owner and I will go out of my way to get people to give me money. I don't understand this position of "There are only 2-3 million of you so we are not going to sell anything to you."  If I had 2-3 million people banging on my door, well, I wouldn't be wasting my time on here!

A quick update folks: Apparently this change was not done on purpose by Pandora to break our apps. They have updated their service from v33 to v34. All the functions are working perfectly fine now, except for one. Expect a new update for MetroRadio and MetroRadio Pro any time soon.
-Mustafa Taleb

Why not add some code to either automatically download the connection header from a static website or update the revision when attempting to connect and recieving "invalid API version" error?

The API version changes once or twice a year, so it's not really worth the downside of having a slow loading time when the app is being launched.

Forget Pandora.  I've been using IHeartRadio and it's awesome!  Custom stations, just like Pandora, plus real radio stations, just like TuneIn.  Plus the app works really well with a nice Metro interface.  Give it a shot!

Off topic but yes, it has been known that you cannot send video over mms since the OS was first introduced. This will change with 7.5 Refresh (Tango).

Switched from Pandora to LastFm a while ago and I am more than happy since I can now use it on my Xbox too. Who needs Pandora anyways...

I don't even use Pandora (Zune Pass is such a good value) but these assholes are beginning to piss me off. I'd swear they were doing this crap on purpose to cut down on third party clients. These jerks just don't give up.

I use the third party Pandora apps because they let me skip and pause from the lock screen. I find IHR to be the best in terms of music, but I can't skip unless I go to the app, and that's frustrating. I'd use last.fm but you have to go to the app to 'stop'--they won't let you pause from the lock screen. It seems every radio app lets you do all but one thing. MetroRadio lets you do it all.

I have a fix in the works for Radio Controlled. I am testing it now to make sure everything still works. I will be submitting soon, please have patience.

8tracks!! it's soo much better than Pandora and all these other services anyways, and WP has by far the best client of any platform. check it out!

i just sold my stock in pandora yep i feel as a shareholder they are not listening to what i the consumer and shareholder wants and its ridiculous that they would not put out an app for this platform when its on all of the other platforms. So logged into fidelity and hit sell all shares market order first thing tomorrow its executed .... peace be gone pandora and no more subscription services from anyone in my family.

Exactly @smoledman... Screw Pandora, just like Blockbusters and BlackBerry, where they've dominated and play favors for too long.  I wouldn't give them the time of day even if they paid me to use them.  Plenty of great alternatives.

Question could be asked about any product or service. As Dan said, people use a service and get attached to it. I could sell my wife on other internet radio services. But she has her go to Pandora stations she uses for work and it works for her. 

I agree with 8tracks being a great alternative or Zune Pass (I use both and couldn't be more satisfied)

Pandora, the name is a selling point for users. iPhone, Android, Xbox sound cool: you see the results (and they work). Windows Phone, not so much; but, it is the superior platform.

I have a Nokia lumia and had wpfandora...however, about 3 weeks or so ago it stopped working. I uninstalled and reinstalled several times to no avail. It gets stuck on log in and never DOES log in. Any help for this out there?